It’s always tomorrow somewhere.

Oh, hey, it’s Thursday again. Lucky you [or me, really] I’ve been hit by a random thought to share after spending some time in the dreaded blogging funk bubble. It’s not a happy place to be but  so far there’s always been an escape at some point so let’s get thinking out loud with Amanda.

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow tomorrow sayer. And please tell me I’m not the only one. I can’t be.
Isn’t tomorrow an awfully amazing word? It’s a promise to take things into action yet not. Allowing for that last minute change of mind or simply postponing it to another tomorrow.

Traveling somewhere that requires me to leave my comfort zone? Tomorrow. Definitely checking train tickets tomorrow.
Finally sorting through the growing piles of unworn clothes that you can’t seem to let go off? Oh, tomorrow for sure. The weather’s just too nice outside today.

Trying that yoga class in town being the completely unflexible person I am [and risk making a fool of myself]? Tomorrow sounds like a great time …

Tackling another goal on my [recovery] list. Today’s really not the day because [insert whichever reason] but I’m sure I’ll feel ready tomorrow.

And yes, tomorrows have happened. Sometimes more semi-tomorrows in terms of checking items off my lists. Tomorrow have proven to be good times trying new food and discovering that my fears were arbitrary to begin with.


Tomorrows have been times to travel and see new places [or old ones again] …

Yet even if we enjoy ourselves at that time it’s easy [for me at least] to see those memories fade faster than anything once we settle back into a safe routine.


No matter how long my to-do list for a given day is: tomorrow’s will be even longer and I won’t even need to tell you why …
I am and have always been a worrier. Maybe it’s ingrained in us humans [only some were better at loosening up in evolution]. It sure made sense when you needed to be aware of hungry beasts lurking outside your cave.Cautiousness pays off when you’re a little red-capped girl crossing a dark forest to visit your grandma [wolves and all that, remember?]. Even in today’s world it’s smart to wear a security helmet when heading out onto the road. Staying inside and avoiding the dangers of traffic or the woords altogether isn’t, though. Yes, there can be dangers. Yes, there’s the possibilty of risking some looks in that gym class. But there might also be fun and adventures waiting to be discovered by us. Who knows? Certainly not those staying within their comfort zone.

Walking through the forest
But being the word and grammar nerd that I am and complaining about time differences [they really annoy me to no avail when it comes to communicating with friends overseas] it hit me: it’s always tomorrow somewhere. When I’m about to go to sleep millions of Australians are welcoming my tomorrow already. So where’s the point in delaying?

I’m not writing this post because I developed the magical ability to turn my mindset around with a simple snap of my fingers. But I do believe it’s possible. Every day is a new chance. And today might just be the tomorrow to make things happen. Right?
Just like today is the day to hit publish on this post. Sure, I might let it sit another day and find an insanely unique and different way to write a sentence here and there. But chances also are I’ll never post it then.


Happiness-inducing today: Discovering that while I might not have a green thumb [at all] getting your hands covered in dirt and planting kabocha seeds [fingers crossed!!] is quite relaxing and distracting.


Stay in touch!

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No questions today but any random thoughts that come to your mind.

Good good links #85

Talk about the latest ever good good links in the history of my blog … To make a long story short: I apparently jinxed myself on Thursday and what I explained there became true now: two full days without internet. Meaning no catching up on blogs during that time and no way to publish this post in time. What it results in is a shorter but not worse edition of my link-up. Even with fewer posts I’m convinced there’s something for everybody! Enjoy and feel free to share your own favourites from the week in the comments!

Happy Monday!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

The Before and After Obsession via Bagels to Broccoli

Don’t let pictures that might not even show 100% reality get you down. There’s nothing wrong with you just the way you are.

