Good good links #84

… and another week bites the dust. Already the last full one of March – can you believe it? And are you feeling the lack of that missing hour of sleep? Finishing this post Saturday night I can’t tell yet but ask me again come Monday …


Whatever the clock says it’s time for another round-up for great posts from the week so without further ado here we go!

Good good links   Good good [food for thought]

We’re not outsmarting our bodies by sticking to rigid meal times. No day is like the other so we need to learn to trust our intuition.
Judging others via Khushboo’s Blog
I’ve written about this before myself: we shouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions based on appearance.
Have food blogs lost their passion? via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen
Posting recipes just for the sake of SEO and click rates: Have food blogs changed and reflect the actual blogger’s personality less?
Good good [advice and inspiration]

9 Ways We Can Improve Body Image For Men Too via Serendipity and Creativity

When we want to treat both genders equally we can’t assume men to be more thick-skinned against comments on their appearance or the influence of the media.

 What To Do When You Eat 2.5 Pounds Of Nuts In One Sitting via A Dash of Meg

What can feel like a binge is actually part of healing your relationship with food.

WIAW | My sugar re-tox via Peanut Butter and Jenny

Why going all out on sugary treats can actually be beneficial to develop a normal relationship with food again in recovery.   Health and fitness

5 Habits Of Vegetarians You Should Steal via Huffington Post

Eating more plants, making vegetables the star of your meals and lovely legumes: great advice for anybody.

That time of your life to grow [outside your comfort zone] and invest in your future.
Cooking and food
Ideas on how to make the best choices at the store on a limited budget.


Blogger Media Kits 101: What’s a Media Kit, Why You Need One, and What to Include via Blog Clarity

The how-to of presenting your blog to brands in the best way possible.

10 Simple, Beautiful Ways to Be a Better Blog Friend via The Loudmouth

Just like in real life friends do each other favours and help spread the word about them.

Good good [posts to make you smile]

20 Times When Calories Don’t Count via Forever Twenty Somethings

Didn’t we already guess it? Calories never count so whoever had the idea of starting it was a fool 😉 .

Paul McCartney Teaches You How To Make Mashed Potatoes. via The Vegan Mouse

Now isn’t he the ultimate vegetarian VIP chef you’d like to teach you how to write hits mash potatoes?!

33 Smartasses Who Aren’t About To Let “The Man” Tell Them What To Do via distractify

Awaken your inner wild child ;).

Good good [food]
German vegans rejoice [or any vegans, really]: Schokoküsse can now make an appearance in your life again!
If you saw the vegan cream cheese frosting without using storebought highly processed ingredients in last week’s post: here’s another one – this time coconut-based.
Single-Serve Cacao Nib Banana Bread Muffin via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

All the single ladies … can have their cake and eat it, too. I like how dense this looks.

Apple Nachos via Fit Foodie Finds

Why eat plain apples when you can have a little sweet fiesta?

Blutorangen-Cheesecake im Miniformat via Melis bunte Studentenküche

Raw cheesecake has been on my to-try list forever but most recipes yield too much for a single person to eat in time. This blood orange-spiked version is just perfect.

Spicy Chocolate Bean Dip via Runnin’ Sri Lankan

Beans and dark chocolate – sounds strange at first? Try it! Given my fondness of mole sauce I’m all up for this combination.

Vegan Chou Farçi (Cabbage Stuffed with Barley and Lentils) via Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Cabbage rolls [the non-vegetarian kind] are quite popular over here and these vegan ones sound really intriguing.

Quick and Easy Chickpea Scramble via Choosing Raw

If you’ve been reading for a while it should come to no surprise I’d take chickpeas over tofu any time and this idea sounds great.

