Good good links #100

Can I get a hip-hip hooray?! Much to my disbelief – okay, this makes me sound awfully inconsistent – I’ve been sharing my favourite posts by others with you for 100 weeks now. I hope you’ve been enjoying these posts and finding some interesting reads here and there. Given I do still like sharing with you and hearing what you enjoyed most (!) I’m not intending to stop this little link party anytime soon. With that I’m wishing you a …

happy Suday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Why I Don’t “What In Ate Wednesday” via In My Skinny Genes

What’s your motivation to read about others’ intakes? [Disclaimer: I like WIAW yet this post still got me thinking.]



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Confessions of a Former Pessimist via Oatmeal and Optimism

How to change your view and see the glass half full, not half empty.

You Don’t Have To Make Things Happen Alone (Actually It’s Better If You Don’t) via Jenny Purr

Why the old saying of getting by with a little help from your friends is very wise indeed.

5 Effective Ways to End Bad Habits Today via Pick the Brain

Starting on a bad day, using negative motivation and looking for replacements: new ideas to stop the bad and start the good.



How Often Should You Post OnYour Blog? via Forever Amber

The answer and the factors playing into it might surprise you.


Health and Fitness

Is It Time To Give Up On Your Workout? Here’s How To Tell via Mind Body Green

Don’t push through the pain to see progress but read it as a sign to stop.

5 Tricks that Kept Me Healthy When I Was Broke via hello healthy

Whether your on a budget or just appreciating ways of saving money while not compromising on your healthy lifestyle.




Good good [posts to make you smile]

30 Things You Don’t Need But REALLY Want Anyway via Web Burgr

Okay, #15 would give me the heebie-jeebies but hey, #10 might come in handy one day.


Good good [food]

6 Frozen Vegan Desserts For Summer via well vegan

Keeping it cool and fresh in the heat of summer with ice cream, frozen hot chocolate and raw cheesecake.

Snickerdoodle Blizzard via Feasting on Fruit

This vegan frozen treat will surprise you with a sneaky ingredient many bloggers adore – hint: it’s not bananas!

Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet via Minimalist Baker

My favourite [mango] mingling with two other great flavours in one delightful frozen treat – yes!

Easy Roasted Tomato Blender Salsa via The Conscientious Eater

Salsa is easily my favourite condiment but I’ve yet to prepare my own. This recipe sounds quick and simple enough, though …

Cauliflower Flatbreads via Marfigs’ Munchies

What can’t you do, cauliflower?! Another great idea for those times you bought too much of this vegetable [just me?].

Enchilada-stuffed Peppers with Avocado Cream via Hummusapien

Swapping the [hard-to-find over here] tortillas for bell peppers and adding creamy avocado drizzle to this Mexian dish: awesome!

BBQ Baked Rutabaga Chips via Cotter Crunch

A paleo and vegan snack made from an often overlooked root vegetable and reasons why you shoud get crunching on it.




Happiness-inducing today:  A long[-ish] phone call with one of those real friends and finding out about all the happiness in his life at the moment.

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