Good good links #82

Happy Sunday, sun seekers! Okay, that last one totally just slipped for me there because I can say it definitely describes me these days. Every day lately has included a walk, some longer, some shorter, but I need to get that dose of vitamin D in. How could I not? Saturday wasn’t too amazing in those regards so fingers crossed for today! Moving on, though: links!

I swear there have been so many great posts lately I keep saving a few for the week to come every time because these posts are getting long enough already. Just so this intro isn’t adding to the length I’ll cut it off here and say that I’m pretty sure there’s something for everybody in the mix again.


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 It’s Okay to Cry via Hummusapien

Nobody’s has the perfect life where every day’s sunshine and rainbows – and that’s okay. Just like talking/writing about it, is. Putting a brave front when you’re internally torn isn’t healthy.

Proof that the number on the scale really doesn’t give away much about you and your health at all.
 The Secret to Achieving a Thigh Gap via Peanut Butter and Jenny
 A must-read that offers a new perspective on what eactly you’re striving for when trying to get a thigh gap.

A tough one but necessary to fully let go of the disorder because it only grows stronger in its hidden place.

Good good [advice and inspiration]
Even if they didn’t end up changing your life these are some great thoughts to ponder.

The Art Of Making Friends As An Adult via The Nectar Collective

Some ideas on how to connect when it’s not as easy as sharing candy with the girl sitting next to you in class anymore,


Health and fitness

Are Rest Days Necessary Even If I’m Not Sore Or Tired? via Lifting Revolution

In short: yes, absolutely.

The Truth About Sugar Alcohols via Hello Healthy

Are they good? Bad? Need to be skipped? Here’s the low-down [spoiler: similar to other sweeteners].

Cooking and food
Registered Dietitians Who Blog via The Lean Green Bean
A great round-up of RDs to follow for sound advice on health and nutrition.

Some good ideas if you’re looking to downsize your kitchen equipment. However, you won’t see me and my garlic press part ways any time soon.

Healthy Meal Plan: Loving Lentils via back to her roots
Did I mention I’m obsessed with legumes? Sign me up for a week full of them [not that my weeks weren’t already …].
Doesn’t it happen to all of us at times? Some great ideas and strategies to avoid mindless munching.
There’s too much even of good things. Some signs to tell if you’re overdoing on the nutritious foods and ideas to forego it.
10 Annoying Things Bloggers Do via Forever Amber
Okay, I need to work on the commenting one myself but some of the others are really not cool. [also check the comment section of that post]

30 Creative Tasks to Complete For Your Blog (When You’re Not Blogging) via The Loudmouth

It’s no secret growing a blog involves a lot more than just writing posts.

The Blog Closet | WTF is Self-Hosting (and how to sign up!) via Peanut Butter and Jenny

Jenny has a great way of breaking the topic down [and making  me want to finally (!) switch].
Good good [food]
Mind = blown. As a fan of the chocolate + chili combination this looks crazy genius to me.
Fruity Frosted Carrot Cake via Feasting on Fruit
You’d never guess this was refined sugar-free and
Hello, strange but good dessert. If you know me you won’t be surprised I’m a fan of the sneaky ingredient here.
I’m not averse to sugar by any means but having a few alternative options on hands is never a bad idea in my book.
If you assumed I was slightly polenta-crazy you’re right – but how could you say no to this dish?!

vegan BBQ lentils with millet “polenta” via The First Mess

Smoky legumes on top of creamy ‘polenta’ of the different kind – this looks fantastic.

The Down to Eart Bowl via Eat Spin Run Repeat

I’d be so down for this assemblance of delicious goods all in one meal.

Rohes Pfannengemüse mit Couscous via Nordisch roh

I might save this one for summer but for the warmer days it’s a great raw alternative to salads.

Happiness-inducing today: Talking to my long-time US pen pal via Skype. These dates are rare due to our different schedules but fun whenever they happen.

Stay in touch!

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