Good good links #113

How many times can I rant about technology driving me nuts before you stop reading? I’ll never try to find out because nobody needs even more negativity and much less whining about First World problems. Just so much: the internet in this neck of the woods is still unreliable at best and it made compiling posts that much harder. Nevertheless, here we go with another episode of good good links.

Also, I’ve been bitten by the writing bug again and appreciate any crossed fingers and good wishes to make sure nothing keeps me from posting these drafts.

Happy and hopefully sunny Sunday to all of you!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

To young people who want to be bloggers when they grow up via Forever Amber

Being a blogger is the most effortless job in the worlds, freebies aplenty and everybody likes you? Some people’s misconceptions are too funny.

The Real Reason You Don’t Like Your Body via In My Skinny Genes

Is trying to conform to fit into a certain standard keeping us from discovering who we really are and what we enjoy?


Good good [advice and inspiration]

You Don’t Have to be Super(Wo)man (or Give Yourself A Bloody Break!) via Jessica Says

A-men. You know I feel this way, too, and a reminder every now and then is nice for all of us.

Creating for the sake of Creating via Inspired RD

Some really interesting questions to answer for ourselves when we get creative.

3 Things That Should Make You Question Nutrition Information via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Don’t trust every self-declared expert because good advice is scientifically founded and doesn’t come along the scare-mongering way.

The Wrong Reasons to Compete in a Bikini Competition via Brittany Lesser

Have realistic expectations and remember it isn’t as glamourous it might look like from the outside.

3 Forms of Meditation That Don’t Require Lying Down via Maddy Moon

You might very well already  do these and just need to be more mindful [turn off that phone!] to use them in meditative form.

Hugs Have Healing Power, Study Says via Huffington Post

Reading about hormones has never been this interesting and reassuring. I strongly hope you’ve hugged somebody today already!



Your ultimate home cleaning routine via Organise my House

If you’re anything like me you’ll appreciate the reminder to do some of these [aside from the obvious ones].




How to Transition Your Blog’s Focus via In It 4 The Long Run

Your blog’s about you and your passions: If you feel your heart’s not into what you’re writing about anymore a change is absolutely possible.

8 Free WordPress Plug-ins For Bloggers via The Blissful Balance

Plug-ins can make a blogger’s life a lot easier – and even better if they don’t cost a penny.



Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

The Ultimate Guide to a Creative Halloween (125 Last Minute DIYs) via hello natural

Somebody please invite me  over for Halloween because I’ve got the crafting/decorating itch and nobody’s celebrating over here.



Good good [food]

Triple Chocolate Coconut Granola Clusters [with protein] via Fit Mitten Kitchen

Granola? Chocolate Granola? If this doesn’t scream crazy addictive I don’t know what would.

20-Minute Vegan Fabada via Simple Vegan Blog

A quick and easy bean stew that leaves a lot of room for doctoring up with lots of herbs and vegetables.

Baked Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese via The Healthy Maven

Aside from thinking that all vegan cheese sauces should contain some squash this baked pasta dish looks so amazing I bet both vegans and non-vegans would swoon over it.

Five-minute single serve pumpkin mac and cheese via The Muffin Myth

Slightly more indulgent but sometimes you just want some good old-fashioned comfort food.

Hearty Italian White Bean and Basil Soup via The Vegan 8

Wouldn’t you want to come home to a bowl of this on a cold and rainy day, too?

25 Vegan Soup Recipes via Hummusapien

Too many great ones to pick a favourite – or decide which one needs to be on the lunch menu soon.




Happiness-inducing today: Getting in a nice long walk before the day took a turn for the worse. It’s about not letting the bad completely overshadow the good in every day.


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