Good good links #93

Don’t you like it when the seventh of the month happens to be a Sunday? It might just be me but I find it oddly satisfying. Neat. Tidy. Perfect. Okay, okay … moving on.

Links! They’re back again like every week and because I know you’re sitting at the edge of your chairs waiting to start reading already I’ll keep it short here. Enjoy and let me know if you found any other amazing posts! Without further ado:

Happy Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

The Non-Intuitive Side of Intuitive Eating via Full of Life

One of the best posts I’ve read lately and one I completely agree with. Living intuitively doesn’t require following any rules – it’s natural.

How Do You Monetize a Mess? via The Healthy Maven

Something to keep in mind whenever you read blogs. There’sa lot of work and struggles beyond the neat appearance all of us like to keep up online.

Good good [advice and inspiration]
The Importance of Slowing Down via Fannetastic Food

 Stop and smell the flowers. No, really. Or at least put your phone down while you eat every now and then.

Simplify and Unplug via Full of Life

Along the same lines as the post above: technological overstimulation only creates an illusion of being on top of things and actually stresses us so: stop! [Note to self and everybody else who needs it because I know I’m not the only one]

Dare to talk about the problem – stop the stigma of mental illnesses via Life without Anorexia

It’s only when we start making talking that we stop making this important issue a taboo and help many.

Finding balance within veganism via the Real Life RD

This: “true health is so much more than just food” – and that’s true for any kind of diet we might be following.



How To Keep Up with Your Favourites on Instagram via Blog Clarity

Follow strategically to be inspired and get notifications every time your favourites post.

The $0 Marketing Stack: Free Options to Popular Paid Services and Tools via Buffer Blog

Save money by opting for these alternatives to popular tools to post for you, analyse your stats and more.

6 Social Media Tools to Improve Your Blogging via In It 4 The Long Run

Confused by the hundreds [thousands?] of tools available? Start with these six to up your blogging game.


Health and Fitness

Restore Your Factory Settings – 5 top tips for being more human via Chase the Red Grape

 What to do when you’re feeling funky and need to bring some balance back into your life.



The Ultimate Food Prep Post via The Little Honey Bee

Food prep is SO worth it and a serious time saver once you’ve got it down like a pro.



Good good [food]
A special shout-out to Margaux who’s currently offering her first e-book for free – full of amazingly creative recipes: Crafty Carrots via Marfigs’ Munchies
Almost too adorable to eat – but you know you want to!
Banoffee Ice Cream Bars via Marfigs’ Munchies
She had me at banoffee. And ice cream. I want and need these in my life!
The solution to the ‘too many servings’ problem. Make it for you and a loved one. Or just you, times two …
Perfect for summer lunches when you might be craving some lighter fare. [But no carb shunning in general, please. :)]


Happiness-inducing today: Riding my bike in the sunshine and finally summery temperatures that arrived just in time for the weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Good good links #93

  1. Marfigs says:

    Oh yay – times 2! 😀 Thank you so much for the shout out! And that lasagna from Richa is just breathtakingly delicious looking – definitely single serving 😉

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