Week in review: Walking, working, blogging.

… and just like that the first week of February is in the books. That one went down fast. No? Just me. Either way, it’s Monday and time to take a leaf from Meg’s book and be at least a smidgen proud of not drowning completely in the hurdles of everyday life

[Also: did anybody catch the song reference in th title?]

Week in review


Starting with one of the last things checked off my to-do list and then going on in no particular order I …

  • Called my grandma. We had a good strike of talking about bi-weekly the past months of 2015 but it somehow fizzled out with the start of the new year. Our conversation included me trying to explain what exactly I do when I mention blogging [the umpteenth attempt but we have to forgive our grandparents for being confused, no?]. Despite my efforts to rectify this belief she still thinks that a) every one of you commenting is some sort of pen pal of mine [hiiii!] and b) suggested that I should move in with one of you to live overseas for a few months. I won’t deny I think she’s onto something with that last idea 😉 …
  • Published three posts again. I will admit this was a bit of a struggle for a few reasons but I’m happy I kept up with this kind-of-schedule from past weeks. A regular posting schedule is one of my unwritten goals of 2016 after I was inconsistent during the past months and I’m happy it worked so far.

current view_writing

  • Worked in my regular job and taught German three times**. Two of those lessons went down pretty well, the third … not so much. Being the over thinker I am it’s hard to combat considering a failed lesson or children not making much progress as my fault. The brief consideration of becoming a teacher is an issue of the past now for sure.

**these two jobs do not amount to as many hours as a full-time job – I wouldn’t want to make my working life sound as stressful as some other people’s. I have huge respect for people working 40+ hour-weeks and still getting a lot done on the side.

  • Replied to comments on the past week’s posts. Aside from a more regular blogging schedule I’m trying to improve my replying game because I want to show you how much I appreciate your comments – because I really do. If only I didn’t get distracted so easily online. Repeat after me: multi-tasking is not the way to go.
  • Did a second photo shoot for these vegan and paleo Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cups. I wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the first picture  – I promise they taste better than they look –  but stressed myself about getting the post up on Friday still. Otherwise it’d have resulted in me posting three days in a row – Saturday, Sunday and today – and that messes with my OCD traits.

2_Chocolate Caramel Cups

  • Worked on two (three?) blog post drafts. Inspiration is an ebb and flow varying weekly. I’d prefer a consistent stream of inspiration but we’ve got to work with what your brains churn out, right? Though maybe those more regular walks again will help …?
  • Cleaned my apartment. Oh, those spider webs. Pesky, pesky spider webs. They’re everywhere. And did I mention I have slight arachnophobia? Fun times. Only not.
  • Washed my dad’s car. Questions coming up: 1. Who buys a silver-coloured car i.e. one that ? It’ll look dirty again in no time. 2. How many nooks and crannies attracting and collecting dirt does a car have? 1. Answer: people who prefer function over appearance. 2. Too many. Way too many. I’d like to think I did a pretty good job in making the car look more presentable again which – not quite altruistic, are we? – will benefit me, too, when I use it.
  • Painted my nails. For some reason I’d been putting this off because it seemed to take too much time (yes, I know: really??) but I’m happy I did. Colourful nails brighten my days.


  • Went on several walks. The past weeks’ nasty weather kept me mostly inside but recent almost spring-like days have provided excellent conditions for getting my daily dose of fresh air in. Mood change for the better? Check.
  • Survived an almost-attack of three geese on one of said walks yesterday. No, it’s not as funny as it sounds. They can be aggressive when they feel threatened and trying to walk past them in a few metres distance is enough. My legs felt like jello for a few minutes and I hope no neighbor heard my high-pitched scream. Actually, I wouldn’t have minded the geese’s owner to hear it so he’d finally fix his fence for good.
  • Kept up my “workout” routine which honestly is just a 25-minute-circuit without any jumps [does anybody else avoid those in at-home workouts?] but did take break from it on Monday. If you’re feeling unwell there’s no sense in pushing yourself and working out. Not at all. Mental progress is progress still.

And with that It’s a wrap as they say though having worked at Subway I should probably say: it’s a sub! No charge for extra tomatoes and cucumbers today.

Have a great start to your fresh new week!


Happiness-inducing today: Reading in an amazing new book I just started.


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

How do you combat feeling stressed about keeping a blogging routine up? Or is it just me worrying unnecccessarily?