The Thing About “Healthy Living Blogs” via My Food ‘n’ Fitness Diaries

We all differ by so many means: Don’t let anybody else define what’s ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ for you and at the same tome don’t shun others’ lifestyles.
Are you really making all choices in life based on wanting to feel good or are guilt and avoidance playing into them on occasion? Good points to make you reconsider.
There’s More to Life Than … viA Daily Moves and Grooves
A great reminder that food and fitness are only parts of what a truly happy and healthy life looks like.
Good good [advice and inspiration]
Preaching What We Can’t Practice via Paleo Running Momma
It’s a lot easier to talk about something than have it down to pat in our own lives. Opening up about it can actually be helpful for both sides.
 This!: “Your happy weight isn’t a number, but an equilibrium.” So. much. truth.
Why The Scale Is An Asshole via Brittany Lesser
Because it says basically nothing about you.
What to look for instead of nutrition labels the next time you’re at the store.



Health and Fitness


Good good [posts to make you smile and DIYs]

You Might Be A Healthy Living Blogger If … via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

Have you had your green smoothie topped with bee pollen while wearing yoga pants and taking gym selfies yet today?

10 Questions Not to Ask a Food Blogger via Hummusapien

Just in case you were wondering if you really can’t replace the peanut butter for applesauce in somebody’s PB cookies gettiing the same results … Don’t ask,

 FROZEN Lunch Box Jokes via Kristen Duke Photography
For those of you who have children – or those young at heart and fond of Disney.
Good good [food]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lollies (vegan) via Floral Frosting

Because who doesn’t like cookie dough or ice lollies?! These don’t even require you to prepare a dough!

Oil-Free Eggplant ‘Parmesan’ with Chunky Marinara via Plant Plate


Happiness-inducing today:  Friends. No further lengthy explanation needed, right?!
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Truthful Thursday

It feels like forever since I last joined Amanda for Thinking out loud – and I missed it. In fact, I have a slew of posts lined up that I just need to make the final edits on. But for today, I chose to go the random thought route for a reason …


Truth: I haven’t told you everything.

Yes, I’m being dramatic here. Aside from an irregular posting schedule I haven’t done any kind of life update post in quite a while. Granted, I’m probably not the most open book in general but given I like knowing what other bloggers are up to it’s only fair to spill the beans.

So … where was I or why the silence? It’s actually more: where am I. The answer: at my parents’ again. For now. I was working on a temporary contract only in my last job with no chances for extending it because they had no open positions for long-term employment. The reason I kept this to myself for so long was … shame. Insecurity. Sadness. But then I remembered I can’t be the only one struggling with this. Job offerings in my field and for my current level of experience are fair and few in between. Actually, I had a job interview at a magazine I was very interested in scheduled but they had to cancel it short notice due to changes in law requiring them to pay higher minimum wages and they said they couldn’t afford it. So I’m back in the waiting game again and searching for job opportunities. Fingers crossed!

On a walk

Truth: I can’t make any promises on my posting schedule as of now.

Remember my comment of feeling like a fish without water recently? I’ve mentioned it before but it probably bears repeating as it affects my blogging activity so much. When my dad is home nobody else can access the internet. It’s hard to explain why – I told you I had no idea of technology – but basically the connection isn’t strong enough when he needs to access his office computer from home.  Meaning that most days I get a few hours of WLAN in the morning and afternoon until he arrives but a) it’s spring and I’m sure most of you would rather be out and about during the day, too, and b) I’m a night owl and most productive in the evening. Plus, it’s when most of your posts [unless you’re German, too] that I want to read get published [dratted time difference]. In short: If I make a disappearing act despite promising a post on a certain day [really hoping this won’t happen for my Good good links] or you notice me commenting on your blog less it’s not because I don’t want to. Like I wish I could visit just about every blog in today’s link-up and comment on your posts  – I can’t. Internet access limitations suck. Fact.

Enough of the Debbie Downer news, though. Life might not be at its happiest for me right now but that doesn’t mean I was in a constant funky mood.

Truth: These are my new shoes and not.

