Good good links #75

First things first: Wow. Thank you so much! I couldn’t – probably still can’t – believe the incredible responses to my post on Thursday. What was honestly a matter-of-minutes post and reminder to myself seems to resonate with so many of you so if you haven’t seen it yet you might want to check what I’m referring to.

Anway, the spotlight is on your posts from the week today. Because there hasn’t been a shortage of great and inspiring reads from all around the blog world, either. If the weather around your parts is anything like here – read: cold and snowy – you might agree it’s the best day ever to catch up on recent online happenings: there you go!

Happy Sunday!


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

Being constantly at war with food doesn’t make others want to connect with us nor ourselves feeling any better in the long run. Worth the slightly longer read. 

Eating for Health & Eating for Abs. Do you know the difference? via Food and Nonsense

What society deems the ‘perfect’ body isn’t a surefire sign for true health. Tell apart eating for aesthetics from eating for health.
When Did We Become Afraid of Food via Our Fresh Kitchen
If the current trend continues there won’t be any food left we’re not scared of one day – let’s stop this from happening!

These are making me really sad and wonder if there’s a way to revert this in the future.  I might check out the whole study when I have some more time.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

A very good stance [not just for my slightly biased word nerd view] on why what or how much we eat never qualifies as bad. “Food is not evil or morally reprehensible.
How to Overcome Self-Doubt via Huffington Post
Reminding ourselves why we started, starting small or just doing it: ways to break from being stuck.
Noticing any of these in yourself? Time to stop the comparison and live in the now [and yes, it’s easier said than done].

Why Being Authentic is So Much Hotter than Being Perfect via Danielle Dowling

This!: “We don’t really, actually admire perfection”

Why it’s hard to make friends… and what to do about it. via Sarah Jenks

Everybody needs friends but starting out in a new place can feel lonely. Some great ideas on how and where to make connections.

Your Guide to Enjoying Vegetables via hello healthy

“But I don’t like … [insert nasty vegetable – looking at you beets!]” – maybe there’s a way you’d enjoy it after all?!

Those dreaded open shelves – possible a blessing in disguise and way to spark creativity??
Health and Fitness
Can you exercise too much? via hello healthy
Watch out for these signs of overtraining and keep a few things in mind to prevent it.
Do you have metabol-envy? via Foodtrainers

That friend who can eat everything she wants without gaining an ounce? Reasons why you shouldn’t feel jealous.


There are many good reasons to focus on doing one thing at a time – and it will even make you more productive!
Training with the pros – for free! Probably the final nudge I needed to start doing at-home workouts again.

Not just for athletes! Iron deficiency isn’t an issue to mess with so especially as a vegetarian or vegan we need to make sure we’re getting enough.



 Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

How Many People Can’t Walk Without Their Smartphone?

Actually not one to smile but think about.

Health Magazine Advice Debunked- Part 1 via The Big Man’s World

The takeaway from any and all health publications: trust common sense and your own intuition. 



Good good [food]

100 Calorie Double Chocolate Chip Greek Muffins via Skinny Fitalicious

With a great ingredient list these little good-for-you – and egg-free! – muffins look like the perfect anytime-snack.

Even if you’re as far from paleo as me [very] I’m convinced these will intrigue you.

Spicy Asian Bowl of Goodness via Faring well

The name says it already: a big bowl filled with deliciousness and an intriguing sweet and spicy Asian dressing. Bonus: it’s single-serving!

Oven-Baked Pizza Dip via Keepin’ It Kind

Who wants to have a pizza party of the different kind? Bring on the dippers!

Vegan Polenta Bowl via Delicious Knowledge

Want! After snarking on polenta for years it’s become one of my favourite grains and this is just perfect.

Aloo Gobi Pies via One Ingredient Chef

Yes. Just yes to these. This classic Indian stew turned pie looks so good and there’s just a handful of ingredients.



Happiness-inducing today: That kind old man trying to give me advice on how to get rid of the thick layer of snow on my car. He wasn’t actually helpful but it’s the fact he tried that matters.

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    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ah, jetzt antworte ich natürlich viel zu spät, aber vielen Dank, Meli! Es freut mich besonders, wenn diese Posts auch Anklang bei anderen deutschen Bloggern finden, denn ich selbst bin leider noch zu inkonsistent mit meinen Kommentaren in dem Bereich, obwohl ich durchaus deutsche Blogs – wie deinen – lese.

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