Happiness-inducing today: Family. I’ll just leave it at that and know many of you will agree.
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Friday Favourites – 3/27/2015

Just a random note to start this post because it made me laugh and  realiuze that while, yes, I’m used to writing in English, the dates still confuse me every.single. time. Look at that title: To you [depending on where ypu’re from] it looks normal. To me? It’d have to be 27/3/2015. Oh well, I figure you didn’t stop by to chat about the differences between Germany and the US, no? Though it is interesting to see how much we differ in multiple areas of life but oh, well, another day. Speaking of another day: Blogging – as much as I like and have missed it – once more missed my focus during the last week. But I’m determined to bring booty blogging back next week.

Favourites it is today! Moving on to what has been happening and making me happy these days. Thanks to Heather and Clare for hosting!

… and starting on a heart-y note
Do you ever walk a route a million times and all of a sudden see a detail you hadn’t noticed before. That’s what putting down your phone while outside does. And spotting a hidden heart can only make you smile, right? I’ve been going for a lot of walks lately and the best decision I made there was to carry my phone along but don’t keep checking it all of the time. These times of mindfulness and actually taking in my surroundings more intensely are amazing.


Apples the size of my face.
Don’t let the picture fool you. The peanut butter jar is a mighty 1.1 lb not a small one. For fun and kicks I let one of these apples [that clearly made the cast of Snow White] step on the kitchen scale. More than one pound of apple goodness. I like it.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Do you think I can skip the doctor’s for a week after eating these ;)?

giant apples_Farmers Market WHV

What is it about certain foods that makes them so crave-able? I’d seen gnocchi quite often in the blog world lately yet it had been ages since I ate them myself. Clearly, I needed to pick up a package the next time I was at the store. Admittedly, storebought gnocchi are a far cry from the real deal. They will do in a pinch, though, so I’ve been eating them several consecutive  days this week. A simple tomato sauce, lots of fresh vegetables and nutritional yeast piled on top later on: a happy and satisfied me.


After I’ve seen others share their recent favourite pins or quotes I decided to incorporate two recent ones, too.

… and isn’t that a possibly intimidating but also wonderful thought?

Apparently, books where on my mind while I was browsing for inspiring quotes but you can’t deny life would be less amazing without them so why not?

Why not make today the day of your next one?

On that note, I’m off to face a Friday of the go-go-go kind and will see you again on Sunday for some good reads.

Happy Friday!

Happiness-inducing today: Walking past a parish hall in my neighbourhood where a choir was practicing a beautiful version of Echosmith’ ‘Cool Kids’. 

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Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

What are some inspiring quotes you’ve seen on Pinterest [or elsewhere] lately?

Have you ever happened upon some kind of giant fruit?

Good good links #83

If I was to start this post talking about the weather like I did in past weeks – which I obviously won’t … clearly not – I’d have to whine about the lack of sunshine. But I told you I wouldn’t so instead I’ll leave it at saying that the weather shouldn’t define our mood because there’s something good in every day regardless – if we choose to see it. Ergo: If it’s rainy – or even snowy? – in your neck of the woods that’s a good reason to snuggle up and spend some time catching up on blogs. See? Bad day turned around. If only everything in life was that easy …

Happy Sunday!


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 The scale via the real life RD

“A number doesn’t tell you you’re ambitious, beautiful, witty, gracious, brilliant, spontaneous, big-hearted or selfless among so many other things.” – Don’t let the scale rule your mood, intake and basically entire life.

The only wrong way would be not choosing recovery at all.
Good good [advice and inspiration]

I’m not one to advice you on weight loss but this challenge is really all about making daily life more exciting and fun.

 Redistributing the Weight via Lord Still Loves Me

One of the hardest parts of recovery is weight gain. This post might not make accepting it easier while we’re in the thick of it but gives hope.

10 Celebrities Who Had the Perfect Response to Fat Shaming via Identities.Mic

Not even they can stop the media from obsessing about body types – but they can counteract with wit.


Health and fitness

 Healthy is … via Clean Eats, Fast Feets
Yes! So much yes to all of this. I coukdn’t agree more at all.
5 Foods You Should Never Eat via Green Mountain

Not the kind of list you might expect but one I actually agree with.

