It’s always tomorrow somewhere.

Oh, hey, it’s Thursday again. Lucky you [or me, really] I’ve been hit by a random thought to share after spending some time in the dreaded blogging funk bubble. It’s not a happy place to be but  so far there’s always been an escape at some point so let’s get thinking out loud with Amanda.

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow tomorrow sayer. And please tell me I’m not the only one. I can’t be.
Isn’t tomorrow an awfully amazing word? It’s a promise to take things into action yet not. Allowing for that last minute change of mind or simply postponing it to another tomorrow.

Traveling somewhere that requires me to leave my comfort zone? Tomorrow. Definitely checking train tickets tomorrow.
Finally sorting through the growing piles of unworn clothes that you can’t seem to let go off? Oh, tomorrow for sure. The weather’s just too nice outside today.

Trying that yoga class in town being the completely unflexible person I am [and risk making a fool of myself]? Tomorrow sounds like a great time …

Tackling another goal on my [recovery] list. Today’s really not the day because [insert whichever reason] but I’m sure I’ll feel ready tomorrow.

And yes, tomorrows have happened. Sometimes more semi-tomorrows in terms of checking items off my lists. Tomorrow have proven to be good times trying new food and discovering that my fears were arbitrary to begin with.


Tomorrows have been times to travel and see new places [or old ones again] …

Yet even if we enjoy ourselves at that time it’s easy [for me at least] to see those memories fade faster than anything once we settle back into a safe routine.


No matter how long my to-do list for a given day is: tomorrow’s will be even longer and I won’t even need to tell you why …
I am and have always been a worrier. Maybe it’s ingrained in us humans [only some were better at loosening up in evolution]. It sure made sense when you needed to be aware of hungry beasts lurking outside your cave.Cautiousness pays off when you’re a little red-capped girl crossing a dark forest to visit your grandma [wolves and all that, remember?]. Even in today’s world it’s smart to wear a security helmet when heading out onto the road. Staying inside and avoiding the dangers of traffic or the woords altogether isn’t, though. Yes, there can be dangers. Yes, there’s the possibilty of risking some looks in that gym class. But there might also be fun and adventures waiting to be discovered by us. Who knows? Certainly not those staying within their comfort zone.

Walking through the forest
But being the word and grammar nerd that I am and complaining about time differences [they really annoy me to no avail when it comes to communicating with friends overseas] it hit me: it’s always tomorrow somewhere. When I’m about to go to sleep millions of Australians are welcoming my tomorrow already. So where’s the point in delaying?

I’m not writing this post because I developed the magical ability to turn my mindset around with a simple snap of my fingers. But I do believe it’s possible. Every day is a new chance. And today might just be the tomorrow to make things happen. Right?
Just like today is the day to hit publish on this post. Sure, I might let it sit another day and find an insanely unique and different way to write a sentence here and there. But chances also are I’ll never post it then.


Happiness-inducing today: Discovering that while I might not have a green thumb [at all] getting your hands covered in dirt and planting kabocha seeds [fingers crossed!!] is quite relaxing and distracting.


Stay in touch!

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No questions today but any random thoughts that come to your mind.

8 thoughts on “It’s always tomorrow somewhere.

  1. Olivia Bane says:

    I’m a huge list maker, both for everyday things and long-term goals, and I love getting to cross both the everyday and the long-term things off my list! It helps me not put things off until tomorrow, big or little 🙂

  2. Elsie Goycoolea says:

    In my country “tomorrow” is our motto. I love how relaxed and carefree people can be but too much of everything ain’t good. I feel like I am more of a “now than later” person and try to do everything sooner. With that said, tomorrow isn’t always that bad sometimes just waiting one more day can help you see things you might have overlooked or find that word you couldn’t quite phrase. I guess we need a bit of today and a bit of tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Totally guilty of constantly putting things off until tomorrow. Oh I’ll do better tomorrow. I’ll try this tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. And yeah… sometimes it is, but sometimes there’s really no reason to put things off and waste more time just because tomorrow feels like a fresh start. If you really want something, you’ll get it done asap, right? But those comfort zones and routines are hard to break out of… And I think one of the most important things in moving forward is figuring out what’s keeping you in place. And by “you” I don’t mean YOU you… I mean a general you 😛

  4. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    When my to do lists get too long (overwhelmingly long), I tend to revert to the tomorrow approach. Lately, I’ve been making a concentrated effort of doing something the moment I see it. Instead of folding those clothes “later” or washing that dish “later” (my version of tomorrow), I do it immediately and the end result is me being happier and more calm since the task is no longer still looming.

  5. Alex @ True Femme says:

    Ooh I’ve definitely struggled with this and to some extent I still do. Usually I put things off until tomorrow that I’m really anxious about but need to get done (making phone calls, organizing things, spring cleaning, etc.) I remember really wanting to find a type of exercise I loved and wanting to try barre classes for a while, but I kept putting it off for months. One day I called my sister and took her with me to that very first barre class (because if I committed to her I couldn’t bail) and lo and behold, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It changed my life. Sometimes I make myself do things before thinking too much about them because it’s in the thinking that I put my life on hold. I still get shy and anxious, but it gets better the more I put myself out there and do things *today*. This was a great reminder! ❤

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