Friday Favourites

Hi! Long time no talk – or at least it feels like that. What can I say? Life is life. Did I really just refer to that awful song?? Crazy things happen when you don’t watch your mouth fingers typing. Going on. For a little change I thought I’d share some of  the little things  that make my life better as of now.

1. Spring! Oh, you mean I mentioned that one before ? I’m afraid you can’t keep a country bumpkin from getting happy at the sight of the first flowers awakening. It’s obviously not quite the same in the city but a literal walk in the park works.


2. The sun and walks. Unfortunately, my hip has been in pain again so running is not in the picture for me right now. Instead, I’ve been indulging in walks as often as I could. Just me or does the sun never cease to bring a smile to your face, either? Granted, it might have to do with blinking because you forgot your sunglasses [not like I ever did …] but it usually turns into a real smile not to long afterwards. Endorphines.


3. Something else that has certainly helped me boost the amount of those little endorphines lately? Kinder chocolate. It’s so weird and not me to reach for milk chocolate. In fact, I didn’t have any in my apartment so picked up a small box of the Easter edition at random. However, I’ve stepped up my game and ‘graduated’ 😉 to the larger box yesterday.

On a recovery-related note I will admit that I’ve felt guilty about buying, eating and enjoying a non-dark chocolate bar that is so far from vegan. I still like the darker bars more but I’m working on convincing myself that variety is the spice of life and eating Kinder bars is perfectly okay. I gave up eating fully vegan as a result of listening to my cravings so if I crave dairy milk chocolate: so be it. To end this unneccessarily long ramble: Satisfying our cravings is  part of intuitive eating and normal. Any guesses what I’m currently eating?


4. Scented candles. Yes, I’m aware it’s getting warmer but we’re still not talking about actual summery temperatures so I’ll keep lighting scented candles every now and then. The other day I walked into a bookstore – technically a book store but they sell all kind sof odds and ends, too – and found Yankee candles for the first times ever. I know they’r epopular in the US but not over here so you might be able to imagine my excitement.

I didn’t end up buying one because the pries left me in slight shock but it’s so tempting I might end up splurging on them after all one day …

And that’s all from me for now as I have yet to hear of any self-cleaning apartments. Too bad if you ask me seeing as mine could use a major spring clean-up. I’m linking up with Heather and Clare today and will talk to you again on Sunday for some good reads.

Happiness-inducing today: An unexpected postcard from a friend currently traveling the world.

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Your turn: what have been some of your favourites lately?

 Are you a fan of Yankee candles? If so: what are your favourite scents?

15 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. Marfigs says:

    When I was an omnivore living in Europe I would inhale Kinder chocolates like a mad beast (SO YUM) – my problem was always portion control! Where I live now my choice of junk food is heavily restricted so I guess that’s a good thing :p

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, I wouldn’t consider chocolate junk food and being a vegetarian has changed my food choices for the better but I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s a blessing to not have all kinds of temptations around.

      • Marfigs says:

        Ja, I don’t consider it junk food either usually unless I treat it as such as have a massive feast! In Finland they had these MASSIVE slabs of delicious chocolate that were pretty much the size of my computer screen – I think they were meant as a “family” portion but I could easily polish off one on my way home from school…so ja, the less in the house the better :p

  2. Ms.J says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with following those cravings Miss! On the contrary its much encouraged – can only serve to deepen your smile 🙂 . I was at some stage HOOKED onto kinder beuno (have you tried that?).
    Yankee candles. Don’t do it. Gosh darn it, the price tag of those things are unreal! I do however have an eccentric Aunt who gifted us with a “vanilla cupcake” one a little while back. And before that was a “cinnamony something”; both heavenly yes.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Girl, you’re contradicting yourself in the best way here :D. Telling me to stay away from Yankee candles and then singing their praise. Soon enough the temptation won’t be around anymore so keep your fingers crossed I won’t cave until then.

  3. Juli says:

    I feel you right here with the spring!I am so happy every morning when I wake up to the sun… or better to a sky that promises sun! And I have a soft spot for kinder chocolate, too. If only they weren’t so tiny. I like to freeze them and enjoy them ice cold. uuuuaaaah you gave me a trip to the super market on my way home, thanks for that 😉
    I’ve dreamed of getting a yankee candle for years now. A local book store/ stationer sells them as well but seriously they do cast an arm and a leg and so far I couldn’t convince myself I really need one!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Where has the sun been hiding since yesterday?? I could immediately tell from my mood those rays were missing.
      Sorry I’m not sorry for sparking a Kinder craving in you (:. Life’s too short to miss out on chocolate. And funnily, I’m the opposite: I don’t like cold chocolate at. all. In fact, I usually have it with a cup of tea for extra meltiness.

  4. Emma @em-poweredwellness says:

    Spring weather is making me happy too 🙂 I actually like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, but I gave up being vegan for the same reason. Sometimes I just crave non-vegan things, and decided that’s okay with me

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Dark chocolate will always be my favourite, too – it’s much more satisfying. Actually, having the Kinder chocolate around has already made it less attractive and I’ve still been eating more dark bars. The important part for me is to let go of any and all hidden restrictions or labels for food.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I wish I could figure out what caused my hip to hurt again but for now I’m just hoping it’ll heal as soon as possible.
      Bummer about Kinder chocolate. Then again, you have a million and one delicious foods we can’t find over here. Not an entirely fair trade but I guess we really can never have everything.

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