Good good links #111

Oh, internet, you little beast …

In case you noticed I was absent from the blog world for most of the week resulting in no posts uhtil now – and it was not because of this. The reason? When I returned from another day trip on Tuesday the internet didn’t work anymore. Neither did the telephone [for the whole village]. Why exactly we don’t know but it took our internet provider until Friday afternoon to get it working again.

But you didn’t come here to hear me ramble in frustration [four days without any internet access are hard though!]. Anyway, the lack of access meant I didn’t read many posts this week so today’s collection of links is smaller than usual but no less amazing.

Happy Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Accepting yourself via Full of Life

Self-acceptance is about much more than just the number on the scale. I can relate to the comparison  struggles Hailey mentions very well and I bet many others can, too.

Stop Playing the Victim and Learn to Succeed via Erin’s Inside Job

Taking responsibilty for what is happening in our lives can be a tough pill to swallow but it also means we have the power to make changes for the better.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

The Appeal of Generosity via Becoming Minimalist

Such a beautiful story that shows that we can learn a lot from the children around us.

5 ways to stay in touch during your already overbooked week via Mind Body Green

Staying connected with friends and family: What everbody wants but seems so stressful when life gets busy.

9 Rules To Live By If You Text via Mind Body Green

Because texting is one of the most-used ways of communication it needs some etiquette.

How To Never Cheat On Your Diet Ever Again via Avocado A Day

Changing your language and the way you think can make a huge difference.



Recipe Writers Tell Us How to Spot Reliable Recipes on the Internet via The Kitchn

Interesting for both bloggers and blog readers: how to write recipes well for your audience or how to tell if a recipe is likely to be a success or not.



50 Vegetarian and Plant-Based Sources of Protein via The Picky Eater

To prove even the last doubtful soul that eating vegan doesn’t mean your protein-deficient.


Good good [food]

Addicting Caramel Apple Crisp Bars via Pinch of Yum

Classic apple sheet cake taken up a notch with a decadent caramel drizzle and streusel topping.

Oatmeal Crunch Scones with Maple Glaze via How Sweet Eats

These contain oats so they’re pretty much health food, right?!

Apple Dessert Pizza with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting via Sally’s Baking Addiction

If apple cake isn’t your kind of dessert – serve this with your afternoon [or breakfast?] coffee.

Banana’s Foster Waffles with Paleo Caramel Sauce via Katalyst Health

Can we talk about breakfast perfection right here?! Just hand me that sauce and a spoon.

Strawberry Cheescake Swirl Energy Balls (vegan) via The Healthy Maven

One of my favourite ingredients is the sneaky add-in giving these little snacks the desired cheesiness.

Nut-free Vegan Cream Cheese via Ceara’s Kitchen

Ideal for those who can’t or don’t want to eat [too many] nuts but long for a creamy spread.

Creamy Butternut Squash, Broccoli + Chipotle Almond Sauce via This Rawsome Vegan Life

Show me a  creamy vegetable dish involving pumpkin and some spiciness and I’m in.

Glutenfreie Miniknödel an rahmigen Tahin-Herbstgemüse (vegan) via Leafy Soul

These little dumplings are an epitome of fall comfort food and – at least for some German readers  – a childhood classic.



Happiness-inducing today: Teaching German and the children [surprisingly] being very into it.


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Good good links #110

Never say never – tnat’s a [blogging] lesson I learned this week. Between my little funk and visitors staying around this weekend, I almost forgot about finishing this post. Crazy when you keep in mind this little series of sharing my favourite posts from the past week has been going for 110 (!) weeks today. Then again, aforementioned happening played a role in me not spending as much time scouring the web as usual. Nevertheless, I think I found some great posts I hope you’ll enjoy like I did.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

I do not run so that I can eat via The Cookie Crunicles

Eat to fuel for exercise but don’t exercise for your ‘allowance’ to eat [certain foods/amounts of calories]. A mindset I assume more people than one might guess struggle with.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

The Pep Talk Generator via Babe Vibes

This one deserves a special mention.Who doesn’t need a little pep talk every now and then?

6 “Healthy” Habits That May Be Making You Gain Weight via Bodyrock TV

Even if weight loss isn’t your goal these things might take away from your quality of life.

What Apple Cider Vinegar Truly Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Health via Greatist

It’s not bad but neither the magical cure-all some sources make it out to be.

5 Tips For Perfect Posture When You Sit via Mind Body Green

It’s a fact most of us sit for hours all day so we’re better off checking how we sit [oops, guilty].



