Good good links #96

Summer is here! Or at least it finally feels like it after weeks or rain and a drop in temperatures. Now we’re anxiously awaiting that 30+ °C heatwave … and while you’re waiting why not check out some great posts from the past week? Yes, I’m short here again because I didn’t get a chance to read a lot of posts lately but came across some that I found definitely worth mentioning.

Happy Monday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Enough Whole Food Hating via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

An answer to weight loss advice gone way too far. Dropping a few pounds shouldn’t come at the expense of health [and sanity].

Bikini Acceptance via girl meets life

Being okay with the way we look and think we should look like isn’t easy.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How Wide Is Your Circle? via Danielle Dowling

Are you interacting with enough people to broaden your mindset?

10 Instant Ways to Create Charisma via Pick the Brain

Great tips everybody should follow.

20 Books You Can’t Put Down For Summer Reading via Live bold and bloom

It’s the season for time on the beach [or balcony] with a great book in hand.



My five favorite free photo apps and websites via A Lady Goes West



Health and Fitness

5 Nutrition Myths DEBUNKED! via Green Mountain at Fox Run

Not everything we hear is actually true.



What Undernourishment Does, and Why You Should Wait to Exercise [PART 1] and [Part 2] via Balanced not Clean

Logic beats ED thoughts: a thorough explanation of what happens in our bodies and why working out is a bad idea.



Good good [posts to make you smile]

If the Exercise Class Descriptions From My Gym Were Honest via The Everywhereist

I’m not sure I’d still consider trying Body Pump or Mat Pilates after reading this …



Good good [food]

Adventures in Aquafaba: Making Vegan Chocolate Mousse, Mayonnaise, & Marshmallow Fluff via food 52

Possibly the one thing I’m most excited about lately. Experimenting is going to start in my kitchen very soon!

16 Unbelievable Vegan Recipes You Can Make With Canned Bean Juice (Aquafaba) via Peta

Latte froth. ice cream, fluffernutter sandwiches – are you getting excited yet?

Magic Chocolate Mousse via Food to Glow

This has to happen. Absolutely.

Cheesy Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce via Eats well with others

A simple meal with all the right ingredients for instant comfort.



Happiness-inducing today: My mum finding just the right words to break a funky mood I’d gotten stuck in for too long.

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