Week in review: Count your lessons [and blessings]

For once, I really struggle to find accomplishments looking back on a week. Not because I was hit by extreme laziness but – if you saw yesterday’s post you already know it – a cold. Completely out of the blue. To switch things up I decided to join Meg’s weekly party of sharing our recent life happenings blessng-and-lesson style. Here we go …

Week in review

The best accomplishment first: spent a lot of time playing and cuddling with my nephew. Below: a regular sight this past weekend – cake with a side of baby. He enjoyed lying on the table – and being the center of attention turning food into only second interest. What a difference a baby makes …

I worked a mere two days – but they were long ones [<-trying to make myself feel okay about the fact I had to stay home when I was sick]. The upside of staying home from work to recover was never getting bored when I returned on Thursday.

Lesson learned: staying home when sick is fun for a few hours, then it gets boring and you wish you were at work. No, honestly.


(Tradition. My mum’s popular “Eierlikörtorte” (egg liquor cake) with a liquor-free piece for my sister who never enjoyed its taste.)

Went on a walk by myself every day. Even when I was sick as for some reason these were when I felt best.

Went on several long walks with my family which I much preferred to my solo walks. Family time with all five of us [+ significant others] is a rarity these days and walks are the best way to get mobile device-free conversations going*. We put them aside during meal times but in between especially the male family members are lacking discipline.

*it’s unbelievable how many of those are in the house when we gather. My mum and I merely own a phone each but my dad, sister and her husband are loyal customers to a certain brand represented by my favourite fruit. iDon’tGetIt

Lesson learned: Fresh air does a [sick or not] person good and blessing: precious family time.

Actually, Thursday never got boring/restful. I had to picked up a few gifts and deliver them to one of my parents’ acquaintances which involved driving quite a distance – and I found driving = being in a closed space with a stuffy nose is no good.

Blessing: Friendly people all around [like those I asked for directons once].


[Tradition: Us not buying any Easter candy and using gifted ones for decoraton.]

Didn’t eat any less on the days of sickness. This was tough mentally as it’s easy to justify with a lack of appetite, not moving as much. I figured, though, that a) I didn’t want to risk losing weight and b) recovering from a cold takes energy.

Lesson learned: Self pep talks help.

Prepared another batch of the No-bake Fudge Brownies for my siblings, mostly my sister’s husband. This was such a sweet compliment as he’s a picky eater [and did not like my mum’s cake].

Lesson learned: Having a family who declares favourites and doesn’t want you to try new recipes is slightly unfortunate for a blogger.

Not only cleaned my apartment but cleared it off my belongings as some of our neighbours had visitors over who wanted to stay there. This isn’t unusual – we’ve hosted neighbours’ guests many times –  but I’m not a fan of strangers staying in my rooms. And having to clean up after them, too  …


Wrote a blog post that never went online because I decided my brain wasn’t working at its best and you deserve good posts, not half-hearted bacteria-sprinkled ones ;).

Was online less often. I’m still not good at unplugging completely – it’s a family thing – but reducing it to the evenings when everybody else had gone to bed already [night owl, remember?] felt good. I’m sorry for not commenting much on your blogs, though.

I’m off to enjoy the remaining few hours with my siblings and hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!


Happiness-inducing today:  Family time.


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!
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16 thoughts on “Week in review: Count your lessons [and blessings]

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Sorry to hear the cold got you. No fun at all. But I’m really proud that you took the time at home to let yourself rest and gave your body what it needed to – yes – work extra hard at recovering. Those mental battles can rear their nasty heads in very strongly when sick.
    Also glad you are using this space to appreciate yourself and the fact that you did take care or yourself.
    Walks alone are lovely – some of my favorite moments – but walks with family are even better I think. Even if we aren’t “feeling” it at the moment – they are memories to be cherished.
    I need to learn more about this Eierlikörtorte thing. And have some sent in the mail?
    Have a lovely week – I hope you are feeling better!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      So much truth in all you said once again. Yes, those moments with family are always to be cherished especially given my fear of losing them all too quickly [for no specific reason, no worres – I’m just an over-worrier].
      I’ll tell you all about Eierlikörtorte complete with my mum’s recipe if you want it ;).
      I think the cold might have hit me for the very reason I needed to learn this lesson of slowing down and eating up no matter what.

  2. Lyss says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you were sick! Fresh air definitely helps for when I am feeling under the weather. It is good you took time to rest and let your body recover no matter how hard it was: that is SO important! Hoping you feel better and have a good start to your week!

  3. Emma @em-poweredwellness says:

    Fresh air always does a person good, especially when sick I think!

    This week I turned 24 and got a raise, so I feel very accomplished!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and got to spend some quality time with your family 🙂

  4. Ellie says:

    I think 4/5 of us have iPhones and were all Verizon/ My younger brother has this huge android that could be an iPhone, but we don’t really talk about it =P As long as we all get the same apps it all works out. I hope you get to feeling 100% this week and back to your wonderful blogging. I think it’s awesome you and your family can take walks together and talk without conflict. That’s huge!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Ellie! It’s easier when all of us go on walks together because no conflicts between two people can come up :).
      Since my brother works in IT the men around here do talk about phones, laptops/Macs and the likes but I have no clue, haha.
      I’m feeling much better – thanks for your well wishes, too.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      She has always done it and yes, it’s little gestures like that show her love and acceptance of all our quirks. Remembering I always liked this cake even made me wonder why on earth I was allowed to have liquor cake as a child, though ;).

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m sorry you were sick but glad you took some R&R time to recover. I actually send my employees home when they’re sick because they’re not doing themselves or anyone around them any favors. You gotta take of yourself first, the work comes second.

    I’m also glad you got so much family time last week, which can be equally as good for the soul as non-chicken noodle soup when you’re down and out.

    I wouldn’t be super cool with stranger staying in my rooms either and definitely not okay with cleaning up after them either. In fact, I can’t really remember the last time I cleaned up after myself much less anyone else. Oops. Yeah, it’s like that these days. 🙂

  6. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    Being sick totally stinks! I NEVER get sick but I did earlier this year and I was pissed because I pride myself in NEVER EVER getting sick, but I blame travel – as I did a TON earlier this year. And I didn’t take enough Vitamin D!

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