Week in review: The Clean[ing] and Fast Edition

Alternative title: the post I promised Meg to write weeks ago already but never got around to because a) Monday’s aren’t a good posting time for me, b) I keep forgetting what I did throughout the week [I know …] and c) I often have a hard time recognizing what I do as accomplishments. Though our list-making and all around fabulous host is right:

Week in review

Without further ado here’s my list: I …

Participated in the Bloggers Gonna Blog Instagram challenge every day of the week. Finally upping my Instagram activity and connecting with new people – win-win! Though I did miss blogging a little a lot. But I’m thankful for what was possible in this week of changes and worries so no further complaints.

Almost finished the book I started last week. I have a loose goal on the number of books I want to read this year as I used to be a huge book worm but somehow haven’t lived up to my reputation in past years. Non-screen reading time is highly beneficial for mind and soul so it’s an endeavor worth tackling.


Did a semi-thorough cleaning spree of my pantry. Semi-thorough because I didn’t have to heart to discard a few items but the overall look is still more organized. I need to leave room for improvement the next times I tackle this, right?

Cleaned my fridge. It took way less time than half a year ago still. Doing it regularly is worth the effort because it makes you overthink your spending habits [= buying less] and fridge organization.

Cleaned the fridge at my parents’ office. Can you tell it was the week of cleaning?

Shoveled snow for two hours on Monday. Okay, so actually one and a half but I took a break to warm up inside in between. Hello, sore arms.


  • Started a new job that is the main reason I wasn’t as active in the blog world as I’d planned to – and also the only reason I’m mentioning it here. Hoping I won’t sound like a negative Nancy: congratulations are not necessary. It’s neither a job in my field nor one I’m particularly fond of.But helping a relative out at his office as well as having a job to begin with is what matters here. I’ll still keep searching for a more exciting gig
  • Speaking of spending habits: my grocery bills for the week ended up being the lowest they’ve been in – I think – months. This is a huge feat for me as I tend to stop by the shops for just two or three items almost every day which adds up by the end of the week. Here’s to continuing the lucky strike!
  • On the topic of lucky strikes and reminiscing Christmas: I beat my parents in a game of Yathzee. With an all-time highscore of 304 points at that.


  • I made these vegan Snickers bars for my sister and her husband. While not into New Year’s goals, my sister randomly told me she intended to eat less sweets. Being the good sister I am 😉 I obviously needed to come to her rescue – and preparing any kind of treat is never really altruistic, no? Also, this gave me the final push I needed to …
  • Set up my Vitamix again. Only took me … many months. Awful for a blogger, right? My excuses were that a) it uses a lot of energy, b) I’m more often than not too lazy to clean it [don’t pretend I was the only one] and c) I didn’t have enough counter space to set it up permanently. It was mostly for the last reason but I…
  • Cleaned up my spice arrangement at that moving it to a cupboard and – viola! – counter space freed up. Celebrating the Vitamix’ reappearance in my life I made coconut butter.

Coconut butter

  • And date caramel [twice]. They don’t call dates nature’s candy for nothing and I have high hopes of creating a new recipe with it this week. It’s been too long.
  • I ate the remainders of said date caramel straight from the blender.

And that sums up my first Week In Review. A week that started slow and then flew by fast hence the title [the cleaning part should be self-explanatory ;)]. Have a good start to your week!

Happiness-inducing today: Many kind messages – via Instagram, mail and messenger – arriving throughout the day as well as a short chat with an old aquaintance who stopped by for a visit.


Stay in touch!
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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge? No shame if it’s been some time because it’s only become a regular task for me in past months.

Have you tried date caramel before? I’m tempted to steal a spoonful [or two … or three] from the fridge in a second.



13 thoughts on “Week in review: The Clean[ing] and Fast Edition

  1. Cora says:

    Yay!! For joining Week in Review! This is fabulous. Cleaning the fridge (not to mention two) and organizing out the pantry (even a little bit) feels sooo good. And spending less on groceries? Heck ya. That’s a major win. I understand the job thing, and not exactly being thrilled over it, but it is still a job… which means experience and money.. .so for those I’ll still extend a teeny “congrats” to you. This BGB instagram thing… how do you become part of it? I’m confused as to how it works. Congrats on everything last week lady.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Cora, and yes, once I’d convinced myself I’d give it a try and not compare to what everybody else accomplished in previous weeks it was fun.
      I actually thought of you when writing about spending less as I remember you mentioned it in a post a while back. Which makes me feel a little bad for this list not inlcuding my overdue reply to your mail. It should be one next week’s, though.
      A teeny congrats I can take so thank you :). Happy Monday!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Wow, you sure did accomplish a ton, especially for someone who thinks they weren’t busy.

    I’m impressed, and I love my Vitamix. I got one for the holidays and haven’t stopped using it since, although it’s had a place on my counter since its arrival. It took some pressure from the Hubby, but many years I gave in and allowed the (old) blender some coveted counter space. Totally worth it. By the way, how do you clean yours? I just add soap and water and blend.

    Dates are natures candy, and I adore them. I also have a pantry full of them so I’ll be looking for the caramel when you’re ready.

    While shoveling snow might not be ideal, although it is a great work out, your view is gorgeous.

    Congrats on the Yatzee win and good luck on the reading front. I’m trying to up my book reading game too. It feels so good when I make the time.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      A little or a litte more embarrassing I missed replying to the host’s comment, no? Better late than never said everybody ever.
      How nice you got a Vitamix and a very good gift for a smoothie drinker like you [shame on me, I know]. I actually do the same routine to clean my Vitamix but find that with oil or sticky foods like dates the dishwasher trick only helps so much. A thorough cleaning by hand was still needed for me afterwards. Worth it for the delicousness, though.
      Fingers crossed I’ll keep finding bits and bites interesting enough to share through a Week in Review in the months to come!

  3. Lyss says:

    You def did accomplish a lot! This past week I babysat quite a bit, went to yoga and the gym, saw friends, did a speaking gig, and also made time to watch some Netflix. Hoping to get in some baking this week! 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Lyss. Your week sounds very good to me, too. Babysitting can be so much fun [unless with some kids …] and it actually looks like I’ll be doing it again soon, too. Tell me more about that speaking gig! That’s amazing.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      If you haven’t tried date caramel yet you’re in for a real treat when you do :).
      I still don’t enjoy the thought of having to clean but while I do and even more afterwards the rewarding feeling is there.

  4. masala girl says:

    congrats on your job! and oh my i didn’t know you were in the BGB groups OR on insta! that makes me so sad that i’ve been missing on these posts but i’m on it now 🙂
    and to CLEAN the vitamix is SUPER EASY: rinse it in hot water as soon as you can once you’re done so stuff does’t dry, and let it soak for a few minutes. then drain, add a dot or 2 of dish soap and a few inches of water, and blend from low to high for a minute or 2! super easy 🙂
    depending on what you made you may need to do more but that is basically it! 🙂 also, with things like date caramel- reblend with some non-dairy milk, heat ( add cacao, cinnamon, etc), and yum hot cocoa or warm spiced milk 🙂

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