Why “love” isn’t part of my daily vocabulary.

What this post is about? My thoughts out loud and running free [because it’s almost the weekend]. Probably cultural differences [tell me!].But first and foremost it’s a post about love – in a different way. One more note: this isn’t meant accusatory in any way. I’m a huge word fiend and believe that words have immense power. So maybe you think I’m a little odd for what I’m about the say. Just please don’t feel offended :).

I don’t love your new dress.
I don’t love that idea.
I don’t even love chocolate and you would really guess by how much of it I eat.

And I clearly don’t love McDonald’s. #sorrynotsorry

Why? Because I’m a conscious “lover”.  You’ll know what I mean in a minute …
We use love a lot: we love those shoes. We love mac and cheese. We love shopping. There isn’t enough love in the world and there’s too much. Wars, hatred and the likes represent a lack of love and overload of hatred. Yet – to me – saying or writing “love” too often takes away from its meaning.


The Black Eyed Peas wondered where the love was. My answer: maybe a little too present at times. What I wonder is if we love too much. Not like there was such a thing as too much love. But my love, for the most part, is shown through action. If I love somebody I will surprise them with treats, kisses or just doing them small favours [especially of the kind of household duties nobody enjoys]. It’s also a family issue: I haven’t once heard my parents tell each other or us as their children “I love you”. But anybody can tell they do love each other and I’ve felt as loved as any other child. That’s because they’ve shown us their love and still do.

The comparison is lacking but think of a favourite dress or bracelet you inherited and – if you’re anything like me – are reserving for special occasions. Just like this I personally find “love” too precious to use it daily. In fact, this might make me look weird but didn’t say the three magical words at any time during my previous relatioship. Granted, I’m also not somebody to date around a lot and I probably would have sooner or later. But as much as I’m a hopeless romantic I’m doing a Rory Gilmore* here and saving these words for when I’m absolutely sure.


*Gilmore Girls fans will remember Rory’s hesitation to reply to Dean’s declaration of loving her. These three words hold so much more power than the eight letters they’re consisting of would have you guess.

Words are powerful and maybe I’m overly sensitive when it comes to their meaning. But that’s the beautiful thing about blogging: we’re all different and get to share our opinion thereby opening up the conversation.Once again: these are obviously just my thoughts and I neither mean to criticize nor hurt anybody. Rather, I’m leaving this here to open up any takes you might have on the topic. The only “rule”: let’s keep the hatred out of the conversation, ‘kay?


Happiness inducing today: So. much. sunlight. until early in the evening. Spring is on its way!

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What are your thoughts on the topic? Does “love” have different meaning for you [i.e. sayng it to somebody vs. using it to express excitment about a thing]? Is there a cultural difference? Let’s get the conversation started!


11 thoughts on “Why “love” isn’t part of my daily vocabulary.

  1. Laura says:

    I use “love” very loosely but when I’m referring to something that I REALLY “love” I say “adore”. It’s really weird and I didn’t realize it until this post haha. If I say to my boyfriend that I adore him it means more to me than when I say I love him. Weird? Yes.

  2. Kate Bennett says:

    I remember when Terry and I first started dating, about three weeks into the relationship he said he was excited to tell me something and I knew that he wanted to tell me he loved me. I told him to not say it and hold it until the infatuation phase passed a little.
    I use love loosely now, but I kind of do love most things. Not the kind of love that I will give to my family, but things do fill me with joy! I think we should have different words for love like the greek do! (philias, eros, agape)

  3. Ellie says:

    I think giving the word love to inanimate objects is too strong, but I don’t think there are enough people telling others they love them. I think love is the most overused word that isn’t said enough to the right people and animals. Great post, made me think 🙂

  4. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) says:

    Words are SO powerful. The verse that I remember when thinking about what love is is, ‘God is love.’ I can come up with cheap definitions of love, but to think of God as the very essence of love, always reminds me of just how deep and vast love really is.

  5. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood says:

    This is such a great post. While I admit to using “love” for all of the things, I’ve always been very guarded with using love for people. As a teenager I had my first boyfriend use it as a tool to get something special, if you catch my drift, so after that I was always very wary of it. But I definitely still overuse it in terms of everything else.

  6. Hollie says:

    I think the word love gets used so much and interchangeably these days. It actually frustrates me a little bit. I save the word love for times I truly mean it. Great post!

  7. Sarah says:

    I think the word love definitely gets overused making the true meaning of it a little less significant. I really like this post, I think I need to be more mindful of what I save the word love for.

  8. Kristy @ Southern In Law says:

    This is SO true! Love definitely gets used way too much.

    I always think love has a few different meanings. I love my friends in the “love thy neighbour” sense in the way that my loving them is more of an action (a “doing thing”) than a feeling whilst my love for my husband is that combined with romantic love. I don’t know if that makes sense but that’s how I can justify loving people I don’t necessarily like if that makes sense (because I believe you should love – as an action – everyone, regardless of whether you “like” them).

    And I’ve just written one big kerfuffle of confusion, haha! Girl needs a weekend!

  9. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    Love has truly taken hold of me. I don’t love clothing. I don’t love watches. I don’t love materialistic things. But what I do love is blogging, meeting new people, eating and….. Wow, do I love my fiance so friggin’ much it’s actually scary! I have never felt this kind of love before in my life and you know what? I am A-OK with telling him so. So yes, I do use “love” in my daily vocabulary – or in my brain, ha… If I don’t say it to him outloud.

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