Good good links #130

Tell me it’s not Sunday yet! Somebody needs to pinch me or better yet stop the clock or [best option] gift me an extra two days a week because how fast is the year speeding by?? Maybe we need to start talking gifts again already? Granted, not Christmas gifts because that would probably be a little early. But I should have started brainstorming a birthday gift for my mum because a week from now is her special day. Ooops. Let me know if you have any ideas because many brains are better than just one. [I should really win a prize for my maths skills, no?].

All that rambling aside it’s time for another round of good good links. You might have noticed these lists becoming a little shorter in recent weeks which is due to the fact I haven’t been able to read blogs as much as before. I’d rather give you fewer links I really enjoyed than hastily add a million posts I only skimmed and assume you’d agree.

Happy Sunday and if you need a snack while reading you shouldn’t miss out on this Healthy Nut and Seed Brittle. Shameless plug-in …

Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

What I mean by ‘I had a relapse’ via Fit Swiss Chick

A raw and honest post that gives a detailed insight into the mechanisms of eating disorders. Those affected will relate, those who have friends/siblings with EDs will get a better idea of what is really happening.

Having it all kinda sucks via Huffington Post

While not my current phase of life I know from several people in my life that this is the [unfortunate] truth.



Good good [advice, inspiration and other insightful reads]

Sometimes it’s the little things via The Pool

It somehow always is about the little things but here specifically as an ode to blogging/online friendships. Agreed!

3 Practical Self-Improvement Tips via The Private Life of a Girl

Once again it’s all about little changes that you can implement without a hassle but can have huge impact.

How Cleaning Up Pigeon Sh*t Helped Me Get Over Myself via Refinery 29

While I’m not a fan of the lurid title this post is worth reading for the author’s revelations on what matters and what doesn’t through her volunteer job.

26 Feelings You Should Experience at Some Point in Your Life via Huffington Post

The good, the bad. Life without its emotional ups and downs would be empty.

How Diets are Like Parenting (And Why You Should STFU About Both) via Foodiecology

Everybody is entitled their own ways in both areas. Accept others’ decisions and stay open-minded.



Keine Diät: Eine Frau hat sich halbiert via

Body image, misconceptions about heavy people and how our society deals with and treats people based on their weight. Unfortunately in German only but an interesting interview nonetheless.

Heart Month: 3 Reasons Millenials Should Give a F*ck via Mind Body Green

While it might not be apparent oin daily life our lifestyle today has a huge impact on long-term health.




How to blog legally via DIY Budget Girl

A must-read for any blogger. Legal issues are a huge and importanh part of blogging that can be confusing at times


Good good [food]

Vegan Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars via The Almond Eater

Can a recipe combining two kinds of  legal crack – pretzels and peanut butter – be any bad? I doubt it.

Lemon Coconut Cake via Peachy Palate

A fluffy refined sugar-free cake that looks heavenly – and contains a sneaky nutritious ingredient. Take a guess before you click??

Healthy Flourless Blueberry Breakfast Cake via The Big Man’s World

Not usually a fan of cakes this one makes me want to sing and dance.

Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Granola  via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

Another granola recipe extraordinaire from the granola expert. Self-proclaimed or not Meg knows her business.

Loaded Vegan Baked Potatoes via The Mostly Vegan

Where do I even begin with these? Lots of vegetables, beans, cashew sour cream … just mmmmh.

Healthy Split Pea Soup via The Healthy Maven

Hand me a bowl of this and a  spoon, please. Nothing says comfort just like this.


Happiness-inducing today: An overall nice relaxing day after a week that left me feeling a little drained.


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4 thoughts on “Good good links #130

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    I really appreciated the article about having it all. I saw it play out in my mom’s life and I wonder if mine will be the same.
    The article by Lucy was very informative for me. I don’t think that binging is well understood by most people, even myself.
    Thanks for wonderful links like always!

  2. Cora says:

    Oh my gosh. That article from The Pool. That almost had me in tears. What a reminder about the beautiful and positive things can can come from this world of technology and social media.

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