Week in review: Doing it for the family

Yes, I admit there was a slight temptation in naming this post “We are family”. But I wanted to spare all of us the resulting ear worm and also – the true reason, let’s face it – that’s entirely too cheesy and overused for my sensitive 😉 word fiend liking.

This week – like its predecessors – flew by in the blink of an eye. So much too do, so little time. And somehow it still feels like not a lot got done. Oh well. This [perception] will probably never change. Looking back at the past week it was a lot about helping/bonding with family. In food- and non-food-related ways but here’s what it looked like via Meg’s Week in Review.

Week in review

Probably my favourite work achievement of the week was a teaching success. One of the boys not only did what I told him to but got really excited and not even once fiddled around. Apparently, learning the Umlaute – explanation: we have not only a, o and u but ä, ö and ü in German – is a lot of fun. I was so delighted that I sneakily rewarded him with a little chocolate. I’m not entirely for food rewards but he really made me happy with his progress and change of attitude compared to previous weeks of playing the clown.

Worked in my regular job. Seeing as it’s a family business I guess this would count into the title.

Three blogs posts went up once again. And sorry not sorry but I have to mention this Nut and Seed Brittle once again for those who haven’t seen it yet – or those yet to be convinced to try it. Sue me. I need another batch soon. Honey-stly though: Who runs out of the bee’s nectar ever?

Nut cluster_5_ä

I researched, drafted and pulled my hair out for the blog – the latter mostly because my laptop keeps fussing around. Can you tell where my savings from work will go? I’m once again sorry I haven’t been doing a great job on the comment reply front but a constantly crashing laptop just is a serious curveball in getting anything done. Like editing pictures so I hope you’ll forgive me for the ones in this post.

Upon her request I prepared a big batch of these Snickers Truffles for my sister. In exchange for more baby photos, that is. It’s insane how fast that once tiny baby boy is growing.  Are there any aunts who can relate to wanting to keep their nieces/nephews small for a little longer? Not to sound too wistful early on but seeing a baby grow reminds me of how fleeting time is and how we age ourselves – almost impalpable in the moment but so apparent when looking back – every day. Look at me digressing …


[Just like I degressed above this picture has nothing to do with my writing but I thought it was funny so there we go.]

Cleaned my parents’ fridge. Not the worst task as it never looks awful to begin with and luckily was relatively low on the meat content. At least I’m making sure they’ll miss me when I move out again, I guess.

Cleaned my apartment – minus the fridge, though*.Once again discovering new nooks and crannies to wipe and pretty up. I don’t know about you but I find it impossible to actually clean the apartment spotlessly every week. How long would that take??

* Because one fridge is enough for a week and I need to keep some tasks for the next week, right? Completely talking myself into believing this …

February_until 21st 017

Upon another request – this time by my mum – I swept the stairs down to my parents’ basement. Just two words: dust balls and – spiders. No pictures of said spiders – doing all of us a favour, right?! – but those lovely flowers instead. They’re a gift from my mum that could be either a) for taking care of those nasty spiders and sticky fridge enterior, b) for being the best daughter in the world 😉 or c) none of those but simply because. I like the latter as those favours and gifts you don’t expect are the most appreciated.

Walked, walked, walked every day. More anxiety leads to more walking. I very much welcome the days getting longer again therefore allowing to at least take a short walk outside after work. One of those after-work walks happened with my mum – none with my dad this week.


Happiness-inducing today: Starting my day with a walk – umbrella necessary but no geese.


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6 thoughts on “Week in review: Doing it for the family

  1. blondepancake says:

    I got all my sistas with me! LOL I couldn’t help myself. Girl, you are a cleaning machine! Hope you have an amazing week xo 🙂

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I managed to sneak in a walk last week too. The weather was beautiful and I took advantage.

    I don’t think it’s possible to clean an entire apartment or house in a single day. Not really clean anyway. Instead, I try to dust or vacuum or I’ll simply tackle one room and do it all.

    One fridge a week is plenty and I love the Gerber daisies.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  3. Kate Bennett says:

    Look at you being an awesome daughter! I hate to admit it, but cleaning is not my favorite. If I get into the groove, I semi enjoy it, but I never seem to be in the mood to start!
    I went on walk around a pond yesterday and thought of you as I passed by all the geese!

  4. mylittletablespoon says:

    I love that you yourself feel accomplished and exited at your student’s progress. Pretty good sign that you are doing what you should be :). I have no doubt you are a wonderful teacher (with or without chocolate).
    Those flowers were well deserved – for both reasons. Well done for tackling those webs and bunnies. Uegh.
    Hope the anxiety isn’t causing you too much grief lady. Walks are wonderful for that, but can still only go so far.

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