Week in review: Up. And down. And … up?

If I wasn’t against playing favourites I’d say that the past week was up on top there looking back at, say, a six-month period. High praises for a week. The truth is it started well, leaving me feel good on Friday and then all of a sudden took a turn for the worse on Saturday. In other words: It’s an up and down that’s hopefully Not to digress too much but I guess this is another test of destiny to see if I can maintain a newfound positive outlook when suddenly faced with struggles again. It’s difficult to say the least but we’ve got Monday for a fresh start so here’s to keeping the ball in the game and rolling. At least the metaphorical because I’m actually not good at any kind of game involving balls … Unless we’re talking chocolate balls/bites – then I’m all game. Sheesh. I shouldn’t write my intros late at night.

Before I get lost in metaphorical mind wanderings I’ll get to the point of this post and follow Meg’s invitation to look back and what was rather than what might be.


Week in review

Without further ado here are some of my accomplishments/happenings: In the past week I …

Worked five days in my regular job. It’s getting better in terms of feeling more “at home” or part of the team. Learning your way around things, not having to ask a many questions, feeling appreciated by the other staff members.

Taught German two times. Truth be told this isn’t going as well as it started out anymore and I’m glad not to depend on it though that never was my initial reason to start this job. I was hoping to help the kids but not seeing any real progress is a little chastening.

Had a nice conversation with my grandma – the other one this time – who stopped by our house very shortly on Friday.


  • Went on another walk with my dad. Yes, I’m aware it’s probably odd for somebody my age to stress these things so much. Not wanting to spread family issues for the whole world to see I will only say in Facebook-esque manner that: Relationship status: it’s very complicated.
  • Once again I published three posts on the blog again and unfortunately didn’t get to reply to all comments yet. My laptop has decided to act up again and it’s frustrating to say the least when it collapses in the middle of replying or putting together a certain post. I somehow suspect my laptop doesn’t like this kind of post because it has been crashing during the compilation of the latter a million times in past weeks.
  • Relaxed at night listening to the Harry Potter audio books again. My sister and I used to listen to them all the time when we were younger – so many childhood memories. The German speaker, Rufus Beck, is a magician himself in the way he lends every of the many characters a unique voice.

Harry Potter_audiobook

  • Got rid of other memories by deleting old pictures from my laptop. You know you’re a blogger when … you have about ten times as many pictures as the average Joe. Granted, that’s a guess but I honestly think photos are what slows my little handy blogging device down. Oops.
  • Lend an ear to several friends. We’re all facing our struggles but sometimes it’s merely somebody else looking at the situation from an outsider’s view to put us back into perspective.
  • Sent off mail replies long overdue. This is something I have to continually work on because I really enjoy getting and yes, also writing mails. Only I need to remember that a mail drafted in my head still has to be typed. Is there anybody who can relate??
  • Picked my mum up from the station in a town a bit further away after her well-deserved short albeit stay in Berlin. Am I the only one who finds longer drives oddly distressing? Just what I needed after Saturday morning’s kerfuffle.*

** oh, you just have to like the British for their lovely expressions.

  • Successfully tried a new recipe for the blog. Followed by an equally as successful photo shoot. Fast forward to uploading the pictures and … finding that my camera ate all of them. If it wasn’t for my age I’d have thrown a fit. Okay, maybe I did after all.

Nut clusters

  • Re-shot said recipe so here’s a preview though I’m still not sure how I like the pictures from that shoot. Nevertheless, it will be up on the blog on hopefully – fingers crossed for no more laptop troubles – Thursday.
  • De-stressed by taking walks – no dangerous geese this week. I’ve been feeling anxious a lot lately and as my preferred “treatment” (running) isn’t in the cards walks have been my saving grace. That and my daily pilates/yoga/what-have-you practice. The latter pairs very well with Harry Potter, too. What can I say? I’m an odd one.
  • Put my phone aside for the most part during dinner times and opted for the new book I mentioned last week. It’s one I will definitely talk about in more detail once I’m finished – as of now it’s a lot of information to progress. If you enjoy non-fiction this one might be one for you. I’m happy I’ve been able to focus on reading more again as I – embarrassing to admit for somebody known as a book worm – had abandoned it a bit [too much] in past months.

Finishing this post on Sunday night it’s getting late again so I’ll bid you farewell and hope you’re having a great start to the new week.


Happiness-inducing today: Having lots of time to read.

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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Alternatively: what are some audio books you enjoyed?



16 thoughts on “Week in review: Up. And down. And … up?

