Week in review: Out with the procrastination.

Spring, where are you??

Unlike most of you, I didn’t spring forward yet as – for a reason unbeknownst to me – we don’t experience the time change for another two weeks over here. I can’t deny I’m relieved. Though I can also tell you I’ll never be ready to cut off an hour from my day/week/life. But as you know I’m against starting – or ending – a week on a grumpy note so rather than ramble on, I’ll get my pens [look out for a new one mentioned below] ready to get get listing with Meg because we can’t forget to give ourselves a little  pat on the back, no?

Week in review

Some achievements and happenings I was able to check off my list. During the past seven days: I …

Worked the usual five days with one of those being a longer one as I met up with a colleague who’s training me to take up more responsible tasks. She’s the one going on maternity leave and I’m supposed to take on her job. I’m admittedly a tad scared about that prospect because it’s a lot  [of both work and responsiblity].

Finally cleaned my fridge. If you noticed me repeatedly mentioning this in previous weeks you might have either assumed that a) I really disliked doing this or b) that it’d never get done. Fair enough since I wasn’t so sure either. But: checked off!

March 9th 045

Published three blog posts. It’s odd to say but writing a random one is harder for me than a “deeper” one. This is difficult to explain but tied with the whole “letting go and just being random” issue. Like I said in last Monday’s post my mind has been a bit scattered lately so none of the other posts I’d had on my mind were written entirely.

Didn’t skip any meals or eat less overall. This might not sound like much but I can’t deny it’s still tempting at times. When I’m not as hungry, get home from work later than usual, wake up late on the weekend.

One word: paperwork. Another part of adulting that I could really do without. Really. Starting a new job always requires this, yes, but it’s one of those tasks bringing out my no attitude. What had to be done was done while enjoying breakfast so it wasn’t too bad after all. A nice bonus was that this kept me off my phone while eating. Bad habit prevention and getting things done at the same time? Win-win.

Treated myself again. This time I finally caved and bought one of these pens. I’d been eyeing them ever since I saw the exchange student I taught months ago use one. No, not the most expensiv “treat” but it still seemed unneccessary. Knowing it’s a useful gift  to myself – despite obviously owning multiple pens already – made the purchase easier on my mind.


Kept up my habit of at least a short walk a day. I’ll admit it took some convincing myself for a few of those because – damn you, weather gods – the temperatures were definitely not spring-like. Do you ever drag yourself out despite not feeling it because you know it’ll ultimately benefit you? Returning home to a cup of tea and some chocolate feels all the more rewarding when you moved your stiff bones [we all know sitting too much is deadly] prior to it.

Went on a walk with my dad. It’s been a while and these still make me slightly anxious. Ridiculous to an outsider, I know, but spending time alone with my dad is an accomplishment for me. It’s definitely not easy to see for outsiders and would be easier if you knew the history of our relationship but I hope you’ll understand I can’t/don’t want to share it with the whole world. It’s just … difficult.


Translated the menu for the newly-opened [read: as of yesterday/today as I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon] burger restaurant of a relative. When I say burger restaurant we’re not talking Mc Donald’s style. They’re specializing in unique burgers, using local ingredients where possible and also offer vegetarian and vegan options. I’d been offering to help for a while and translating from German to English was a fun opportunity to use my food vocab – thanks to all of you – I mean it! –  for broading my food vocab by eating arugula, signature sauces and cilantro. What I ate Wednesday as vocabulary lessons: who would have guessed?!  So if any of you are ever in Hamburg looking for good burgers*: let me know ;). At least I’m hoping they’re good as – confession –  I personally am not a fan of burgers.

Not including the little daily necessities this just about sums about the bigger achievements from my week. Let me know about yours!

Happy Monday!

Happiness-inducing today: Getting this post written earlier than usual and also getting more done earlier in the day than is typical for Sundays around here. Read: that night owl habit …


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!
When was the last time you treated yourself and what did you buy/do?


8 thoughts on “Week in review: Out with the procrastination.

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m so glad you were able to resume your walks with your Dad and congratulations on not restricting any with food. It’s so easy to fall back into old comforting (albeit false comfort) habits when things are tough. You’re doing awesome, and I will be rooting for you workwise when your coworker is on maternity leave. I know you will do a fantastic job.

    You cleaned the fridge: Boom!! Task Slayed. 😉

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up. I’m so thrilled you’re a part of the weekly shenanigans.

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    Lady you always make me feel so lovely – even just by listing your achievements. Because they truly are achievements. Not eating less, especially when the temptation is there… massive. A walk with your dad…beautiful. New pen and working on paper – gosh I know how nice that feels. Cleaning that fridge? Oh hell ya!! And translating the menu for your relative’s new restaurant!? That’s huge!! They must be so thankful to have you and your language expertise – I’m so jealous. Have I ever said that? I so wish I was bilingual. I hope you have a lovely week!

  3. Kate Bennett says:

    How cool that you translated a menu! Sounds like a fun job for a foodie. Congratulations of your new job! I hate paperwork too, but hopefully the job it is leading you to makes it all worth it!
    Sometimes my fatigue or fear of the weather makes me not want to go for a walk, but I am always so happy when I do! It’s always rejuvenating.

  4. Ellie says:

    I totally understand that walking with you dad is a big deal. It took me a while to answer his phone calls or be alone with him because for so long he lectured me about how I could improve myself and do things better. I didn’t take it well and it was bad for my health. I cried so many times just telling him I could never be good enough. That was a long time ago. Now I take his advice better and he doesn’t give it unless asked. Wow that took a lot of therapy and self-love.
    Have a great week :-*

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