Good good links #115

Let’s talk about seasons for a minute before we get into the main part of this post. Are you entirely sure it’s November? Because I could swear it was August rather than that. On my walk today, I felt like a penguin in the Sahara – so hot! Not like I was complaining. Something else I’m not complaining about are the many thought-provoking, helpful and delicious posts I happened upon again this week.

One last note regarding the recent hot topic: as I’m sure all of you have read a lot about Essena O’Neil already so I didn’t focus too heavily on the topic in my picks. Let me know your opinion on it in the comments if you feel like sharing, though.

Happy Sunday!



Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

Empty Bellies Do Not Beget Genius via Gala Darling

Such an amazingly powerful post anybody uncomfortable in their own skin should read. [Quite old but still so very true.]

Things I Didn’t Say // Cropping Out Reality on Social Media via The Peanut Butter Lover

“A square picture can hide eating disorders, insecurities, self hatred, less than perfect weather and countless emotions.” For those needing a hashtag this girl would be your #honestygoals.

5 Ways “No” Can Make You A Better Person via Erin’s Inside Job

A very powerful post that will help you look at any ‘no’ you hear from a different perspective and see them as opportunities for growth.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 7 Pick-Me-Ups For A Bad Day via Career Girl Daily

Whether it’s the weather or an argument: pick-ups for rough times always come in handy.

7 Tech Tools You Can Definitely Teach Yourself to Use Before the End of the Year via The Muse

Just what I’ve been looking for as I’m hoping to broaden my knowledge in different ways.

How to survive the holidays as a vegan via  it doesn’t taste like chicken

Respecting each others’ choices, bringing a dish for everyone to share and keeping food discussions off the table all have worked for me before, too.

15 Things You’ll Absolutely Want to Buy if You Pack Lunch Every Day via The Muse

If I wasn’t living outside the US at least two or three would make it onto my Christmas wishlist.


10 Easy Updos You Can Actually Do With 2 Hands via hello natural

I’ve been meaning to try new hairstyles forever and these look amazing.



How to Make Money From Your Healthy Living Blog via In It 4 The Long Run

Once again, Georgie does a great job explaining everything in a comprehensive and honest way. This post is gold if you’re looking to start making money through your blog.

Your Complete Guide to Editing Photos (Without Photoshop) via Helene in Between

If you’re like me and would rather save the money you’d spend on the program for something else [nut butters?!].



Good good [food]

Worm and Dirt Pudding Cups via love me, feed me

Yes, Halloween might be over but this creative vegan dessert deserves a mention nonetheless.

Spiralized Apple Crumble via The Healthy Maven

One of my favourite [fall] desserts with a hack that’s saving time and simultaneously makes this look really impressive.

Sweet and Spicy Game Day Salsa via Fooduzzi

I’m a major salsa addict and not sure I’ve ever seen a homemade one looking this similar to my favourite storebought kind.

Light and Creamy Peanut Sauce via Veggies Don’t Bite

Like peanut sauce but not too keen on its heaviness [or just like sneaky legumes a lot]? This one’s for you.

Totally Addictive Creamy Cashew Carrot Dressing via The Full Helping

I’m not even a salad person but this lookslike it would make a great dip, too.

Vegan goulash with smoked tofu and potatoes via Elephantastic Vegan

Goulash was a childhood classic for me and this meat-free version looks even more appealing than the real one.

Roasted & Curried Delicata Squash-Carrot Puree with Zucchini & Yellow Squash Noodles via Parsley in my teeth

A perfectly slurpable [completely positive characteristic if you remember your childhood!] dish plus pretty much covering your recommended servings of vegetables for the day.

Spanish chickpea stew served with toasted couscous via Food and Style

My fondness of chickpeas is never-ending and this looks really comforting and warming.

Vegan Corn and Potato Chowder via The Garden Grazer

Simple comfort food for cold days with ingredients you might already have at home.




Happiness-inducing today: Making the aquaintance of Frieda and Emma – a neighbour’s cute dogs – on a walk.


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Food with a side of guilt

It’s Wednesday. Or What I ate Wednesday for a large part of the blog world but I won’t play along today. Rather, we’ll talking about something that’s been making me a little sad in some of these posts. Again, I might be interpreting something others don’t see into these observations – in that case I will blame 12th grade German classes in school.

Let's talk

Why do we try to explain eating that piece of chocolate by stating we worked out extra hard that day and ‘deserved it’. Or when did we start feeling like we had to state a certain day shown was “rather carb-heavy” or “more indulgent day than usual”? Or making a point that we balanced out that piece of cake with plenty of vegetables at dinner? Or state that yes, we ate a lot but we also exercised for this and that long? Don’t hashtag your meals #cheat, #YOLO or #sorrynotsorry or state that you “don’t eat that way every day”. Yes, it’s called the healthy living blog world. But healthy isn’t about eating ‘clean’ all day every day. It’s not about eating vegetables at every meal. Not even about eating vegetables every day if you don’t feel them.

When I stumble upon your WIAW I don’t analyze your choices and categorize you: “glutton!”, “how can she eat grains for every meal?”, “geee, that’s a boatload of almond butter”. No. Rather, I – and I’ll make the advanced guess this is true for the majority of readers – am curious about seeing different people’s days of food. Actually, I might find you a little more sympathetic if you have a huge sweet tooth and heavy hand on the nut butter, too. Choose the foods you genuinely enjoy eating and that make you feel good. Again, I might be more sensitive here but I wonder if these defending statements hide an insecurity or shame for the choices these people made.


