The Power of Writing

One advantage of being a blogger? You’re legitimated to celebrate not one but two birthday [week]s a year. Because – laugh at it if you’re blogging yourself [yet!] – but looking back at how long your outlet in the online space has been around is worth mentioning. I obviously mention this because today marks Spoon’s third birthday – congratulations to Amanda! It also collides with the fact that my thoughts this week led me to reminisce about why I write. Not just blog-wise but in general so there we go – out loud.


Ever since I was a wee little one I had the reputation of being drawn in by every piece lf writing I could get my hands on. I was eager to start school because I finally wanted to find out the sense behind the letters on the pages of newspapers, books and random leaflets. And once I knew how I couldn’t stop reading everything in sight. Occasionally to the annoyance of my parents who tried their best to get me away from the books when we had guests. Or sighing in relief libraries existed as else the amount I read would have resulted in huge bills.

Putting pen to paper to create my own stories fascinated me, too. While the content has changed throughout the years what hasn’t is that I still write. Sometimes I – and I assume that’s true for other twenty-somethings, too – feel a little lost. And unless this colides with being lost for words, too, I start writing. To clear my mind and find hold again.

Occasionally I hear [read] others describe themselves as broken human being made whole again through their relationships with their significant other. Not to say writing was equal to these people’s relationship with other people. Yet I will say it is healing, therapeutical for me. I’m broken – not only but obviously through my history – and writing, little by little – helps me become whole again.

current view_writing(My current view whenever writing – be it on my laptop or pen-to-paper.]

What I write on here and possibly even more in almost daily posts on Instagram is ## nicht zuletzt ## a reassurance for myself. Like I mentioned I’m not trying to  compete for the most followers but write first and foremost for myself. Though yes, I’m hoping to help others, too. I want to hear from them; from you. I believe that by sharing our stories we can support each other. Lead by example. Two people might be on a similar road in life with one ahead of the other being able to offer hope and help. And next time it might be the other way around. If we wrote for ourselves exclusively and never shared our thoughts with anybody we’d still be lost. It’s about the community.

At the same time putting my feelings into words – often only reflecting on an event the very moment I start typing and letting my thoughts run wild to be surprised by the outcome. In a good way: More often than not writing things out offers me more clarity. Shows me the lessons  I can learn from certain events in life in hindsight. It’s also about commitment and accountability. Funnily enough it’s – like mentioned above – again only now that I’m reflecting on my reasons to write that I see how many and diverse ones there are.

Yes, I write light-hearted posts, too. Actually, though, these are usuallya bit harder to write for me than the deeper ones because I’m an overthinker and apparently that doesn’t match well with [written] humor?*

* For some reason I feel the need to clarify that I can still crack my friends up in person – it just doesn’t translate that well in my writing ;).

I’m writing to discover who I am.

I’m also writing to kick my perfectionism in the curb. If you want to post at all you have to hit publish at some point – and trust me that can be hard when they never feel ‘perfect’ to you  … Good training.

As cheesy as it sounds – but I have an inkling a lot of what I wrote so far will come across like that already – I’m writing my own life story.

I write so I am? Why, yes, I’d like to think so. Take away the ability to write and express my feelings through words and I’ll once again be broken. Working my way to ‘wholeness’. Word by word. And I’m happy to share my journey with you and take part in yours. Let’s build each other up.



Happiness-inducing today: A little gardening work While working with words/writing is nice for the brain it’s good to get a little physical action on, too.

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Enough talk about me [as a blogger I probably shouldn’t say it but I don’t really enjoy talking about myself :)]: Tell me why you write. Don’t hesitate to get wordy or even write a post of your own on the topic. I’m honestly curious!







17 thoughts on “The Power of Writing

  1. Erin@BeetsPerMinute says:

    I also write to work things out. I often find that in writing out my thoughts about a subject it gives me so much more drive to really work through the information in my head. It’s like pulling it out in puzzle pieces and then putting it together as the words come from my head to the keyboard. I also mainly write for myself, but also like to talk about things that I know will start a conversation or be something people can relate to. You’re so right, you never know where that common ground will be when another person reads your writing. It’s very freeing as well!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Pulling it out in puzzle pieces – that’s a good way to describe it. While still in our heads thoughts can create a huge whirlwind but yes, writing them down lets us see the whole picture.

  2. Kunbi says:

    Writing is my zen place (if that’s even possible to! I get sucked into my own world when I write. I write everyday..heck, my profession involves writing (I’m a medical writer). I totally TOTALLY feel every single word in this post…gosh, I totally feel it!! I am writing and writing is me!

    Thanks for an awesome post! You’ve got a new fan!

  3. Emily says:

    Love this post, girly! Writing is the best form of therapy, in my opinion. It gets the thoughts out of your head and helps make sense of them all.


    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Emily! There’s really no better form of self-therapy than writing out those tangled thoughts – until the next time we get to talk things through with a friend. (:

  4. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, lady 🙂 I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to being drawn to words. Oftentimes I can’t make sense of things in my head until I get them out into the physical world, which is pretty much why I started blogging to begin with. I needed to get out of my head to help myself heal from my eating disorder, and I worked through a TONNE of my issues just by posting about them. I know people get a little snarky towards the blogging community because it has the potential to fuel an ED, but it also has the potential to heal one… and I’ll owe it that forever.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Agreed on the potential of blogging fuelling both sides of EDs – triggering them and being a tool in recovery. Your blog is a major example for the latter and it was amazing to follow along your journey – always hoping I’ll get there myself.

  5. hungryforbalance says:

    I write because it helps me process what is going on in my head. I am prone to anxiety attacks and overthinking everything. I feel like putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as it were) allows me to think about things individually and maybe not freak out quite as much. Great post!

  6. Cat (CFIGFY) says:

    Haha oh yeah blog birthdays! Now I’m all excited for mine 😉 I also love what you said about writing your life story – I’ve been on and off journalling since I was 12, and I’m obsessed with keeping track of my life (I think because my memory sucks!) so I see my blog as a document of my life now, or at least a big part of it. It definitely keeps my going regardless of how many people are reading it!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ah, I’m envious you’re still journaling – even if just every now and then – at this point. I did when I was younger but somehow stopped throughout the years though I’ve been meaning to pick it up again.
      When is your blog birthday? Mine’s coming up soon and if my head wasn’t everywhere but there I’d better start planning soon …

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Introspection comes easier for me than random funny posts [though I do like those as well] – that would be courtesy of my overthinking brain. I can’t say I really hated it. It’s what I like about your posts, too – a good balance of seriousness with a smidgen of humor at all times.

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