Good good links #120

There’s something special about Saturdays in fall/winter, no? Friday can still be a little hectic but Saturdays are the one really restful, no-stress [at least usually] day of the week. Because you know that even if you don’t get your weekend to-do done there’s still Sunday [to run around like a headless chicken and freak out about said to-do list being too long]. And with that random note I’m moving on to what you’re actually interested in: links! Lots and lots of good ones so go and read up!

Happy Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

When silence is best via Lindsay’s List

An honest post that I think will resonate with many of us with social media all around and always being ON.

When Willpower is Violence Against the Body via In My Skinny Genes

Why the highly praised characteristic might not be all that admirable and healthy.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

Pay it forward via Danielle Dowling

Doing others a favour is the easiest and best way to bring happiness to your own life, too.

How To Talk About Yourself Without Apologizing For It via HuffPost Healty Living

Don’t consider yourself a burden to others and stop saying this one word all the time.

20 Things I Wish I Knew At Age 20 via Cupcakes and Cashemere

Some very helpful advice and reassurance for twenty-somethings [or anybody, really].

Stop Overthinking and Eat The Frog via love life surf

An interesting outlook on how to overcome the obstacle of starting a task you dread.

Dealing with Forced Rest Without Going Crazy via Suzlyfe

Great reminders and advice for anybody who’s struggled/is struggling with an injury that requires a longer break from working out.

Why You’ll Never Find Me Eating 45 Calorie Bread Again Healthyez Sweet

Not only is the real deal more nutritious but relying on low-cal versions hinders your recovery.



4 Things Millennials Get Wrong About Food (According To A Nutritionist) via Mind Body Green

Especially #1 is spot on and something  to be more careful about.



How to Stay Focused on Your Blog via Britton Loves

For when you’re feeling a litte stuck on writing posts or the general direction of your blog.



Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

50 DIY Bath & Body Stocking Stuffers Everyone Will Love via The Refreshanista

Very timely for me as I plan on gifting several homemade beauty items this year.


Good good [food]

5 Ingredient Stracciatella Peppermint Parfait via The Clean Dish

You might not know but parfait is one of my favourite homemade desserts and this looks simply and amazing.

Healthy Ferrero Rocher Truffles via Food, Pleasure and Health

Not usually a fan of dried fruit + nut bites, the Manner wafer coating seals the deal for me here.

19 Awesome Christmasy Treats To Leave Out For Santa Instead Of Cookies via BuzzFeed

If I was Santa I’d treat you extra generously if you left me one of these rather than boring cookies.

Pumpkin Po’e via Aloha Flavour

A very different (Polynesian-inspired) kind of dessert for all pumpkin pie fans.

Sharp White Mac and Cheese Bake via Veggies don’t bite

Don’t click this link if even remotely hungry! A vegan’s cheese dream come true – or really anybody’s.

Winter Steel Cut Oat Kale Sweet Potato Salad via My little tablespoon

This girl knows how to create salads even I – the self-proclaimed non-salad fiend – would enjoy. Plus, a great reminder that steel cut oats aren’t for breakfast only.

The Best Baked Kale via The Iron You

Breadcrumbs, cheese – winner, winner, kale for dinner.


Happiness-inducing today: A surprisingly great conversation with a friend’s dad that I randomly met at the supermarket.


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