Random question: what colour is your car?




20 thoughts on “Week in review: Walking, working, blogging.

  1. Laura says:

    That’s a looooottttt of accomplishments!!! I also love how grandparents can’t always grasp internet things! I would say you should come hang out in good ol Rhode Island except there’s really nothing to do ha.

    As for my car-it’s a light blue color. It wasn’t my first choice but now that I have it I can’t imagine any other color!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, what you consider boring because you’ve known it for so long might be interesting to me ;). And honestly, just being overseas and around English-speaking people all day would be an awesome change already.
      It’s funny how we get used to our vehicles colours [and shapes] throughout the years and don’t ever consider changing them anymore, no? While I don’t own a car right now I wasn’t too fond of my bicycle deep blue at first and now it’s simply mine the way it is.

      • Laura says:

        Well if you ever do find yourself on the east coast you just let me know! Providence RI can be a cool city if you’re looking for art, culture, food, and English speaking Americans!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, I wish I could show my grandma the blog so she’d get an idea of what it looks like but she lives too far away. Really, though, it’s insanely hard to describe the internet as something we use daily to somebody who has never even turned on a computer. Then again I only understand half of what my grandma tells me when she talks about knitting ;).

  2. cookiesnchem says:

    So curious about this “amazing book”! You’ll need to tell me more 🙂 I love hearing about what books people have been reading! WOW, you sure did a lot this week – be proud!

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    You get two snaps and a twirl from me.

    Also, I am working on my office soon to be new guest room. It should be ready in a month or so and I might need some help over here in the states, what with feeding myself and soon to be another. Besides I need someone to paint my toenails because I can no longer reach them. 🙂

    I gave up trying to blog last week. It was too much for me with work and it was a good decision, although I do try to be consistent.

    P.S. Keep on enjoying those rest days; they will get easier with practice and especially when you avoid angry geese. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  4. hungryforbalance says:

    My car is black, which is a terrible color for a car. It always looks dirty, even if I just clean it. Okay, in all honesty, I almost never clean it.
    I never paint my nails because I feel like they get scratched in like 2 minutes.

  5. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says:

    Yay for talking to your gran and for sticking to your blogging schedule! I know the struggle. It can be hard to be consistent when you’re so darn busy but you’re doing a great job! Message me when you get a chance if you need to chat at all! 🙂 Love ya friend! PS: I STILL have to tell you about my trip!!! BAHAHA!

  6. mylittletablespoon says:

    I like your Grandma. Next time, tell her you’ve got a free spot in Canada whenever you feel like taking the hop over.
    Geese! Ahh!! They are so scary!! Geese and swans are some of the most aggressive birds when angered. No kidding your legs were jello.
    The recipes, the cleaning of both the house and the car, the blog posts, the walks (my favorite), the rest days… all such awesome work. I hope you are feeling super proud of all this lady.

  7. Kate Bennett says:

    Geese are not a friendly flock. They are seriously out to get us. And they aren’t afraid at all!
    I do not like cleaning cars, so I rarely do mine. If I didn’t have Terry my car might by a pig sty. I
    Totally agree that inspiration is an ebb and flow thing. Also a matter of how much time we have!

  8. Ellie says:

    I told myself that if blogging ever felt stressful I would stop doing it until I missed it. Some weeks I post more than others, but really, I don’t owe anyone anything. I love people who read my blog, but it’s almost a life “accessory” like earrings or a bracelet. If I don’t have it, that doesn’t make me any less Ellie than I would already be 🙂
    My car is black and her name is Phyllis

  9. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    I’ve started painting my nails more recently, too, which I usually don’t do because I “don’t have time” haha. So funny because it takes all of 10 minutes! I think it’s a hassle just because I can’t really use my hands for 30+ minutes afterwards without messing up the polish haha…but anyway, it always looks and feels great after!

  10. chasetheredgrape says:

    I aways avoid swans, or at least stay way back. I have seen how aggressive they can be and they quite often attack humans… It’s hard because they are so beautiful, especially the ones here in Perth, they are black swans with bright red beaks – stunning!

    Sounds to me like you had a very productive week! Well done! Especially with the cleaning, I hate cleaning!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Black swans? I’ve never seen those before. But yes, swans are beasts hidden by their beauty. My great-grandmother had many geese and certainly didn’t need watchdog for her house …

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