Good good links #81

Spring isn’t too far away anymore, friends! Okay, yes, I know that’s a more or less obvious statement but this weekend has felt particularly ready-for-spring so you’ll have to bear my excitement. While we never got a serious winter over here I’m still happy about any early onset of a warmer, brighter season. If you’re still stuck with dreary below-zero weather, though, you’ll likely appreciate some reading recommendations more than those who can’t wait to get outside. Anyway, I hope there’ll be something for everybody again and now excuse me because: I can’t wait to get outside 😀 !

Happy Sunday!


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

I Was The Maid Of Honor For The Girl I Bullied Mercilessly For Years via Huffington Post

A really touching story of an amazing friendship stemming from sharing the same background of bullying.

Clarification: Healthy Eating is Not an Eating Disorder via In My Skinny Genes

Yes, orthorexia does exist. But not everybody striving to live a healthy life is suffering from it. Detect the signs that tell the difference.

The 20 Pound Difference via Never Homemaker

A difference that isn’t so much of a weight measurement but one of all we’ve been going through in life.

Hiding your quirks, over-apologizing and -worrying: Can you see yourself in these points, too?
Good good [advice and inspiration]
As uncomfortable as sitting with our feelings is it might be the best thing we can do to figure out our struggles at times.
41 Easy Ways to Be Unhappy via Prolific Living
Don’t worry: it’s not hard to be [un]happy.
10 Ways To Live Life Like A Toddler via Today’s the Best Day
A must-read and wonderful reminder for anybody. Children see and experience the world in the best way.
Creating a Healthy At Home Work Environment via Nourish RDs
Working from home can be a struggle – hello, kitchen within walking distance – so these are some great ideas to set yourself up for success.

Suffering From An Eating Disorder? I Was There Too. via Fiterazzi

Proof that recovery is possible and the reminder that the first step is learning to forgive ourselves.

 Are Egg Whites Really the Healthier Choice? via Popsugar

For anybody looking to cut calories but still get in those nutrients this might be a good read.



Using your DSLR in manual mode isn’t scary and while I do we know I’m no professional [food] photographer so I still find these links really helpful. Learning and improving is fun!

How To Develop Your Own Unique Blogging Voice via The Nectar Collective

Finding your ‘voice’ is one of the key elements of a successful blog.

An Easy Tip to Liven Up Your Writing via Blog Clarity

Needless to say the grammar and word fiend in me likes this advice a lot.
How I Started and Grew A Blog Through Social Media via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Great tips for anybody just starting out or even a little further on their blogging journey.


Good good [food]
I’ve never had an actual Frosty  but this one sounds great in its own right.
Orange Chocolate Brownie Cake via Honey and Figs Kitchen
Click the link at your own risk – or have some chocolate at hand to satisfy the upcoming craving.
Chocolate Chip Chickpea Pancakes via My Whole Food Life
Having a hard time getting your legumes in? A sneaky but also generally great use for chickpea flour for all pancake fiends.
Silky Hummus Polenta Tart via Marfigs’ Munchies
Hummus? Polenta? Plenty of vegetables? Sign me up!
Spiralkzed Veggie Ratatouille via Brittany Angell
A ratatouille like you’ve never eaten before – and I’m SO going to try this once zucchini prices drop again [don’t ask!].
The Ultimate Hippie Bowl via The Healthy Maven
For those times when you want all the good, nourishing food at once: grains, greens, gojis – done.
A rich and comforting curry dish that looks perfect for a cold or rainy day.
Easy Vegan Queso in Minutes via Healty. Happy.Life
I’ve actually never had ‘real’ queso but if this was placed in front of me I’d go to town on it.
This looks absolutely delicious … and you better believe Alexis snuck Hummus in there, too. Typical. Necessary.
Actually, I’ve never liked fish but the idea of creating a vegan replacement from vegetables is intriguing.
Happiness-inducing today: Spotting the first signs of spring in the form of beautiful flowers on a walk.

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3 thoughts on “Good good links #81

  1. Marfigs says:

    Thanks for including me in the round-up! 😀 Luckily I was eating a cacao smoothie bowl because it’s always dangerous to read your recipe choices when hungry :p

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