The 10 Best Food Photography Props to Improve Your Food Photos via The Endless Meal

Props can make a picture – and they don’t have to be expensive.

5 Lessons I’ve Learned After 2 Years of Blogging via The Blissful Balance

Hearing about other bloggers’ experiences is great no matter where you are on your blogging journey.

19 Things To Do For Your Blog When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything via The SITS Girls

For those days when your motivation is hiding better than that missing glove you’ve been searching for ages.



We Tested 5 of the Most Popular “Magical” Recipes on the Internet via Food 52

Now you know which hypes are just that and which are worth trying yourself.



Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

This  video. Don’t you tell me cats and dogs were the only cute animals to see.


Good good [food]

Healthy Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough for One via The Big Man’s World

Never mind that snickerdoodles aren’t known over here because eating cookie dough definitely is.

15 Amazing Vegan Curry Recipes via Elephantastic Vegan

If you think there can be too many curry recipes in the world I’ll disagree. Never!

11 Quinoa Bowls That Make It Easy (And Delicious!) To Eat Clean via Mind Body Green

Not all vegetarian but many good ideas – and I bet they taste awesome using various grains, too.

Smoky Harissa Eggplant Dip via Minimalist Baker

A clever way of disguising a vegetable many people don’t like into a flavourful dip.

Chickpea & Baby Portobello Mushroom Marsala Over Creamy Polenta via Connoisseurus Veg

Can you already picture yourself eating this warming dish on a cold [winter’s] night, too?

One Skillet Mexican Rice Casserole via Making Thyme for Health

One skillet. Mexican. Cheesy. Does this need any more explanation?

Spinach & Sesame Crackers via Elephantastic Vegan

Everybody likes hummus and other dips. Just how much more amazing would dipping homemade crackers be?!

Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese with Other Good Stuff via The Rawsome Vegan Life

Creamy. Filled with all the delicious foods (hi, kale and sauerkraut!). Just right.

Cheesy Cauliflower and Potato Bake from The Abundance Diet via Healthy Slow Cooking

Vegan cashew.creamy comfort food for the upcoming cold season.



Happiness-inducing today: Lots of great deep conversations on a wonderful family hike through the woods. Did I mention how much I like the countryside?!

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Honest blogging [what it means to me]

I’m not feeling it today. It being … everything. Creativity isn’t flowing. Drafts are drafts are drafts but I can’t work up the genuine drive and creativity it would take to finish them. That’s why today’s Thinking out loud will really be exactly that: a not-quite stream of consciousness post but a little all over the place spilage of thoughts. Writing is therapeutic after all.


Honest blogging – what is that exactly? I assume everybody’s ideas on this differ. For me, genuine blogging means taking a day off if I really honestly absolutely don’t feel it. There have been days back at the beginning of my blogging journey when I would post simply to post. Feeling low? Blogging in anyway because …

… if I take a break on a day I usually post everybody will believe I stopped blogging and never come back.

… I will mix [insert name of link-up].

… everybody else would be able to pick themselves up and blog through a meh period of life, too.

Like I said, though, posting through a funk used to be me in my early blogging days. I’ve since taken many breaks because forced posts are never honest. A not insignificant part of my discomfort when taking a day off [aside from those I usually don’t post on in anyway] is disappointment in myself. Why and how does every other blogger do it? Get over bad days and still churn out a happy post that makes others smile or inspire them?

If blogging was my full-time job I would likely post even if I didn’t feel it. I guess I’d have posts lined up for those cases already!? However, blogging [unfortunately] isn’t my job [yet]. That’s why I’m writing this post as a reminder not only for myself but – maybe? – everybody else who gets caught up in the comparison trap of perfect blogging every now and then, too.

We’re not robots. Things happen in life and influence us in good and bad ways. Sometimes they throw us off and out of balance , confuse us and we need time to settle back into our normal routines. It’s okay [note to self] and everything will be okay again. Hopefully soon.

Lindt chocolate

Just in case I sound overly dramatic: Nothing extremely awful happened but a slight cold mixed with receiving some bad news when I was expecting better ones threw me off. A little sensitive? I might be. We luckily have guest over for the weekend so I’ll engage in a little cleaning and baking therapy to cheer myself up. Chocolate always helps, too.


Happiness-inducing today: Teaching German as usual and the sudden surprise when my student’s grandpa called from the US and we procrastinated learning by chatting with him. Hi, grandpa K.!

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How do you deal with days where of feeling blah? Blog? Don’t blog? Share your honest feelings?

What does honest blogging mean for you?

And as always: feel free to share some happiness-inducing tidbits from your day. (: