Good good links #91

Hello, hello. Did you miss me? Okay, let’s try this again: did you miss the linkes again? Great: here they are! Once more a day later than usual but you know what it’s like around here by now. You’ll notice the recipe section is pretty empty still but that’s because I had a little trouble with my laptop and lost those I’d bookmarked. Read: I’ll edit this post later on – we can’t miss out on some good food inspiration here.

Let me know if you happened upon any great reads last week!

Happy Monday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Who Is The Right Person To Ask For The Change You Want? via Sharing Healthiness

A very insightful post on who we should best consult with questions regarding any part of our lives [hint: you know that person very well].

The “Healthier” I Ate, the Worse I Felt via Brittany Lesser

A ‘healthy’ diet doesn’t neccessarily equate a healthy mindset – being too strict will do more harm than good.

Just like balance moderation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Find what works for you and most importantly: trust yourself.

Are you recognizing any of these in yourself, too?

Is Metabolic Damage A Real Thing? via Girls Gone Strong

It sure as heck is and here’s a thorough explanation on what’s going on when you try to diet.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

A great reminder to accept and love your life and yourself for what it is today because: “Don’t wait until tomorrow. Life doesn’t start 5 pounds from now. “

5 Years via Erin’s Inside Job

A huge inspiration to face your life with all its struggles even when you want to close your eyes and hide. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Healthy eating is neither black and white thinking nor the same for everybody. Eat what you crave and find your own balance.

Let’s face it: we all have those days. Luckily, there are ways to release some negative energy in a pinch.


Giving Up Exercise: The Science via Lord Still Loves me

Overcoming exercise obsession is one of the hardest parts of recovery and one of the most important ones.



5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More 🙂 via Danielle Dowling

Are you smiling yet? If not you’d better start right now.

Hot or Cold? The Benefits of Both Kinds of Showers via Popsugar

Whichever team you’r e on [spoiler: I like it hot ;)]: you’re doing it right.


Good good [posts to make you smile]
Um … yes, you can. How are they doing it?
Good good [food]
Macarons: The holy grail of French baking – the vegan way.
Chocolate Pinata Mini Cakes via Fork and Beans
How cute is that idea? A fun little idea not just for c birthday party.
Anything cheesy is right up my alley and this vegan and gluten-free twist on cauliflower rice looks amazing.
Tomato Mint Gazpacho via The Yummy Beet
I’ve been all about fresh mint lately so this spin on the classic sounds amazing – and I like the story going along with it.
Spinach Artichoke Enchiladas via Cookie and Kate
Cheesy and vegetable-packed enchiladas perfect for  any fan of Mexican food [who isn’t?].


Happiness-inducing today: A bike ride out in the sunshine – just me and my thoughts.
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