5 Reasons You Need Rest Days via Life in Leggins

We can’t give our everything all day every day – and it won’t benefit us to push on endlessly.

The answer: it depends but you shouldn’t stress too much and take rest when needed [see link above].

I’ve been considering to go back to more at home workouts again during the next time and these seem to fit the bill perfectly.


Cooking and food

Don’t know what to cook? Instagram will tell you [and make you hungry so look with a snack nearby].

Stop Labeling Fat as “Good” or “Bad” via MJ and Hungryman

 An all-around scoop on fat, that delicious and unjustly often banished nutritient.

 20 Actions You Can Take to Look Like a Pro Blogger via By Regina

Fake it till you make it? An amazing post on ways to present yourself as the blogger you aspire to be in a matter of minutes or by investing some more time.


 Good good [posts to make you smile]
“Do you have a trust fund?”
Chocolate Flower via Huffington Post
Don’t play with your food?! Let’s make an exception for this magic.
Good good [food]
Yes, it’s real! There are no words for how amazing this is other than that it’s one I will definitely try.
Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting vis Ceara’s Kitchen
A much more natural alternative to preparing the frosting with highly processed store-bought vegan cream cheese.
That’s one kind of moist [sorry not sorry] cake I can get behind even as a non-cake person.

Roasted Winter Vegetables with Cannellini Beans via Healthy Liv

A mix of winter vegetables and legumes this would be great for batch-cooking and eating as side or main dishes throughout the week.

Pumpkin Seed Pesto Rice Casserole via Keepin’ It Kind

This vegan pesto casserole sounds all kinds of amazing and doesn’t even require any extraordinary ingredients.

Vegan Roasted Veggie Bowl via Take A Megabite

Simple preparation and minimal spices bring out all the vegetable goodness in this dish.  I need to try this!

A salad to impress: roasted peppers, homemade vegan ‘cheese’ and beautiful to look at.
Cheesy Deconstructed-Lasagna Quinoa Bowls via Wing It Vegan

It’s like eating lasagna from a bowl and everybody knows that a) lasagna is amazing and b) bowls are amazing. No further explanation needed.

Happiness-inducing today: Knowing that things are about to change for the [hopefully] better soon.

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Friday Favourites

Hi! Long time no talk – or at least it feels like that. What can I say? Life is life. Did I really just refer to that awful song?? Crazy things happen when you don’t watch your mouth fingers typing. Going on. For a little change I thought I’d share some of  the little things  that make my life better as of now.

1. Spring! Oh, you mean I mentioned that one before ? I’m afraid you can’t keep a country bumpkin from getting happy at the sight of the first flowers awakening. It’s obviously not quite the same in the city but a literal walk in the park works.


2. The sun and walks. Unfortunately, my hip has been in pain again so running is not in the picture for me right now. Instead, I’ve been indulging in walks as often as I could. Just me or does the sun never cease to bring a smile to your face, either? Granted, it might have to do with blinking because you forgot your sunglasses [not like I ever did …] but it usually turns into a real smile not to long afterwards. Endorphines.


3. Something else that has certainly helped me boost the amount of those little endorphines lately? Kinder chocolate. It’s so weird and not me to reach for milk chocolate. In fact, I didn’t have any in my apartment so picked up a small box of the Easter edition at random. However, I’ve stepped up my game and ‘graduated’ 😉 to the larger box yesterday.

On a recovery-related note I will admit that I’ve felt guilty about buying, eating and enjoying a non-dark chocolate bar that is so far from vegan. I still like the darker bars more but I’m working on convincing myself that variety is the spice of life and eating Kinder bars is perfectly okay. I gave up eating fully vegan as a result of listening to my cravings so if I crave dairy milk chocolate: so be it. To end this unneccessarily long ramble: Satisfying our cravings is  part of intuitive eating and normal. Any guesses what I’m currently eating?


