Pump[kin] up my lunches and cookies

Oh hey, a second What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday in a row!

Not making any promises of posting weekly meals again but I do plan on joining WIAW more regularly again. I’ve fallen into a rut, no, groove [stealing this from Amanda] and I need crave change. WIAW has proven to be a helpful tool of inspiration and positive pressure here before so fingers crossed I’ll be able to shake it off up again. Onto my recent still-in-the-groove meals, though.



Let’s face it: office lunches are not glamorous. Unless you a) live in an awesome city with intriguing options [Whole Foods, Panera, Chipotle – none of which exist in Germany and certainly not where I live]. What’s a girl to do? Meal prep, right. I’ve actually gotten rather good at breaking this up over the course of the weekend in batch-cooking a different grain every week plus two stew-like dishes to go along with it. That would be casserole-y-fying for you. And yes, we’ll pretend that’s a word. Thanks.

Pumpkin cheese sauce

That above is the key to one of my favourite go-to dishes: a super simple – does anybody use the abbreviation KISS anymore??? If so: that’s the name of the game. – vegan pumpkin cheese sauce. I’ve had neither Velveeta nor Kraft mac and cheese before but rumor has it they tag along that ‘neon cheese sauce’ image so maybe I can compete here? Only this sauce contains a fraction of the ingredients of boxed kinds and healthy ones at that. It’s in fact not the first time this sauce is making an appearance on here but I somehow never shared the original recipe I used it in.  Given it’s a keeper I might just have to …

Office lunch_casserole_vegan pumpkin cheese sauce

This particular dish was a mix of sautéed carrots, cauliflower, red onions and kale with – what’s new? – chickpeas. All served up with short-grain brown rice I cooked separately and sprinkled with a generous amount of nutritional yeast. The non-glamorous way it looked after lugging it along to the office and reheating it …

20150211_office lunch

… and all non-tuppered packed up. I’m not a member of the Tupper club anymore – or at least not at the office. Granted, tuppered up has a nicer ring to it but I’m really fond of my new dishes.  They’re not actually new – but you’d have a very good memory if you remembered where they hail from – but I’ve been using them more than ever before these past months. A dish you can [but I didn’t this time] bake and store a dish in afterwards?! Plus, the vacuum is pretty amazing – that little ‘zipper’ you see peeking out at the left side top of the dish. No  accidentially lifting the dish up and spilling its contents because the lid wasn’t closed well enough …


And because I like my sweet endings I’ll overlook the fact I did not like the picture and show you my latest tried-and-tested blogger recipe. Amanda’s vegan Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies. I will admit I didn’t care so much for the actual baked cookies but a lot of dough eating quality control was necessary. In fact, I baked another batch shortly afterwards not only because one of my colleagues was really fond of them but because I was craving some dough. We can call it a win-win-situation and still consider it a selfless act on my part, agreed 😉 ?!

Amandas_banana chocolate chip cookies

And now that I’ve talked your ears off about pumpkin cheese, tupper vs. non-tupper dishes and the importance of quality control when baking I’m hungry and we can call it a day. Let’s chat about your recent meals a little below and as always: happy Wednesday!

Happiness-inducing today:  Starting the day with a new breakfast. It’s a first step to breaking the groove!

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Have you ever made a pumpkin-based cheese sauce before? Let me know of any amazing recipes worth trying.

What’s your favourite kind of cookie dough? Yes, the dough, not the baked cookie. My favourite baked cookie [shortbread-based] differs from my favourite kind of cookie dough so I dare to say others are similar.

Are you a member of the Tupper club? And can we still be friends now that I’m not fully anymore???




15 thoughts on “Pump[kin] up my lunches and cookies

  1. Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness says:

    Ohhh the tupper club! It has been a long time since I departed it and I don’t miss it at all! 😉 That pumpkin cheese sauce looks delicious! I have never had that combo before but again I like everything cheese-y so I am sure I’d love it!

  2. Ms.J says:

    Ohmygosh I just realized something!..even though you didn’t mention it right now; I actually have polenta sitting in the pantry. I kid you not. I recall being astonished at its existence when you first featured the grain in a casserole of yours..and Mum walked in with a bag the other day. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!
    Heck yesss to the cookie dough. Maybe that’s why I’ve only made cookies once in all my life..muffins? Yeah. Cookie cake? Of course. But I’m content living off Amanda’s vegan cookie dough though 😀 .

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That would be the first time somebody associated me with polenta, my former-despise-now-fond-off food. What can I say? I like it. And the fact that I decided polenta it will be for lunch today just a minute ago. (:
      By the way: I’m looking forward to your next mail. Not like I wanted to put any pressure on you or anything 😉 .

  3. Irina says:

    So much delicious food! Whenever I read your blog I always get so inspired to reintroduce foods like chickpeas and squash back into my diet but I always forget out of sheer laziness! Once again, you remind me that I need to dig through my cupboards and pull out all those hidden cans of beans I have buried in the depths.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      You’re too sweet! I’m really not much of a talented chef but if you think my random meals are inspiring I must be doing something right – at least with my pictures, haha.
      Yes to bringing on the beans! I seriously eat so many it’s almost embarrassing.

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Lunches used to be the bane of my existence when I had to pack them for work, so the fact that I can now eat at home is a huge blessing. And curse. Having a kitchen within 5 ft. of your working space can be a bit of a distraction 😆 And I might have to go back to sharing my eats on the blog as a way to help me get out and stay out of my food grooves as well. It can be a little bit of a pain, but like you said — positive pressure.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It totally is a curse. How do you manage to keep yourself from going for a snack every … ten minutes?? I’m off work for a few days right now and I can’t seem to stop pacing back and forth in between kitchen and living room. That doesn’t help me get more work done …

  5. tiff says:

    Great job meal preppin’! That chickpea one looks great. Even though I eat at home, I still usually prep on Sunday since I hardly find the time during the week.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks! I could easily see myself keeping the habit with a different schedule, too. Like you said there isn’t always time and having your meals prepped and ready nixes the indecisiveness factor – mine is high!

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