Good good links #92

Look at what is happening … the links are back on Sunday for once again. Maybe hoping helped? Whatever it was here’s around-up of my favourite posts from the week on the usual day. Not much more rambles from me because I just got back from a great weekened trip to Berlin. Look out for a recap with some experiences and realizations I had soon.

On a last note the decision on a colour is still open [talk about indecisive and the effects of last-minute packing] so feel free to chime in!

Happy Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

 Eating together, differently via Choosing Raw

Does not sharing the food on the table anymore tear you and other people apart? It has the potential but you can act against it.

Why constantly looking for answers on your quest to live your healthiest life might actually derail you from finding your own path.
Good good [advice and inspiration]
Sometimes we don’t want to do something we know will benefit us – here’s how to stick with it either way.
What we can easily forget about in a world that praises being busy-busy-busy.
Why that social media detox you’ve been meaning to take for a while [right?!] is a very good idea indeed.


5 Useful Apps To Edit Your Photos for Instagram via The Nectar Collective

It’s true a picture says more than a thousand words so here’s how to get the most talkative pictures ;).


Health and Fitness

Eating well as a student via Deliciously Ella

Some kitchen hacks that help you save money and keep food healthy and interesting while on a budget.


The Problem With The Bikini Body via An Avocado a Day

Extremes should never be part of your life – and definitely not when it comes to food and exercise. The ‘why” and better advice on mental and physical prep for summer.


 Thoughts on Balance via Kiss My Broccoli

When you’re mentally in a good place weight loss or gain isn’t a cause of anxiety and a struggle anymore, either.

YOU have to make the decision via Lord Still Loves Me

 “if you do not allow yourself to want to recover, you never will”. Hard but true.



20 Foods to Battle Common Ailments via Skinny Ms.

Not a fan of swallowing pills, either? Foods that may help easen your pain the natural way.


Good good [food]
Banana Softserve Recipes via Fit Foodie Finds
It might not replace real ice cream but with flavours like cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter and others you can’t go wrong.

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Rice Pudding via The Big Man’s World

Rice has been my favourite grain lately and turning it iinto a nutrious treat with the winning combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Yes!
Gluten-free Low-Fat Vegan Mac and Cheese via The Conscientious Eater
Dairy-free mac with a creamy sauce using ingredients you might very well have on hand already.
Quinoa and Tempeh Jambalaya via One Ingredient Chef
The classic meat and seafood dish just got a protein-filled vegan makeover.

Vegan Ranch Bowl via Delish Knowledge

Salad is boring? Not when you add chickpeas that taste like Doritos and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Low-carb Cauliflower Risotto via Amuse your Bouche

I’ll never encourage anybody to ditch the carbs but add more cheese to their lives? For sure.


Happiness-inducing today: A short walk in the sunshine including a good conversation before leaving Berlin to catch my train back home.
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