March_April 025

Call me terrible but I had these shoes sitting around for … a while [not to say maybe two years?] prior to wearing them now. Let me explain, though. I’m not a sneaker girl at all. Give me all the boots or booties and I’ll be happy as a clam. My feet, however, wouldn’t be in for it. My hip pain has been back so I’ve been taking a break from any kind of shoes with even a hint of heel and testing the waters with those sneakers. And I’m sorry to say I still don’t like them but they’re apparently doing my feet well. Sometimes health benefits outweight looks, right?


Truth: Chocolate needs more enthusiasm.


Apparently, I wasn’t selling the chocolate in my last post well enough  – honestly, Lindt should have invited me to become an embassador already but sadly no luck so far 😉 –  because there were quite a few questions doubting its tastiness. Really?!. Also, when I talked about eating four squares of chocolate yesterday I should have clarified it was only four because we’re talking about a Lindt bar.  For any of you who are unfamiliar with Lindt bars [though I’m not sure we can be friends anymore in that case 😉 ]: Four squares of that = almost half the bar. And yesterday wasn’t an usual day in terms of chocolate consumption so looking at the fact I ate nearly half a bar of this chocolate means that either a) I lack self-control or b) that this bar is so. freaking. good. Smooth, not bitter at all and with that plesant hint of spicyness keeping the bar from tasting too sweet [because I’m actually a huge fan of darker bars (80 % and upwards), too]. By now I’ve hopefully convinced you to go and buy this bar ASAP. You can thank me later. (:

That’s it: my thoughts for today. Like I said I have a few drafts waiting to be finished and – fingers crossed  I’m hoping to publish these soon. For now all that’s left for me to say is: Happy Thursday!


Happiness-inducing today: Marveling at the fact how much longer the days already are thanks to daylight savings.

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No questions today but any random thoughts that come to your mind. And please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t like sneakers.

Food Talk Wednesday #2

Are you in for another episode of Food Talk Wednesday? Good because that’s on the menu today. If I was one of those bloggers who can make even soup [don’t tell me you haven’t had the soup phenomenon happen to you yet if you’re a (food) blogger!] look awesome. However, I’m not. Actually, I might have the potential to improve but my impatience once food appears in my focus – at least when my stomach agrees it’d be nice to get its fill – is incredible. Spending more than five minutes to get a shot of whatever it is we’re talking about? Well, I don’t think so. That’s why for now – and when I say for now it means I’m not giving up hope of my patience increasing one day – you’ll have to make do with more talk than food. But there is some of that after all so let’s get started.

Food Talk Wednesay_logo

Confession: Post- and occasionally also pre-breakfast snackage these past days has always included a handful of these. So writing this post on Wednesday morning I can confirm that yes, I’ve already had some today.

Erdnussflips, friends. Also known as: ridiculously addictive peanut curls. While plain old potato chips don’t exctite me much at all these are my kryptonite. They’ve been since I grew up – when my dad still thought it was funny to call them worms. Mmmh, appetizing. Looking back, it’s only natural I developed a nut butter addiction. Hm … now I wonder how dipping these into peanut butter would taste … <- Read: it will happen today. But first, breakfast.

Remember my Tupperware oatmeal? I’ve reverted back to the slightly classier style of serving them in a pot again. In case you’re new here: that’s the way I roll and no, I don’t grab a huge spoon and eat them straight from the pot. It just keeps the remainder nice and warm while I’m scooping out smaller servings into a bowl. Also, that swirl would be soy creamer and only for decorative purposes – I still add almond butter post-picture but by now you should know my ways.

It’s essentially the same concept for lunch. I wouldn’t absolutely need to assemble this impromptu Polenta Chili Casserole into a casserole dish. But it looks so much fancier all nicely layered pre-serving. Don’t ask about the mess when scooping out individual servings, though [yes, I eat the whole dish].

Polenta chili bake

Okay, for those who asked and also because you can’t tell what’s in there exactly. This is the messy just-plated version. Yes, I’m aware it looks like [insert unappetizing noun] but oh my does it taste amazing. In fact so much so that I’ll post the recipe once I get some at least a little better pictures. It’s quickly become one of my go-to dishes and I only repeat those I really like. It’s vegetarian comfort food at its best. Maybe I’m using that phrase a little more often but it really is.