4. Scented candles. Yes, I’m aware it’s getting warmer but we’re still not talking about actual summery temperatures so I’ll keep lighting scented candles every now and then. The other day I walked into a bookstore – technically a book store but they sell all kind sof odds and ends, too – and found Yankee candles for the first times ever. I know they’r epopular in the US but not over here so you might be able to imagine my excitement.

I didn’t end up buying one because the pries left me in slight shock but it’s so tempting I might end up splurging on them after all one day …

And that’s all from me for now as I have yet to hear of any self-cleaning apartments. Too bad if you ask me seeing as mine could use a major spring clean-up. I’m linking up with Heather and Clare today and will talk to you again on Sunday for some good reads.

Happiness-inducing today: An unexpected postcard from a friend currently traveling the world.

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Your turn: what have been some of your favourites lately?

 Are you a fan of Yankee candles? If so: what are your favourite scents?

Good good links #82

Happy Sunday, sun seekers! Okay, that last one totally just slipped for me there because I can say it definitely describes me these days. Every day lately has included a walk, some longer, some shorter, but I need to get that dose of vitamin D in. How could I not? Saturday wasn’t too amazing in those regards so fingers crossed for today! Moving on, though: links!

I swear there have been so many great posts lately I keep saving a few for the week to come every time because these posts are getting long enough already. Just so this intro isn’t adding to the length I’ll cut it off here and say that I’m pretty sure there’s something for everybody in the mix again.


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 It’s Okay to Cry via Hummusapien

Nobody’s has the perfect life where every day’s sunshine and rainbows – and that’s okay. Just like talking/writing about it, is. Putting a brave front when you’re internally torn isn’t healthy.

Proof that the number on the scale really doesn’t give away much about you and your health at all.
 The Secret to Achieving a Thigh Gap via Peanut Butter and Jenny
 A must-read that offers a new perspective on what eactly you’re striving for when trying to get a thigh gap.

A tough one but necessary to fully let go of the disorder because it only grows stronger in its hidden place.

Good good [advice and inspiration]
Even if they didn’t end up changing your life these are some great thoughts to ponder.

The Art Of Making Friends As An Adult via The Nectar Collective

Some ideas on how to connect when it’s not as easy as sharing candy with the girl sitting next to you in class anymore,


Health and fitness

Are Rest Days Necessary Even If I’m Not Sore Or Tired? via Lifting Revolution

In short: yes, absolutely.

The Truth About Sugar Alcohols via Hello Healthy

Are they good? Bad? Need to be skipped? Here’s the low-down [spoiler: similar to other sweeteners].

Cooking and food
Registered Dietitians Who Blog via The Lean Green Bean
A great round-up of RDs to follow for sound advice on health and nutrition.

Some good ideas if you’re looking to downsize your kitchen equipment. However, you won’t see me and my garlic press part ways any time soon.

Healthy Meal Plan: Loving Lentils via back to her roots
Did I mention I’m obsessed with legumes? Sign me up for a week full of them [not that my weeks weren’t already …].
Doesn’t it happen to all of us at times? Some great ideas and strategies to avoid mindless munching.
There’s too much even of good things. Some signs to tell if you’re overdoing on the nutritious foods and ideas to forego it.
10 Annoying Things Bloggers Do via Forever Amber
Okay, I need to work on the commenting one myself but some of the others are really not cool. [also check the comment section of that post]

30 Creative Tasks to Complete For Your Blog (When You’re Not Blogging) via The Loudmouth

It’s no secret growing a blog involves a lot more than just writing posts.

