Honest blogging [what it means to me]

I’m not feeling it today. It being … everything. Creativity isn’t flowing. Drafts are drafts are drafts but I can’t work up the genuine drive and creativity it would take to finish them. That’s why today’s Thinking out loud will really be exactly that: a not-quite stream of consciousness post but a little all over the place spilage of thoughts. Writing is therapeutic after all.


Honest blogging – what is that exactly? I assume everybody’s ideas on this differ. For me, genuine blogging means taking a day off if I really honestly absolutely don’t feel it. There have been days back at the beginning of my blogging journey when I would post simply to post. Feeling low? Blogging in anyway because …

… if I take a break on a day I usually post everybody will believe I stopped blogging and never come back.

… I will mix [insert name of link-up].

… everybody else would be able to pick themselves up and blog through a meh period of life, too.

Like I said, though, posting through a funk used to be me in my early blogging days. I’ve since taken many breaks because forced posts are never honest. A not insignificant part of my discomfort when taking a day off [aside from those I usually don’t post on in anyway] is disappointment in myself. Why and how does every other blogger do it? Get over bad days and still churn out a happy post that makes others smile or inspire them?

If blogging was my full-time job I would likely post even if I didn’t feel it. I guess I’d have posts lined up for those cases already!? However, blogging [unfortunately] isn’t my job [yet]. That’s why I’m writing this post as a reminder not only for myself but – maybe? – everybody else who gets caught up in the comparison trap of perfect blogging every now and then, too.

We’re not robots. Things happen in life and influence us in good and bad ways. Sometimes they throw us off and out of balance , confuse us and we need time to settle back into our normal routines. It’s okay [note to self] and everything will be okay again. Hopefully soon.

Lindt chocolate

Just in case I sound overly dramatic: Nothing extremely awful happened but a slight cold mixed with receiving some bad news when I was expecting better ones threw me off. A little sensitive? I might be. We luckily have guest over for the weekend so I’ll engage in a little cleaning and baking therapy to cheer myself up. Chocolate always helps, too.


Happiness-inducing today: Teaching German as usual and the sudden surprise when my student’s grandpa called from the US and we procrastinated learning by chatting with him. Hi, grandpa K.!

Stay in touch!

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How do you deal with days where of feeling blah? Blog? Don’t blog? Share your honest feelings?

What does honest blogging mean for you?

And as always: feel free to share some happiness-inducing tidbits from your day. (:

13 thoughts on “Honest blogging [what it means to me]

  1. briwifruit says:

    If I honestly have nothing to write, I won’t. I have kind of a lose schedule (Monday, something research-based or inspiring; Tuesday, nothing; Wednesday, a workout for Wild Workout Wednesday link-up or something random or nothing; Thursday, thinking out loud or some kind of issue topic; Friday, a round-up of my favourite links from the week, and nothing on weekends). Luckily lately I’ve been writing A LOT for freelance gigs, and the more I write the easier it gets. But if I’ve got nothing to say, I just go read/comment on other’s blogs during the time I’d be writing.

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I used to force out the posts when I first started blogging, but these days I have no problem with taking a break if I’m really not feeling it. Doing that too many times will only make you hate and resent blogging, and that’s no good for anyone in the long run. Sending lots of good vibes your way, lady. Hope ‘it’ comes back soon 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That’s true. Blogging, working out, drawing – the more often we force ourselves to engage in something at times when we don’t feel it the more we’ll resent them. Thanks for the well wishes, Amanda!

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Honest blogging for me is writing from the heart, which does mean backing off on days you’re not feeling it. Quite frankly, we all read so many different blogs with so many different posting schedules, I bet most people won’t even notice a day missing here or there.

    Feel better.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      While I want writing to be part of my working life forever, I wouldn’t want to depend on having to come up with new own ideas every day, either. Some days the thoughts just don’t flow.

  4. Kate Bennett says:

    I do force posts occasionally, just because I want to be consistent and I know skipping too many days will make me lose motivation. The forced post are never too long or personal though.
    I enjoy reading your posts, because it is clear you are very thoughtful in what you say. I appreciate that.
    I hope you feel better soon!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you so much for the compliment and well wishes, Kate! I tend to get into my mind too much, overthinking everything but it’s nice to hear you appreciate it.
      Your reasons for forcing posts every now and then is very understandable. I tend to loose my drive when I haven’t posted in a while, too. Just like machines start rust when out of use for a while I feel we/I need to engage in writing regularly to keep the flow of ideas running in our minds. If that metaphor makes sense. (:

  5. hungryforbalance says:

    I think honesty in blogging is so important. I feel like there are two sides to the blogging coin, if you will: there is the superficial, sponsored, day to day stuff that we all like to read. But, there is also a side where we can feel free to really open up and share things that we might otherwise be able to express. Both sides are good, both sides are important, it just depends on the day/feeling/need.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      There’s nothing to add because you summed it up so well, Heather. It’s important to tend to both sides when we blog and let our mood guide us in what we want to share any given day.

  6. mylittletablespoon says:

    I haven’t had my blog for very long at all and I’ve already learned the lessons of blogging when you aren’t “feeling it.” Like you said.. I tried. There were drafts after drafts and drafts for a solid week, but none of them felt like I was being honest. They felt like I was just making stuff up for the sake of posting something and appearing to be someone that I really wasn’t – or at least not the person I was currently feeling like. And this feeling in itself – faking it and pretending – felt awful and only made me feel worse. I think we need to remember that the whole “blogging” thing is, first and foremost, an outlet for OURSELVES. A place where WE can share what we want to. Something to help US (and others in doing so). So to force something would just be counter intuitive to what help it gives us. Take a break when you feel it, girl! We’ll still be here when you return! ❤

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