Polenta bake_cottage cheese

Dinner escaped the camera [read: I forgot a out a picture until I was about halfway through and then didn’t bother anymore because it was dark in anyway] but given I snacked a lot throughout the day and none ends without something sweet …

Lindt Chili chocolate

Chocolate. Four squares of one of these bars because nobody’s truly satisfied after one.  Also, I should add that this is by no means everything I ate all day. I’m a serious snacker and if I wanted to picture every nibble and bite I’d end up with 384758 pictures in one What I ate Wednesday. I hope this will still be considered playing by the rules by Jenn and Arman.

Enough banter now, go and enjoy your Wednesday that’s hopefully sunnier than around these parts [read: the sun’s hiding].


Happiness-inducing today: Calling one of my best friends who lives too far away for a spontanous visit but it makes us all the more thankful for the invention of telephones.

Stay in touch!

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What’s your favourite kind of vegetarian chili?

Are you satisfied by eating a single square of chocolate? I feel I might be taking after my dad who can inhale a whole bar. It might not have gotten that far for me since I tend to actually savour it but half a bar can happen. Chocolate comes from a bean so it’s technically a vegetable, right 😉 ?



Ready, set … pin!

What a few days without or only miniscule internet access do to a blogger … like a fish without water. It’s kind of embarrassing to notice how much I (we?) depend on the wide wide web, no? Okay, to make a long story short: while I did manage to catch up on a few great posts once the connection was back I missed Lindsay’s recent Pin it party and saw it just yesterday. Better late than never when it comes to attending a party, right? Thanks to Lindsay for coming up with this great opportunity to show old[er] posts a little more lovin’.

Pin It Party_the Lean Green Bean

Here are some of my [and your] favourites from the archives!

1. Dear Kate Moss [What Skinny Really Feels Like]


By far my most clicked and commented post on here – and at the same time probably the one I spent the least time drafting. Written originally as a reminder to myself for why choosing recovery and a healthy life is the only right way this resonated with so many of you. Skinny is never worth swallowing its hefty price tag.


2. [Your kind of] Balance is best

Balance – what is it, really? In my opinion, there can never be a set defition of it fitting everybody in every situation in life. Yet it’s what all of us are striving for. What’s the right work-life balance? How much should you work out? Which diet is the best? There’s only one right balance: the kind that works for you.


2. The one question to ask when reading “healthy” advice

Grandma's cookies

A post dear to my heart. In line with the post above asking this question has helped me keep my distance from content that wouldn’t benefit me. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t healthy enough/eating too many treats/not working out as much as others or not living up to society’s expectations in another way. Asking this one question might help you live life at your own pace more – or simply aid in marking a bunch of unbeneficial posts as read in your reader. Or eat grandma’s cookies guiltlessly.


3. Peas over nuts [Cinnamon Chickpea Crunch Protein Bars]

Protein Bars 8

These are hands down the one recipe of my own I’ve been re-making the most. As odd as the combination might sound in the first place these bars just work. Work as a work or anytime snack, that is. Given the one and a half million variations [okay, maybe more like five or six] I’ve come up with when recreating these using different ingredients I’d go so far to call these [fairly] fool-proof. No dried mulberries at hand? Sub apple rings/dried blueberries/cherries … No oat fiber? Up the protein powder. In short: these are easily customisable and hardly take any time while tasting delicious and being much cheaper than store-bought bars.

4. Crispy Cauliflower Nuggets – gluten-free and vegan

Cauliflower Nuggets_1

Were you a fan of a certain fast food chain’s chicken nuggets growing up, too? I remember not being the hugest burger eater but I was always down for a box of these – without any dipping sauce because I was a weird child [sometimes]. Anyway, these chicken-friendly vegan Cauliflower Nuggets might not entirely remind you of childhood days but they’re just as addicitive and an amazing snack in their own right. No judgement if you serve them with sweet and sour sauce or ketchup – just don’t offer me any of that. Because some things never change.


