The secrets to great blog posts? [+ my struggles with them]

I’m still in disbelief of the enormous response to my recent blog post. If you’re a ‘big’ blogger you might be used to that happening on the regular but for me it was a shock. Albeit of the positive kind. The reason why I didn’t expect anything like this? This very post was probably the least edited and touched up I’ve written to date. All it was meant to be was a reminder to myself. A reminder that while recovery isn’t easy and I have ‘those’ days everything is better than falling back into old habits. Skinny can’t hold a candle to life.

Thank you

Thank you once more for commenting and sharing – and by that I don’t just mean via social media but sharing your own experiences and stories in the comments. It meant the world to me.

In trying to understand why the post went viral I noticed a few [apparent] ‘secrets’/reasons so they’re what I’ve been thinking about [and only now out loud].

Maybe it sounds ridiculous to an outsider – wait for it, I’ll explain in a moment – but my first thoughts were: How in the world could that post be my most shared, commented and recommened yet? Don’t get me wrong. The post, the message – it was 100% me and meant that way. But: I’d spent a fraction of the time I work on many other posts on it. No writing and re-writing it for days. Yet – maybe that was the secret? Maybe you related so well because it was raw, authentic and not me trying to meet any expectations of myself or anybody else?


Write just for yourself and like nobody’s reading. Like I mentioned above that post was written for a simple purpose. I hadn’t planned it nor did I edit much. It just came about while eating dinner on Monday night and looking back I honestly can’t see why I published it.

Keep the editing to a minimum. This one’s really hard for a perfectionist like me. But looking back at why some of my past posts didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore once published and why the response was shy I saw: I’d out-edited my personality. If I couldn’t recognize myself again in these – how could any readers?

Don’t be afraid of speaking your mind. We can never please everybody else [old news, I know] but that’s actually what keeps blogging – or any kind of socializing – interesting. How boring of a world would we live in if everybody agreed with everything we said? No, thanks, bring on the discussion!


The reasons why I haven’t been following these rules in many of my previous posts? For one, I’m still not feeling confident enough in my writing. I’m not a native speaker and sometimes feel I can’t articulate the exact points I want to make as well as I would in German.

More so, however, there’s a worry that was implemented throughout my ED: the fear of not pleasing others or – worse – rubbing them off the wrong way. It makes no sense when you think about it. I want to be easy-going, speak my mind – and all too often let perfectionism hinder me. Realizing this now I could have published a lot more posts that are 100 % true to me – a peek into my drafts folder would tell you – if it wasn’t for my inner critic stopping me. Saying that somebody else has said it better before or will potentially do in the future. And yes, the pond of blog post ideas might not be endless so a topic we pick up could have been featured elsewhere before.

But it’s about the individual spin. No  two people and their opinions are exactly the same and not every of your readers will have seen that post about  [insert topic] by [insert blogger] before. So let’s be bold. Go out and say what we feel like saying. We’re writing for ourselves after all, remember? So that post I talked about recently? It wasn’t last week’s. But now it will see the light of the day. Maybe nobody will care. Maybe some people will disagree. It shouldn’t matter as long as it’s genuinely what I feel like sharing.

Dance like nobody’s watching. Write like nobody’s judging. It sounds pretty good to me.

Happiness-inducing today: Some good news on a day that overall wasn’t too amazing. It’s about focusing on the little things [broken record but true].

Stay in touch!

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Following along the spirit of this post and Thinking out loud: Speak your mind!

10 thoughts on “The secrets to great blog posts? [+ my struggles with them]

  1. Aja says:

    Yay for having a viral post! That’s so exciting. It can be hard not to edit when you’re a perfectionist. I totally get that, but I hate editing my own work. I like to write it and be done with it.

  2. Kim says:

    I think you are exactly right!! The best posts are the ones that just come out of your head like you talk. I stumble talking so it’s only natural that I stumble in writing:) I’m just a small time blogger but I’ve learned that the best posts are the ones that are the most natural.

  3. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says:

    I can really relate to this post. I too had a surge in views on a post I wrote this week and it happened to be one that was written in a total stream of consciousness. Plus it was a lot shorter than my typical posts! So weird, but I guess it makes sense! The more real and personal you are the more people can relate. Loved your “skinny” post and I love this one as well!

  4. Laura says:

    Hey I just wanted to let you know that I still read every single post (including the Kate Moss one which was amazing) but I often don’t have the time to comment. However I want you to know that I have seen you grow so much in the past few months and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep on keeping on! ❤

  5. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Isn’t it crazy?! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve expected a post to be amazing (after all the perfectionism work I put into it) only to have it be so-so, only to have a post that I didn’t even give a second thought to end up being a hit. Heck, my most popular recipe on Spoons is one that I thought about not even posting. Insanity. Just goes to show you that sometimes it’s best not to overthink things. We waste a lot of life stuck in our heads.

  6. katalysthealth says:

    I TOTALLY agree that the best blog posts are ones written completely in your own voice. No outside influence or desire to appease anyone or impress. Just your opinions, your words, your attitude.
    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

  7. The Cookie ChRUNicles says:

    It’s so hard to say which posts will go viral, isn’t it? Sometimes I work on a post for a while, multiple edits and proofreading and then sometimes I throw one together and the response is amazing. We just never know but it’s a nice lesson to learn in order to help develop as a writer and perhaps realize we don’t need to overthink things. Have a great weekend.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That’s so true. It’s the planner in me trying to figure out a logic behind this and being unable to stop overthinking when yes, this might actually be one of the keys.
      I hope you’ll have a fun and not too cold weekend, too!

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