What would be the worst outcome? Strangers assuming you had a deep love for pizza, pasta or pie if that’s what you happen to have enjoyed on a given day? That doesn’t sound too awful to me and again: I don’t think people judge like this. Or if they do: never mind because: Those who mind don’t matter. Those who matter don’t mind. Just ask yourself how you read food posts. Do you make quick assumptions about people solely based on the food shown? I’d guess not. The same should go for everyday ‘real’ life. Aside from the fact nobody chooses their friends based on their food choices: Would we be more attracted to the girl ordering the salad with the dressing on the side or nothing [yes, that was me for too long] while you want to get pizza? Or the one who’s up for a spontaneous meal, doesn’t stress about macros and how much she worked out on a given day?**

** Please note that once again, I’m not shaming anybody for choosing a certain diet or lifestyle. My point are choices or statements coming – consciously or unconsciously –  from a place of guilt or shame.

eating out_Dean and David_curry_vegan

Let’s make more room to talk just about the food, not the macros. Tell me all about the deliciousness on your plate [by the way: the above plate was a vegan curry at Dean & David’s]. What I ate Wednesday: not about comparison [with yourself or others], judgement, restriction or guilt. All about enjoyment in food. It’s hard not to compare or push aside food guilt when one and a half million articles offering ‘healthy’ advice tell you to feel bad about carbs/fat/sugar. But we can make a start in stopping to explain our choices. It tastes fantastic and makes you feel good? It’s good for you. Because a free and happy mind can enjoy life more.


Happiness-inducing today:Seeing one etting one of the cutest puppies on my walk home and then spontaneously petting it. I’m not usually one to do that because you never know if the owners like it but I couldn’t resist. It definitely made me smile.

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Your thoughts on defnding food choices: Is it something you’ve noticed before? Do you find yourself justifying meals or treats through exercise or else? Let me know whatever comes to your mind on the topic.

Good good links #114

Rather than ramble on about my disbelief of fast the year is passing by [again] I thought I’d take a moment to appreciate the wonderful day that November 1st is. World Vegan Day. All Saints’ Day. Birthday of Penn Badgley… woops, how did that one get in there ;)?

Does today have any special meaning for you? Birthday of loved ones or pets? Special anniversaries? I like the thought that every day – no matter how insignificant it might seem to us in that moment – is a special day for somebody somewhere. Okay, I know I might have already lost you here so I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s links and I’ll talk to you again soon!

Happy Sunday and: happy World Vegan Day!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

#FitFam: 11 Reasons Why The Fitness Culture On Social Media Needs To Be Stopped via Elite Daily

Being fit is all fine and well but these things don’t serve a good purpose. Taking a good thing too far won’t make you happy.

‘I’m Fat, But I’m Not…’ via Everyday Feminism

This is wonderful and a great reminder and similar in its message to what I said here, too.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Three keys to making the best decision via The Art of Simple

If you’re as indecisive as me: this is the post for you. Good reminders to settle your anxious mind a little.

Giving Up Exercise via Lord Still Loves Me

While really hard this is vital not just for physical but also mental recovery.

5 Things To Remember When You’re Afraid Of Being Judged via Career Girl Daily

A friendly reminder of some facts we know but easily forget about time and again.

What If You Didn’t Give Up? via Alexandra Franzen

This!: „Who knows where you could be — what you could be enjoying, doing, creating, savoring — five, ten, or fifteen years down the road, if you can just find the grit in your heart to keep going?“

5 Fun Things to Do When you Don’t have Internet via Career Girl Daily

Disconnecting – voluntarily or involuntarily – actually opens many opportunities.





Content – EverGreen versus EverRED via The Blogger Project

How to balance your posts to attract visitors all year around  [especially useful for food bloggers].



10 Ways To Strength Train With a Pumpkin via BlogHer

While I might not work out myself at the moment this looked too fun not to share.



Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

The 1 Song to Laugh Off Your Sugary Cravings via hello healthy

Don’t ever forget the wisdom of your old friend, the Cookie Monster.


Good good [food]

Four Ingredient Flourless Protein Brownies via The Big Man’s World

Can we talk about the fact these have the elusive crackly top without using refined sugar?!

Healthy Pumpkin Snickers Bar  (vegan + gluten-free) via Emilie Eats

Pumpkin nougat and date caramel?! Take that, regular nasty-ingredient-filled Snickers!

Vegan Cheddar Cheese Ball via Vegan Richa

This nut-free cheese looks like a great dish for any vegan buffet.

9 insanely good things you can make with aquafaba via Animals Australia

… and there we spent years discarding this magic ingredient.

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Polenta via Naturally Ella

Even if you swear you hate brussels sprouts I bet this dish would change your opinion.

Meatless Meatballs – vegan and grain-free via The Cookie Crunicles

Why go for storebought ones if you can prepare these with minimal ingredients you might already have on hand?!

World’s Best Tomato Soup Recipe (Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Refined Sugar Free) via Sprouted Routes

Why have I not used roasted tomatoes in soup before?! This is more than just your average tomato soup.

How-to: Homemade Tempeh via Vegan Lovlie

Tempeh isn’t easily available everywhere and this looks really impresseive [while also a little daunting because, well, fermenting].



Happiness-inducing today: Call me easily pleased but the autumn sun is absolutely beautiful!


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