Let’s get pinning!


Happiness-inducing today: An overall great and sunny Easter weekend with my family. It’s sad all relatives left again but we’ll hopefully meet up again soon.

Stay in touch!

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Are you active on Pinterest?

What’s the last thing you pinned?

Good good links #85

…. and the award for worst blogger of the week goes to … me. I know I said I’d be back on the blogging bandwagoon this week and I actually had a post drafted for Thursday. But then the internet stopped working altogether Wednesday night. We’ve been having some weird weather lately and for some odd reason that tends to influence ireception. Don’t ask me how that works – my technology knowledge doesn’t exceed 10th grade physics [if even that …]. Enough of the rambing, though. The bad reception cut down on my overall blog reading time but I still found some great posts worth sharing. Let me know if I missed any must-reads in the comments!

Happy Sunday! May the Easter bunny treat you generously!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Negativity Online: An Essay Inspired By 200,000 Comments via DesignSponge

A must-read in a[n online] world where we are quick to make assumptions about people through what actually are only glimpses of their lives.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Plans are necessary for success but actually working them out can be tough. These are some great ideas to get started right.

Ditching labels and stereotypes via Day with KT

Every time we label ourselves, we’re prone to others making assumptions about us that can be so very wrong. No labels, no stereotypes – that’s the way to truly live and simply being who we are.

This woman’s bikin pic went viral and for the best reason ever via hello giggles

One woman’s beautiful story of self-acceptance and pride in herself despite not fitting society’s ideal of perfection.
Easy ideas to cut down on waste throughout April [and beyond].
First impressions are what matter in the blog world, too. Here’s how to create a good one.
Editing for people who love to write … too much via ProBlogger
Guilty! Cutting down the length of your own writing when every word feels important can be tricky but it’s possible.


Health and Fitness

Proof that you can stay healthy and fit without ever setting foot into a gym. An active lifestyle is where it’s at.

 Know Your Weaknesses via The Cookie Chrunicles

We all have individual limitations that are no reason to feel ashamed. Being aware of them will help you choose what’s right for you and prevent injuries.

Why Walking is a Good Way to Exercise via Popsugar

Walking dates with friends, just catching some fresh air after a meal – walking is a fun and healthy way to keep moving [see first post in this category, too].


Good good [posts to make you smile]


Good good [food]
Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking
For those times when you want your cookie to double as a muscle-fuelling protein source. (:
Homemade Vegan Marshmallows via Seitan is my motor
If you caught last week’s links: this is possibly even more genius than vegan Schokoküsse. No weird ingredients and oh. my.
This girl is a genius! A cake combining the holy trinity of desserts – peanut butter, caramel and chocolate – can only be a winner.
Portugiesische Vanilletörtchen via Frau S. verändert die Welt
My mum and sister are huge fans of these sweet little tartelets  [called ‘pasteis de nata’  if I remember correctly].
Moose Tracks Overnight Oats via Fit Foodie Finds
I’m usually not a fan of overnight oats but how could you not want this decadent-but-nutrious fudgey version?!

Vegan Potato Nachos via Delish Knowledge

The greasy classic turned into a nutritious alternative with creamy cashew cheese sauce and all the toppings.

Vegan Burrito Bowl via Dietitian Debbie

Fragrant rice, smoky beans and lots of herbs and spices – burrito bowls are the best of Mexican food all rolled into one meal.

Chickpea Shawarma with Millet via Naturally Ella

Even though I’ve never had the original non-vegetarian dish I’ve heard people rave about it and this vegan adaption sounds great.


Happiness-inducing today:  Heading out for two long family walks in one day. I adore going for walks in nature in general but even more so in my childhood place and with people I love. Add in sunshine and it’s pure bliss.
Stay in touch!
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