WIAW: Bring it back!

Oh, how I like me some good themes for What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday. This week? Well, you saw the title already so let’s bring it back! Old favourites or rediscovered food, that is. Because sometimes changing it up just means going back to former favourites or giving dishes a second chance. And for the jive Tupperware is making a return in today’s post, too.


Starting with a recent new discovery, though. Or not completely new but finally successful. See, I’d  tried savoury oatmeal before  but it was … less palatable. I wasn’t going to give them another go but cravings are cravings. And cravings aren’t to be ignored, am I right?! So savoury oats have been on the breakfast menu almost every day for the past week. The key are enough add-ins and toppings to create a perfect bowl. My go-to combination is a base of carrot oats with nutritional yeast, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and mashed chickpeas. The bowl pictured below was my try at changing up the legume with kidney beans but it wasn’t as satisfying as my lovely garbanzos.

savoury oatmeal_breakfast

While my current job search has yet to come to fruition I’ve been giving private lessons to students at an institute in town every now and then. I won’t whine but yesterday was proof I’ll never become a teacher. Not like I had ever intended to, actually, but have you ever tried to get a bunch of seemingly hyperactive nine-year-olds to do simple math when they can’t even sit still for a minute? Let’s just say I have a newfound respect for elementary school teachers. You’re superheroes.

Tupper lunch_wheatberries_stir-fry

What that all had to do with my lunch? Well, since I was helping the kiddos from 12.45 to 4.45 PM I needed to bring some food with me or else I’d have risked eating somebody. I kid, I kid. Either way, I precooked some wheatberries on Monday night and topped a serving with a simple vegetable and chickpea stir-fry. Fun fact and one of those old favourites leading to today’s post title: Prior to eating this I hadn’t [consciously] eaten soy sauce in months. Why? Not for any other reason but the fact I’d bought a one litre bottle of the one and only brand [Kikkoman] but didn’t want to break into it knowing I’d move again rather soon. Why yes, I’m cautious enough – or anxious enough? – to worry about soy sauce spilling in the condiment box packed for the move. I make myself laugh. Anyway, now that we’ve been reunited I see myself eating simple stir-fries on end. Sometimes the simple dishes are really the best.

apple_peanut butter_snack

I’d actually packed an apple as a snack, too, but given it was a struggle to squeeze in eating my lunch I ended up eating it at home. Which was probably better in anyway since that’s where I was able to pair it with the best dip ever: Peanut butter. No, I haven’t abandoned my declared favourite but crunchy salted peanut butter has made its comeback in past weeks. Good for my wallet, too, because dang is my obsession expensive.

Because I came home ravenous after work – I told you it was strenuous 😉 – I snacked pretty much all afternoon while writing a letter. Before we talk about one of those snacks remember what Jenn stresses: WIAW is not about judgement. Okay? Good. Meet my favourites: chickpeas. Yes, you knew that already but did I ever mention I’ve been eating them straight from the can? What can I say: Roasting takes too long if I want food fast and they’re just so satisfying. Go judge – or try it yourself the next time you crave a savoury snack in an instant.


Dinner … once more escaped the camera [as well as about 394948596 more snacks]. I’d tried to remind myself to take a picture for blogging’s sake but in my defense: I got a call shortly before, was distracted and then remembered when I was almost done eating. It was cocoa banana oat bran with almond butter if you were wondering, though. Actually, that’s my go-to  dinner and I’ll probably keep eating it until I’m getting really bored.



Happiness-inducing today: Smelling the flowers while being cyling into town. There’s one field that

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Have you recently eaten any foods you had unconsciously neglected for a longer while?

Are you a Tupper fan? If not: how do you transport your food to work?

Savoury oats: yes or no? Share your favourite add-ins!

16 thoughts on “WIAW: Bring it back!

  1. Marfigs says:

    Wheatberries! Gah, wish I could find that here – used it eat it quite a lot in Europe and it’s so delicious 😀 Chickpeas, that and veggies? So hungry now!

    As for eating chickpeas out of a can, I usually eat a TBSP or two every time I open a can for recipes as a type of “tax” for crossing my path because I love the stuff too much. Should probably then mention that on the recipe quantities in future, now that I remember :p

    It’s nonsense that almond butter is so expensive 😥 I love PB but it doesn’t like me, and tahini just isn’t the same. I made my own macadamia nut butter the other day though and thought I was floating to heaven, so that’s my middle ground.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      You made macadamia butter? That sounds heavenly! Care to send me a jar ;)?!
      Regarding the chickpea snacking while cooking: it’s the same for me. So I always scale up the amount in recipes for what I -intended- to use prior to mindlessly snacking away.

      • Marfigs says:

        😀 It’s actually the easiest thing to make – I had to buy a new blender and it came with some grinder attachment and now life is complete again ! It’s too bad raw almonds are still super expensive or I’d make that in barrels (the only proper size for that glorious nectar).

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I like how you’re saying dipped in peanut butter because I’ll never be the person plating a tablespoon of nut butter next to a sliced up apple. I like things quick and … delicious.

  2. Olivia Bane says:

    My sister eats black beans straight up, too, haha! It’s so funny, but a totally good snack. I actually do kind of like plain chickpeas, so I’ll snack on them if I’m using them in a recipe, too 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, absolutely! I forgot to mention it but I added nut butter post-picture. I always do because how else would a jar a week misteriously empty itself in my apartment 😉 ? Oats without nut butter aren’t complete.

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