Good good links #83

If I was to start this post talking about the weather like I did in past weeks – which I obviously won’t … clearly not – I’d have to whine about the lack of sunshine. But I told you I wouldn’t so instead I’ll leave it at saying that the weather shouldn’t define our mood because there’s something good in every day regardless – if we choose to see it. Ergo: If it’s rainy – or even snowy? – in your neck of the woods that’s a good reason to snuggle up and spend some time catching up on blogs. See? Bad day turned around. If only everything in life was that easy …

Happy Sunday!


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

 The scale via the real life RD

“A number doesn’t tell you you’re ambitious, beautiful, witty, gracious, brilliant, spontaneous, big-hearted or selfless among so many other things.” – Don’t let the scale rule your mood, intake and basically entire life.

The only wrong way would be not choosing recovery at all.
Good good [advice and inspiration]

I’m not one to advice you on weight loss but this challenge is really all about making daily life more exciting and fun.

 Redistributing the Weight via Lord Still Loves Me

One of the hardest parts of recovery is weight gain. This post might not make accepting it easier while we’re in the thick of it but gives hope.

10 Celebrities Who Had the Perfect Response to Fat Shaming via Identities.Mic

Not even they can stop the media from obsessing about body types – but they can counteract with wit.


Health and fitness

 Healthy is … via Clean Eats, Fast Feets
Yes! So much yes to all of this. I coukdn’t agree more at all.
5 Foods You Should Never Eat via Green Mountain

Not the kind of list you might expect but one I actually agree with.

5 Reasons You Need Rest Days via Life in Leggins

We can’t give our everything all day every day – and it won’t benefit us to push on endlessly.

The answer: it depends but you shouldn’t stress too much and take rest when needed [see link above].

I’ve been considering to go back to more at home workouts again during the next time and these seem to fit the bill perfectly.


Cooking and food

Don’t know what to cook? Instagram will tell you [and make you hungry so look with a snack nearby].

Stop Labeling Fat as “Good” or “Bad” via MJ and Hungryman

 An all-around scoop on fat, that delicious and unjustly often banished nutritient.

 20 Actions You Can Take to Look Like a Pro Blogger via By Regina

Fake it till you make it? An amazing post on ways to present yourself as the blogger you aspire to be in a matter of minutes or by investing some more time.


 Good good [posts to make you smile]
“Do you have a trust fund?”
Chocolate Flower via Huffington Post
Don’t play with your food?! Let’s make an exception for this magic.
Good good [food]
Yes, it’s real! There are no words for how amazing this is other than that it’s one I will definitely try.
Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting vis Ceara’s Kitchen
A much more natural alternative to preparing the frosting with highly processed store-bought vegan cream cheese.
That’s one kind of moist [sorry not sorry] cake I can get behind even as a non-cake person.

Roasted Winter Vegetables with Cannellini Beans via Healthy Liv

A mix of winter vegetables and legumes this would be great for batch-cooking and eating as side or main dishes throughout the week.

Pumpkin Seed Pesto Rice Casserole via Keepin’ It Kind

This vegan pesto casserole sounds all kinds of amazing and doesn’t even require any extraordinary ingredients.

Vegan Roasted Veggie Bowl via Take A Megabite

Simple preparation and minimal spices bring out all the vegetable goodness in this dish.  I need to try this!

A salad to impress: roasted peppers, homemade vegan ‘cheese’ and beautiful to look at.
Cheesy Deconstructed-Lasagna Quinoa Bowls via Wing It Vegan

It’s like eating lasagna from a bowl and everybody knows that a) lasagna is amazing and b) bowls are amazing. No further explanation needed.

Happiness-inducing today: Knowing that things are about to change for the [hopefully] better soon.

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