The Blog Closet | WTF is Self-Hosting (and how to sign up!) via Peanut Butter and Jenny

Jenny has a great way of breaking the topic down [and making  me want to finally (!) switch].
Good good [food]
Mind = blown. As a fan of the chocolate + chili combination this looks crazy genius to me.
Fruity Frosted Carrot Cake via Feasting on Fruit
You’d never guess this was refined sugar-free and
Hello, strange but good dessert. If you know me you won’t be surprised I’m a fan of the sneaky ingredient here.
I’m not averse to sugar by any means but having a few alternative options on hands is never a bad idea in my book.
If you assumed I was slightly polenta-crazy you’re right – but how could you say no to this dish?!

vegan BBQ lentils with millet “polenta” via The First Mess

Smoky legumes on top of creamy ‘polenta’ of the different kind – this looks fantastic.

The Down to Eart Bowl via Eat Spin Run Repeat

I’d be so down for this assemblance of delicious goods all in one meal.

Rohes Pfannengemüse mit Couscous via Nordisch roh

I might save this one for summer but for the warmer days it’s a great raw alternative to salads.

Happiness-inducing today: Talking to my long-time US pen pal via Skype. These dates are rare due to our different schedules but fun whenever they happen.

Stay in touch!

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Compelled to compare?

Instagram. Facebook. The blog world. It’s everywhere: Comparison. Not a new phenomenon but one that I feel has been heightened to unknown expansion through social media these past years. And to be honest? It’s making me sad. Because you know introductions aren’t my favourites I decided to give you a glimpse into my brain in today’s or better yet: explain how this post came about. It was when being out and about with my mum and once more noticed how little she cares about what others do. Eat. Wear. And that’s when I decided to put my rambling thinking cap on. Or thinking beanie if you’re living in the same climate as our sweet host Amanda where spring hasn’t sprung yet.


To make the Just the other day, I saw a girl on Instagram asking her followers about sugar. Or more specifically: if the recommended daily intake of it included fruit because she was worrying about her daily huge smoothies. What makes me sad isn’t the mere fact we tend to get fussed about sugar. Or the whole carb scare in general. It’s the fact that these days, there doesn’t seem to be any aspect of life left where we don’t feel constantly compelled to compare ourselves to others. Food. Appearance. Workouts. Jobs. I could go on.

Because I’m definitely not trying to pretend I was above all of this and able to completely blind out any and all advice and discussion on social media I’ll give a personal example: What I ate Wednesday. At the beginning of my recovery I’d read through other people’s WIAWs for hours. Always comparing what they ate to myself.  Guess what that meant? If nobody else* was eating [insert amount of] chocolate, too, I felt guilty. Not normal. If I had carbs at every meal but others didn’t … you guessed it: guilt. Not normal? No. What wasn’t normal was a) my need to compare and b) the guilt I felt about following my cravings.

* 1. I obviously didn’t read every single WIAW post so maybe somebody did after all? 2. If I had simply looked around myself I’d have seen plenty of family members and friends eating whole chocolate bars on the regular. Reminder: the blog world only shows a tiny part of the world’s population.

Lindt chocolate

We seek approval for ‘doing things right’. Is it okay to eat xx pieces of chocolate a day? Doesthat dress look okay on me or should I rather wear something more loosely fitting to conceal my ‘trouble areas’? Is it okay to take more than one rest day? Whew, okay, thanks …. wait … are you sure? Really?

Have we truly become this insecure in our own decisions? Where has intuition [not just related to food] gone? Can we not make any of these decision all by ourselves anymore? I agree it’s helpful to get some guidance and advice here and there – we all get by with a little help from our friends after all. But it has become increasinly popular to trust others more than our own gut. Having the whole world with all its knowledge, advice and others to compare ourselves to in every aspect of life is a questionable blessing.


We probably can’t/don’t want to pull ourselves out of all kinds of social media involvent. But the next time you’re considering a rest day don’t look for advice in others. Check in with yourself: what would feel good for you at this very moment? The next time you want that cupcake? Eat it if you crave it. Nobody else eats or exercises for you – why should they have the power to make these decisions for you?


… and with that I’m stepping aside and opening up the stage for you to speak your mind!

Happiness-inducing today: Another sunny day.

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