Traveling to free the mind and grow

Whenever I’m stuck in a bout of writers’ block I wonder where in the world everybody else [and me when I’m not stuck] gets their endless post ideas from. And the moment I’m getting unstuck [is that a word?] I remember: it’s by just living. Simple as that. I don’t always know where those ideas come from but there’s usually a happening that gets a thought rolling which starts another train of thoughts and … a post starts unfolding. Thursdays are the perfect occasion to let those thoughts flow and think out loud.


Lately, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with memories. Yes, like everybody I could go on and on reminiscing all of the blessed and happy moments of the past. Unfortunately, life  isn’t like that all of the time hence why I’m sure every single one of us carries around a backpack of uncomfortable freight. And that’s where traveling comes into play. It has proven to be an opportunity to leave memories and places I’m used to in behind and let my body and mind be free. Free from the luggage I’m carrying around when stuck in the daily grind.



A change of scenery.

Meeting new people [or those we haven’t seen in a while].

Getting new perspectives [yes, blogging is a kind of travel for the mind, too].

New memories to be made and leaving old [negative] ones behind.

We might be taking ourselves with us wherever we go but the change of places can change a lot more than just our environment. And: This all is coming from a girl who has been avoiding traveling anywhere for the past years. Yes, I said it. Traveling meant:

An interruption of my routine.

Unknown places.

Eating different food and/or with other people at every meal.

Do you notice something? Yes. It’s exactly the things I listed as benefits of traveling that I used to be afraid of. Why? Because eating disorders can turn everything that deviates from a planned schedule as scary. Kaila’s post came just in time for me planning my first little venture to an unknown place.

Bei Simone und in Pisselberg_April_Mai 034

This is so true for many things in life. We’re scared of them until we actually take the step of saying yes and doing them. You’d laugh if I told you how scared I was of riding a bicycle as a little girl. Until I got the hang of it, that is. Once that happened there was no stopping me anymore.

Telephone booth_Bonn

If you’d told me I would write a post on the iportance of traveling just a short time ago my answer would have been a short and sad laughter of disbelief. And that’s what I’m hoping to happen with traveling, too. Right now, there’s still the anxiety before heading off every time. But the more we [I] push past our comfort zones the easier it gets to step outside of them. Here’s to making travel a regular thing and seeing where it takes us.

To everybody’s who’s attending Blend – another opportunity for growth, meeting others and making new memories [can you tell I’m jealous?!]: Have a blast!



 Happiness-inducing today: Little bright moments during a time that feels somewhat like a funk.

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One thought on “Traveling to free the mind and grow

  1. Elsie Goycoolea says:

    So true! It is hard to welcome the unknown, to step into something that is new or different than what you are used to. When you travel you have nothing that belongs to you except your suitcase. A small bag is the only thing that can link you back to what makes you comfortable, your clothes, your belongings. I love to travel but I have yet to set myself completely free when I do so. 🙂

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