Good good links #132

As somebody who likes predictability and structure I couldn’t have gone more wrong than starting a blog, no? Ideas for posts are an ebb and flow [current state: too many ideas, hard to follow through with just one]. The outcome of recipes you test? Major hits followed by major fails [hoping to turn my current experiment into a good one, though ;)]. And these link posts? Some weeks I’ll sit down to finish the post either Friday or Saturday night with hardly anything I find worthy sharing – which doesn’t mean nothing good has appeared on other blogs; I simply missed it – and others I find so many I already save a few for the upcoming week. Just so I’m not cramming these posts too much and you find yourself with 15 open tabs at once [learn from my mistakes: you laptop might crash …].

Long story short: no matter how unpredictable and messy blogging can get – it’s awesome. Just like these links that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did. If you have a spare minute I’d be curious to hear which ones you especially enjoyed and/or your opinion.

Have a great Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

I’m a Vegan Who Dislikes the Dogs I Live With. And That’s Okay. via Elephant Journal

Love and respect – two different issues and why lacking the former for some animals doesn’t make  you inconsequent in your lifestyle choice. See me and the geese, too: no love but respect for their existence.

The Problem with Skinny Teas via Blogilates

Finally somebody [with an influence] is adressing the ridiculousness of this Instagram phenomenon. [the fact she’s throwing in an ad for her own products aside].

For the Record, It’s Not Easy (nor should it be) via In It 4 The Long Run

An issue I hadn’t given much thought to before but Georgie’s making really good points here. Don’t [unintentionally] belittle your own or other’s effort.


Good good [advice, inspiration and other insightful reads]

11 Things I Cut Out Of My Budget (And Don’t Miss At All) via The Financial Diet

Saving doesn’t have to be quite that hard when we really think about what adds value to our lives and what doesn’t.

How Do You Know If It’s an Eating Disorder Behavior? via Breathe and Nourish

Anybody recovering will be able to relate to how hard telling apart normal and disordered behaviours is.



What Your Face Is Telling You About Your Health via Food Matters TV

I’m not entirely sure whether to believe all of this or not but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Fitness Lies It’s Insane People Still Believe via Thrillist

There are a lot of tenacious myths around fitness, health and dieting.

Why You Can’t Fail at Intuitive Eating via Avocado a Day

With no rules or set markers of success or rules there’s no failure – it’s an ongoing learning process. Or re-learning if you remember my take on this one.



Why I don’t miss the ‘good old days’ via Forever Amber

Not giving away my take on this [just yet] I’d be curious to hear yours in the comments.



Good good [posts to make you smile + DIYs]

Husband’s Illustrations For Wife Capture Love At Its Simplest via Huffington Post// also: HJ Story

17 Signs You’re Actually An Elderly Person Hiding In A Young Body via Thought Catalog

Can you find yourself in some of these? Guess what I’m wearing as I type this post? [#12].

Good good [food]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Brownies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Fudgy chocolate chip-spiked banana goodness? Sign me up. Bonus points for not using eggs and offering a vegan version!

Chocolate Avocado Cake via Produce on Parade

What a stunning cake. And that chocolate chili icing? I want to eat it by the spoonful.

Peanut Butter Graham Crunch Tart via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Okay, you already clicked over before reading any further. I can’t blame you because: oh. my.

Cashew Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni via Planticize

These remind me of a dish by Jamie Oliver I used to cook all the time years ago – only these are completely vegan.

Best Ever Vegan Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup via Blissful Basil

By now you might have noticed I have a penchant for vegan cheesy dishes. Honestly, though, wouldn’t you want a bowl of this soup in front of you right now?


Happiness-inducing today: Watching a good movie. Getting a walk in before the world ended [read: it started raining non-stop].


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