Good good links #84

… and another week bites the dust. Already the last full one of March – can you believe it? And are you feeling the lack of that missing hour of sleep? Finishing this post Saturday night I can’t tell yet but ask me again come Monday …


Whatever the clock says it’s time for another round-up for great posts from the week so without further ado here we go!

Good good links   Good good [food for thought]

We’re not outsmarting our bodies by sticking to rigid meal times. No day is like the other so we need to learn to trust our intuition.
Judging others via Khushboo’s Blog
I’ve written about this before myself: we shouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions based on appearance.
Have food blogs lost their passion? via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen
Posting recipes just for the sake of SEO and click rates: Have food blogs changed and reflect the actual blogger’s personality less?
Good good [advice and inspiration]

9 Ways We Can Improve Body Image For Men Too via Serendipity and Creativity

When we want to treat both genders equally we can’t assume men to be more thick-skinned against comments on their appearance or the influence of the media.

 What To Do When You Eat 2.5 Pounds Of Nuts In One Sitting via A Dash of Meg

What can feel like a binge is actually part of healing your relationship with food.

WIAW | My sugar re-tox via Peanut Butter and Jenny

Why going all out on sugary treats can actually be beneficial to develop a normal relationship with food again in recovery.   Health and fitness

5 Habits Of Vegetarians You Should Steal via Huffington Post

Eating more plants, making vegetables the star of your meals and lovely legumes: great advice for anybody.

That time of your life to grow [outside your comfort zone] and invest in your future.
Cooking and food
Ideas on how to make the best choices at the store on a limited budget.


Blogger Media Kits 101: What’s a Media Kit, Why You Need One, and What to Include via Blog Clarity

The how-to of presenting your blog to brands in the best way possible.

10 Simple, Beautiful Ways to Be a Better Blog Friend via The Loudmouth

Just like in real life friends do each other favours and help spread the word about them.

Good good [posts to make you smile]

20 Times When Calories Don’t Count via Forever Twenty Somethings

Didn’t we already guess it? Calories never count so whoever had the idea of starting it was a fool 😉 .

Paul McCartney Teaches You How To Make Mashed Potatoes. via The Vegan Mouse

Now isn’t he the ultimate vegetarian VIP chef you’d like to teach you how to write hits mash potatoes?!

33 Smartasses Who Aren’t About To Let “The Man” Tell Them What To Do via distractify

Awaken your inner wild child ;).

Good good [food]
German vegans rejoice [or any vegans, really]: Schokoküsse can now make an appearance in your life again!
If you saw the vegan cream cheese frosting without using storebought highly processed ingredients in last week’s post: here’s another one – this time coconut-based.
Single-Serve Cacao Nib Banana Bread Muffin via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

All the single ladies … can have their cake and eat it, too. I like how dense this looks.

Apple Nachos via Fit Foodie Finds

Why eat plain apples when you can have a little sweet fiesta?

Blutorangen-Cheesecake im Miniformat via Melis bunte Studentenküche

Raw cheesecake has been on my to-try list forever but most recipes yield too much for a single person to eat in time. This blood orange-spiked version is just perfect.

Spicy Chocolate Bean Dip via Runnin’ Sri Lankan

Beans and dark chocolate – sounds strange at first? Try it! Given my fondness of mole sauce I’m all up for this combination.

Vegan Chou Farçi (Cabbage Stuffed with Barley and Lentils) via Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Cabbage rolls [the non-vegetarian kind] are quite popular over here and these vegan ones sound really intriguing.

Quick and Easy Chickpea Scramble via Choosing Raw

If you’ve been reading for a while it should come to no surprise I’d take chickpeas over tofu any time and this idea sounds great.

Happiness-inducing today: Family. I’ll just leave it at that and know many of you will agree.
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