A weekend of traveling in food, rants and recovery rambles

Long time no talk or so it feels. Not to wish any days away but rather, I’d like to rewind to the weekend right now. I already alluded to my plans for it ever so slightly in Sunday’s post but today’s the day to talk about it a little more. Because while I can’t actually turn back time and experience it once more there’s a least the chance to use What I ate Wednesday and Vegan Wednesday to reflect back on the good food eaten.


As if I wasn’t snack-savy enough already train journeys bring out that side of me even more. Yes, tell me about how boredom eating isn’t healthy but you can’t deny that a journey of ~ six hours can get quite tiring and require some fuel. Even if most of the time is spent sitting and trying to ignore the annoying part of your fellow travellers. Dear parents, I know you think your children are the cutest ever but other people would agree much more if your little ones weren’t throwing fits in what  is a designated ‘silent’ wagoon. Okay, rant over. At least this way the attention was elsewhere and I got to snack on my favourites without any unwanted stares. Not that a stranger igiving me the looks would keep me from eating peanut butter on the train, though … Why, yes, I did. With a clean spoon I brought myself.

Bei Simone und in Pisselberg_April_Mai 181

And while I’m not usually into fake meats traveling has always been an exception to rules. Traveling down memory lane for a second here my mum would buy Müller split pots, mini sausages [back then not vegetarian], overly sweetened yogurts and other elsewise deemed unhealthy fare. Oh the joys! These days, I don’t miss  most of these foods. The snack sausages, however, have made a comeback – vegan, obviously. I’m not sure if they actually taste like meat because it’s been more than a decade since my last taste of it but they are a decidedly spicy and savoury snack in their own right.

Bei Simone und in Pisselberg_April_Mai 173

Breakfast on the day I travelled was another bowl of savoury oatmeal. It’s still a favourite going strong and I don’t see myself changing it up too soon. Aside from the break while at my cousin’s house. Oatmeal, yes, but savoury? That seemed a little too unsual – yes, I admitted it – for the one full day I spent there, though.

Savoury oatmeal_April

In case you’re wondering about lunch on Friday: it was the assortment of snacks pictured above plus some oatmeal I’d brought along on the train. Or that part of oatmeal that didn’t spill … fail.

Dinner that night … was the biggest challenge but also proudest [recovery] moment for me. Like I mentioned above I was hungry despite sitting for hours prior to my arrival at my cousin’s house. Originally, I’d expected her to be the classic bread-and-spreads for dinner person but she greeted me saying a hot dinner was waiitng for us when she picked me up at the station. But then I gave myself an inner mini pep talk because: What’s the point in sticking with the dinner you can eat every day if you get the chance of expanding your tastebuds with a dinner … ? Needless to say, I decided to face my fears [and yes, writing it out makes me feel ridiculous] and eat.

Bei Simone und in Pisselberg_April_Mai 140

Long story short: my cousin – about 95 % vegan and talented in the kitchen – had prepared a vegan stir-fry made from cauliflower ‘rice’, red cabbage, carrots and other vegetables fried in sesame oil and spiced with a generous amount of fresh ginger – delicious! Sides were brown rice [the best kind], a tahini sauce and fresh mango. Literally one of those dishes you can’t stop eating – and I didn’t. What’s even better is that my cousin used a [new-to-me] blogger’s recipe – so I can have it again at home. A winner for sure.

While I try to keep recovery posts to a minimum here for a few reasons this one was worth mentioning: my cousin – knowing about my ‘issues’ with food – commented saying she was surprised by how much I ate. Anybody in recovery will relate to the fact that’s one of those things not to say to people in recovery but this time I actually took it as a compliment. Traveling and eating food prepared by others are sadly still struggles for me. Yet this little weekend getaway proved all is not lost and I can work my way out and up there again.


… and I obviously ended the night on some chocolate. [recycled picture, though].  Because that’s another one of those habits I don’t see going anywhere soon.

Now that was one unintentionally wordy post and if you made it until here: thanks for reading. Don’t miss out on everybody else’s delicious creations!



Happiness-inducing today: Reflecting on the weekend and realizing how much better than expected the weekend went.
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The mango lottery: Does you agree it exists? Or any other kind of fruit that has a 50/50 chance of being hit or miss?





10 thoughts on “A weekend of traveling in food, rants and recovery rambles

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    I know how you feel–I still get the heeby jeebies whenever I get foods plopped down in front of me that I have no control over–especially because of my Crohn’s. But the panic is less and less over time. And those dishes sound fantastic!
    Mango lottery–to me, they are like avocados. They are very tricky, those scoundrels.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, yes, I’ve heard that about avocados though I can’t speak from my own experiences given how rarely I buy them.
      Less and less over time – that’s what I’m hoping for regarding my food anxiety, too. This weekend was a good start already.

  2. Melissa (I Crashed the Web) says:

    Yay for WIAW! What is savory oatmeal like? I have never had anything like that – what do you put in it that is different?

    And way to go with feeling okay about your cousin’s comment. I’ve had people say that to me and it doesn’t always go over well. Some days I take it positively; others it can lead to some strong feelings. You got this!!

  3. Ms.J says:

    So I had the well-meaning intention to chime in on the savoury oatmeal last week(?) or the week before that(?)… but I don’t recall it happening. I probably ran off upon my attention being diverted. Typical. There was an intense stint where I was absolutely hooked onto savoury oatmeal – specifically Spoons recipe – for dinner every single day. Besides enjoying it very very much, it was back in the day – among the foods I felt “safe” eating. No surprise then that in doing a complete 380 I haven’t even considered having it again anytime soon. Funny how we “create” bad associations with good -delicious- food. I’d encourage you to try that recipe; I can’t remember exactly what went in there but I can assure you it was delicious. Think pizza oats with a Mexican flair (depending on toppings of choice); cheesy and mushroomy.
    Having Lindt Chilli today straight-up after awhile reminded me how very addictive it is. Love!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      … and I had the good intention of finally replying to your mail already … Time is flying by right now and being without internet connection all weekend my plans fell wayside. I promise that reply’s coming!
      I remember seeing Amanda’s recipe way back and thanks to you mentioning it checked it once more. It does sound good. However, you know I’m not living on the eggy side of life so I wouldn’t get the same results. Plus, I use a lot of the same add-ins (nutritional yeast, mushrooms, tomatoes, chickpeas …) already. But coming from Amanda and with your approval I have no doubts it’s a great recipe.
      Lindt Chili – you know this one doesn’t need any words. ❤

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    It’s always such an awesome feeling to challenge those food fears. Well, maybe not so awesome during the whole experience, but afterwards when we see that nothing bad happens as a result? The freedom becomes addicting. And it’s been WAY too long since I’ve had savoury oats — I seriously need to hop back on the wagon because I remember those bowls being GOOD.

  5. lovedandworthyoflove says:

    Great eats and good job challenging food fears! I like to travel with nuts, dried fruit, and peanut butter packets….knowing I have food on hand leads to fewer stressful eating situations for sure!

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