The Power of Frustration

Just a fair warning ahead: this post will be very much free flow, unedited and simply thinking out loud in its purest form.  Not what I had planned … once again. But I’ll be honest with you: …


I’m frustrated with how my day went. As in: not at all the way I’d intented. The planner in me was this close to freaking out. Okay, internally I wasn’t just this close. It happened. Do I at least get points for not hissing at others?!

I’m frustrated because the post I had originally planned and sitting semi-drafted since Monday [Easy, I’ll have enough tome to finish it until Wednesday night. <- Lesson learned: doubt yourself.] is still not finished and it is Wednesday night.

I’m frustrated because the [metaphorical] shirt I’ve been trying on multiple times during the past time doesn’t fit. It’s been looking freaking awesome on others but it’s not for me.

I’m frustrated finding a parking spot in my street is such a pain. Yes, I realize this – along with a number of other points in this post is a very vain complaint –  but I’m sure some of you will agree driving around forever looking for a space after a long day of work is no fun.

I’m frustrated some fun and exciting plans I had in the books for next week were cancelled.

I’m frustrated because my sister just told me she was flying to New York in March and I – won’t. Visiting the US in general and this city in specific has been a  dream of mine for-ev-er.

I’m frustrated because I’ve been going through a bar of chocolate in two days for. .. a while already now. Actually, my biggest frustration here might be that stores around seem to have stopped carrying my favourite bar and Lindt has yet to reach out for a sponsorship. Insert me waving at them like a mad woman here.

I’m frustrated an effort I made and set a lot of hope in didn’t work out. And noticing my reaction here brought about some more frustration in itself.

Apparently, I’m on a roll with my frustration and could go on here. But rambling on endlessly with not outcome is not the point of this post. That would be straying too far from myself.

So what is the point of this then? Easy. After I gave myself some time to get made and truly feel that frustration I realized all of these itty little bits of annoyance accumulating all at once were probably meant to be. Meant to make me think. Meant to spark the intense craving for change and …

Frustration is pretty good fuel for change. If we never experience those setbacks, never have to realize things won’t magically work out just because we’d like them to and never have to fight for anything … well, the point where we need to fight will come.

And you know what happened after that major cumulation of frustration [rhyme no intended but appreciated]? Suddenly I found the close-to-perfect parking spot.Not until after I let off steam in a certainly not lady-like way in my car. I might appear more like a kitten than a lioness but I’m pretty fierce at cussing.

I happened upon four last bars of that chocolate

. I decided there had to be a way to get to the US after all  [or at least I hope somebody else will have a genius idea on how to make it work].

It’s a start. Now it’s about turning all of the frustration into action. Try harder. Speak my mind. Step out of my comfort zone. Thank goodness for frustration.

Happiness-inducing today: Getting very positive feedback on some of my work. This isn’t meant to brag but we hardly ever get outside feedback on any of our work so somebody walking up to me to say it

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No specific questions. Just whichever thoughts you have on the topic and if you need to let go off some frustration you’ve dealt with lately too: now’s the chance. (:

14 thoughts on “The Power of Frustration

  1. Irina says:

    😦 I’m so sorry to hear about your frustrations but I suspect that writing this post was therapeutic…which was hopefully a pleasant side-effect! I find that writing these sorts of posts helps me immensely, regardless of how “whiny” they may sound to others (don’t worry, absolutely no judgment at all…I don’t think that of this post!).

    Roadblocks are life’s way of not only testing us but helping us grow thicker skin and get stronger. Challenges help us determine what is truly worth fighting for and what is meant to be left behind. I know you’ll make it out to the U.S one day soon, and I’ll welcome you with alllll the chocolate bars you want!!

    Feel better love ❤

  2. Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness says:

    It is as if we were sharing some sort of connection! Yesterday I experienced a level of frustration that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I hate that feeling as it brings other unpleasant feelings too. I went for a walk with my favorite music and recharged. 😉
    You are right to say that these roadblocks just make us stronger, they tell us “hello? You are a fighter!”. Sometimes you just need to clear your mind and see that they are just roadblocks not end roads. Tomorrow will be another day 😉

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I’ve always found that the bumps in the road make us appreciate the times of smooth sailing a whole lot more. Life wouldn’t be interesting if it was easy. And I think that learning to let go of the frustrations and not sweat the small stuff (especially when it’s stuff we can’t change) is a good life lesson for everyone to adopt. Attitude trumps situation every single time, and if all else fails, a good sleep usually makes things right again 🙂

  4. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says:

    Girl, I can relate! I am experiencing a lot of frustration right now. But instead of fighting it I’m trying to let myself just fee the emotion and use it, as you said, as a catalyst for change. Good for you for letting these thoughts out!!

  5. megbollenback says:

    I love your perspective on this, and I know that I have been in your shoes before and will be again in the future. It’s a cycle that I feel like comes and goes from time to time. I feel like when we need a good kick in the pants or motivation to make something happen, frustration and little happenings get in our way to remind us of where/how to focus.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Hi and thanks, Meg! Yes, I agree we’ve all been there and will be there again in the future. In a way we should really appreciate the fact life gives us those more or less easy to understand nudges to change direction.

  6. Khushboo says:

    Gah when it rains it pours- hope things start to look up for you soon but until then, vent away. I personally know it makes me feel better as opposed to the times when I keep my emotions bottled up!

  7. Laura says:

    Okay as weird as it sounds I LOVED this post. I loved that you allowed yourself to feel frustrated even though you believed some of those frustrations sounded vain, you still gave yourself permission to voice these frustrations. This is something I’m not very good at and seeing you do it and then resolve (or work on resolving) them afterwards was really motivating.

    I hope you get to the US somehow. If you end up near me I will GLADLY take you around, although I don’t really see why you would end up near me haha.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That’s not weird at all! I often feel the same when somebody lets out something what’s been on their mind and I’ve struggled with before yet didn’t dare to write about. We can all take a leaf from somebody else’s book from time to time. Go and do it! (:
      And yesss, I hope we’ll get to meet one day!

  8. Ms.J says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry Miss P. I was frustrated just the other day because in this game of figuring out what I want to be doing for the year ahead I’ve went back and forth with things. I’ve felt immensely confused and in the process let some people down no doubt. But I’ve made the conscious decision to give myself time to let go and release the hold of doing what I feel I’m supposed to be.
    I know how every frustration can build up inside.. and yesss it’s got to unleash from the mouth in a tirade! I think being honest with myself and to those around me about my emotions helps immensely in helping me “see the light”. Bugger so that came out in a jumble but I want you to know I’m reading… and caring 🙂 .

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