  1. Marfigs says:

    It’s extremely difficult to teach a language to someone else, especially when it depends on what you’ve going for. Learning languages is sort of like having a supply of words as puzzle pieces at hand and then trying to link them together, and there’s nothing more frustrating than hitting an absolute blank wall since you really just don’t know what the words are *at all* and don’t have enough knowledge to compensate by going another route. Anyway, sorry for the rant but I’ve had to learn way too many languages and it’s the most humbling and humiliating experience for someone who prides themselves on communication :p

    Also, I’m so deeply curious to listen to Harry Potter in German now!! I used to enjoy German immensely and it would be interesting to hear how certain terms are translated, especially those that are close enough to gibberish but not quite, so they can’t be simply copied over, like avada kedavra or what not. One of the few German books we ever read was Der Vorleser and I was always deeply annoyed to read jungchen as “kid” in The Reader.

    I need to stop talking now – your post got me thinking!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’ve been making it a point to reconnect with my inner bookworm too, and it’s really nice. Refreshing actually, even if it means less time for blog reading and yes, writing too. Sometimes, ya gotta recharge.

    I’m glad to hear you went on another walk with your dad; that really is fantastic news. I’m not sure what the kerfuffle is, but I hope it all works out in the end. Also, I wanted to say kerfuffle. 🙂

    I’m excited for that new recipe: I spy nuts and dried fruits perhaps, in cluster form no less…you know that kind of thing is right up my alley.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up!

  3. Juli says:

    Oh god I ADORE Rufus Beck’s voice especially in Harry Potter! Though his Dobby performance drives me bonkers. It’s a tiny bit over the top and even though it’s about 15 years back that I last listened to that audio book I still hear his voice whenever Dobby talks in a book!

  4. mylittletablespoon says:

    Yay for conversations with grandmothers… these are more special than I think we usually realize in the moment. And yay for another walk with your Dad. Hug.
    Oh gosh clearing your laptop of old pictures must feel SO good!? I’m halfway through the process now. Determined to finish it by today. Of course, it will probably be only a manner of a week before its all sorts of cluttered up again. #blogwoes
    I have no doubts you lend a beautiful ear to many, many friends, and that they are extremely appreciative. This is a wonderful thing to look back in your week and pat yourself on the back for.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Cora. These conversations truly special. Not intended to sound morbid but we never know how many more of them we’ll have.
      I’m sure you’re far ahead of me on your cleaning spree. Impatient as I was I only deleted enough to free up the space needed yesterday. Actually, I’ll need to clear up more to upload the new pictures I took of the recipe mentioned here. Oh, the struggles of a blogger’s life :D.

  5. hungryforbalance says:

    My relationship with my dad is complicated at best. I’m glad you had the opportunity to take a walk with your dad. Hopefully it went well.
    Your recipe looks good to me! I can’t wait to hear more about it.
    I know exactly what you mean about the teaching thing. I had these elaborate dreams of making such a difference in my students’ lives, but just ended up frustrated and burned out.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m sorry we seem to be in similar situations regarding the relationships with our dads. I hope you’ll get a chance to repair yours, too.
      Teaching … Safe to say I have a lot [more] respect for teachers now. It’s an underrated job in terms of how mentally straining it can be.

  6. Kristy @ Southern In Law says:

    It sounds like you’re definitely taking a (literal!) step in the right direction with your Dad! Good on you for not getting stuck in that “it’s complicated” relationship status and actually trying to work things out!

    I’m not a big audio book fan, but I loveeeeeeeeeeee books! Jesse is a major Harry Potter fan and last year had to buy himself a new pristine box set just so it could sit on the shelf in his office 😛

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks, Kristy! That’s such a wonderful way to put it. Yes, we’re [hopefully] literally walking in a better direction.
      Actually, I prefer books to audio books, too, as I’m more focused when reading. Your husband is a true Potter fan :)!

  7. Stephanie Leduc says:

    Sounds like quite the productive week, seems like you are getting some issues sorted out so I hope things keep going in the right direction for you! I am also a huge Harry Potter fan and recomment the Throne of Glass series as a great audiobook to listen to! I listened to that at work this summer and fell in love with the characters and story line.
    Have a great week 🙂

  8. Kate Bennett says:

    I’m SO ready for weather to warm up so I can de-stress with walks. Seriously the best way to clear my mind.
    I’m with you one getting & returning emails. I love the exchange, but tend to take my time with it. We may be perfect pen pals! 😉
    About Harry Potter… I’m so excited about the new book coming out. This summer I’m going to re-read them all (minus the first one, I re-read that one last summer).

  9. Ellie says:

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT HP BOOK!!! I have it marked on my calendar as the day my life begins again 🙂 I actually want to reread the series again. I miss them so much. I haven’t listened to audiobooks in a while, but love podcasts so I could probably get into them.
    I hope you get your issues sorted out and have a good week. You deserve so much love and happiness (teaching German ain’t a walk in the park right?)

  10. chasetheredgrape says:

    Walking solves everything and always makes me feel brighter, more enlightened and calm afterwards. Unless there are scary geese of course! :-S
    I adore Harry Potter and it’s been a while since I last read the books – maybe I should revisit them sometime soon!

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