Good good links #124

Hello … can you hear me? Okay, I’m not going all Adele on you here, don’t worry. But it does feel odd to go a whole week without posting or interacting much with other bloggers at all. Explaining why I fell off the face of the blog world would take too long here. Life happened is a probably overused phrase but the best I can use to sum it up very shortly now and spare you a whole post on the details. I’m not sure how much blogging time I’ll get next week yet but I promise I have no intentions on stopping this fun endeavour yet. So: See you soon!

Happy Sunday!

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

How to Be Happy Forever via The Everywhereist

One of the best posts on relationships I’ve read in a long while. If you only have time to read one post: choose this one.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Why You Need to Choose Health For Yourself via Erin’s Inside Job

Only intrinsic motivation keeps us following through with any changes we thrive to make.

5 questions to ask yourself on New Year’s Day… or any day. via Alexandra Franzen

These are so simple yet so good in determining what you want and need in life.

What I Hope to Teach My Son … via Foodiecology

Beautiful and valuable lessons but some of them are just as important reminders for grown-ups, too.

7 Types Of People You Should Unfriend On Facebook via Huffington Post

Do yourself a favour and rid your feed of these – they probably weren’t real friends to begin with in anyway.


10 Ways To Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive via Career Girl Daily

It’s no shame to be on a budget [and/or prioritize food over clothes?!]. Little tricks can one-up your wardrobe.

365 Day Money Saving Challenge (FREE Printable) via Oh so Amelia

This is such a clever idea to save cash almost effortlessly throughout the year.

Hacks for cleaning the most commonly used kitchen appliances  via Crystal Starr

Cleaning is unavoidable so why not make it a little easier? I’m going to try that microwave trick soon.



The 5 Blogging Strategies that Tripled My Pageviews in 1 Year via In It 4 The Long Run

Georgie does it once again sharing great advice on growing your blog. I especially like #2 and 4.

The One Thing You Must Do To Every Image Uploaded To Your Blogvia Gimme some Oven

So true – especially for food bloggers/food posts. One that makes some of my older posts look embarassing …


Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

Work out your ab muscles with a little laughter – no need to step into this wilderness anymore for today after watching this video.

If you – or your kids – think bread is boring this recipe could likely get you reconsidering. Plus a [German] written tutorial.

Are you as excited about this as I am?

How on earth was the outcome of this test spot on for me? Take it and tell me your results!

Good good [food]

Vegan Chocolate Mernigue Baubles via Marfigs’ Munchies

A fancy vegan baiser cookie with a sweet filling based on an unusual [but blogger favourite] ingredient.

Raw “Stir-fry” [vegan, paleo, gluten-free] via Simple Fit Foodie

Unlike any stir-fry you’ve seen before and brimming with vitamins and healthy fats.

Chickpea Dumplings in Red Curry Coconut Spinach via Avocado A Day

These remind me of my own chickpea dumplings but look even better. Chickpeas for the win!

Thai Quinoa Casserole via The Healthy Maven

Lots of vegetables, [pseudo] grains and peanut sauce all baked into one delicious dish – what’s not to like?!


Happiness-inducing today: A long [two and a half hours!] phone conversation with a new acquaintance [you know my take on the term friend here] made through Instagram. Social media can be a blessing.


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12 thoughts on “Good good links #124

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    The buzzfeed quiz guessed me right too! When I answered “nostalgic” for one of the pictures I just new I was going to be made a granny. Not so!
    I also enjoyed the article by Catherine. I am checking out the clothing article, because I wouldn’t know fashion if it hit me in the face!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Clueless about fashion – you’re not the only one there. I just go with what I like but found the article’s advice pretty good to work into that.
      Like you, I guessed some of my answers would put me into the old souls’ camp but the quiz was amazingly spot on. I wonder how that works …

  2. foodiecology says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my post! ❤
    I loved Georgie's and Gimme Some Oven's tips, too, and as somebody working in an office with a very limited extra spending budget, I'm off to check out that Career Girl Daily post.

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