When in doubt … take a survey.

First and foremost: Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers! We don’t celebrate it over here but I hope you’ll have a wonderful time with your loved ones, friends or whomever you choose to spend the day with.

Do you know those days where your mind is filled with ideas but you can’t get yourself to follow through with just a single one – rather than jumping back and forth between three or four? If you can: that’s me right now … If you can’t: lucky you! Nevertheless, I felt like posting and when I can’t settle on one topic it’s time to look for some help – rescued by a survey today. These are perfect for inspiring some random thoughts on a Thursday so  there we go!


I’m happiest when…I’m busy and can help others. It’s sounds cheesy but is so true. These past months I’ve been volunteering a lot and sometimes a thanks of simply noticing I’m taking some workload off somebody else’s shoulders is pay enough.

I’ve always wanted to…travel to the US and especially now that I‘ve gotten to I ‘know’ so many wonderful people abroad through blogging.

My family and I… are pretty unconventional [at times to my dismay]. We don’t celebrate Easter, break traditions – just look at our Christmas tree from the past year for proof – and goof around a lot.

I was a terrible…at any of the creative subjects in school. Whether arts or music – I really didn’t enjoy any of those lessons everybody else seemed to find so much find.

My first job was…babysitting. It was so.much.fun. It actually felt wrong being paid for it when I had been playing and reading bedtime stories.

I could probably eat ____ everyday. Apples. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away – what do I get for eating a minimum of four? Eternal health? I’ll take it!

Pink Lady Apple

I was born on the same day asAdam Lambert, Anton Tschechow and Vincent Klink [German chef].

My all-time favorite movie is… impossible to choose. To name a few nonetheless: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mad Hot Ball Room [a documention I’ve watched a million times and urge you to watch if you haven’t!] and – seasonally fitting – Love … Actually.

I do a pretty mean… plank. Honestly, I didn’t know how to answer this but I’ve been told I’m a little insane for how long I hold my planks so that’s that J..

I’m still mad… about several things that went wrong in the past, missed memories and opportunities. But I’m working on letting go and looking ahead instead of grieving.

I met my best friend… in kindergarten. We stuck together like glue until grade six. These days, I don’t have one best friend anymore but several close ones I can trust.

I always knew I wantedto write. It’s my hugest passion and I remember being eager to go to school to learn how to read and write.

I’m not afraid tobe honest. When I don’t like something even if everybody else does I won’t swim with the current. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I’ve touched on a few topics some people considered taboo but not writing them would have felt disingenuine.

I make the bestcookies from scratch. Sorry, uncreative answer but I couldn’t think of anything right now and who doesn’t like baking? Or – in my case – eating the dough?

What's not to love about freshly baked cookies? Tasting the dough might be my favourite part of baking, though.

What’s not to love about freshly baked cookies? Tasting the dough might be my favourite part of baking, though.

I have almost nopatience. If we ever meet I apologize in advance for interrupting you in a conversation – it’s in my genes so I can’t help it ;).

I always cry when Actually, I don’t cry a lot.

I’m nowa Journalism graduate unsure where my future lies …but I hope to… figure out life step by step.

I wish my folksall the best in their lives every day. Health, love and overall happiness.

I believe if everyone was a little more kind in their daily actions the world would be a slightly better place.

I can’t standtwo-faced people. In fact, I’ve had a post on that drafted for way too long.


is on I’ll start dancing.


Happiness-inducing today: A good conversation.

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Pick a few of these and answer them yourself. Like: who shares your birthday? That was such an odd one for me because who ever looks that up?


5 thoughts on “When in doubt … take a survey.

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Apparently I share a birthday with Sir Isaac Newton… Who knew?! And I like to consider myself a pretty patient person overall, but put me behind the wheel of a car and that patience goes out the window. I’m not a ragey, loud, obnoxious driver, but I will think slightly bad things about people who dawdle on the road 😆

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    So…. how about you come to US, make a stop up to Canada (or atleast let me know when you’re coming and I’ll hop over the border), make me some cookies and we’ll watch Love Actually on repeat!? While being honest and probably not crying. ‘Cause all those things sound like me in a nutshell.

  3. caileejoy says:

    This is awesome!! I too love apples and could eat them everyday! And your Christmas tree from last year?! So unique and fun! I love it. This was a great way to get to know ya! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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