Quirky and I know it.

Sometimes your head is rumbling with so many ideas and thoughts it’s sheer overwhelming and impossible to calm down the internal chatter. My situation right now and – aside from what I said on Monday – one of the reasons my blogging schedule has been erratic lately. The solution? Get random. Especially after reading another blogger’s post spiked with lots of funny tidbits about herself the other day. Quite a while ago I read a quote somewhere saying that by blogging we felt “a little less lonely and weird”. I’d dare to say it’s true. We”ve agreed that adulting can be pretty rough leaving us entirely fed up with it at times. Good to know we’re not alone in wanting to curl up with a [possibly Disney] movie and … It’s our quirks that make us both special and let us bond with others. That being said I hope you’ll no t only have a good laugh at my quirks but share some of yours in the comments, too. Ready, set, random!


  • As much as I like pretty flower bouquets I often opt against them on my table. Who does that, you wonder? For me it’s about two things: 1. I can’t stand a cluttered table. That’s why not only flowers but also people dropping off piles of clothes, bags or whatever else irk me. 2. I feel bad for flowers essentially being killed for my pleasure.

Birthday flowers

  • While I don’t sleep with stuffed animals anymore but occasionally check under my bed. For … you know it. If you don’t you haven’t watched or understood the deeper sense in “Monsters Inc.”. Okay, actually, I’m afraid of snakes hiding under there. Don’t ask me why because I can’t explain it myself.
  • Speaking of killing: I broke one of my wire whisks. A little background: I’ve been known as the wild whisker in my family for years. So much so that – when we were younger and still living at home – my sister announced she’d write a book called “The beat of the wire whisk”. Luckily, her ambition ended after a mere few pages that never saw the light of the day again. ..

wire whisk

  • Planks are my favourite strength exercise. In fact, I usually do them several times a day. Which I know sounds extreme but I honestly enjoy them. Burpees, on the other hand? I’m scared of them.Granted, I’ve only ever seen videos of these but that alone makes me feel they’re not right for me.
  • Okay, this one might shock some people but: I never wear pants. In fact, I can safely say I seriously dislike – not to say hate – them. Dresses and tights – that’s the way I roll. Up until recently this never presented a problem but my new job requires me to wear pants. No more wors needed here other than that I’m counting down the hours until I can change into tights again. Edited to add: Pants make me feel uncomfortable both on a physical and mental level. Physically, no pants ever fit right for me: squeezing my stomach, sagging around my legs. Mentally theyhave an even huger impact on my self-perfection and mood that would almost require its own post to explanin in full length.


  • Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard. You name it – I don’t like it. This – unlike what some people might think – has nothing o do with my eating disorder. Even my parents would confirm I was the odd one out as a child eating fries or chicken nuggets – on the rare occasion we were allowed to get those – plain.  Maybe that’s why I’ve never gotten into the salad eating habit?

While I have a plethora more of  quirks that’s it for me today because I can’t risk appearing like a complete nut ;).  Over to you! Share your quirky side!


Happiness-inducing today: A good conversation.

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What are some of your quirks other people don’t understand?

Is there any food you eat in mass quantities every day? No, beverages (i.e.: coffee) don’t count ;).

Week in review: Learning to treat myself and relax

Oh. April. This has to be a bad joke. Just to recap this for you: Sunday saw us going from snow and hail to brightest sunshine. Rain. Sunshine. Hail. Currently: meh.

Now onto some real talk. Real talk as in: admitting some possibly ridiculous-sounding thoughts that have been on my mind lately. These Weeks in Review are fun to write and even more to read on others’ blogs. I guess all bloggers are at least a smidgen nosey and find it interesting to get an idea of what’s going on in others’ lives. However, I’ve been wondering if my reviews sound vain. Self-centered.* Braggish? Definitely not my intention. Yes, I’m blogging for myself but in the end my favourite part of blogging is getting in touch with and learning more about you. I’m not sure why and when I started to worry or doubt this but maybe you feel like chiming in on your perception and how you deal with those thoughts if you’ve had them before, too.

Moving on and getting started on recapping my past week. As the title already hinted you at I’ve been working . though it sounds oxymoronic here – on relaxing. Relaxing mentally about what I didn’t get done, what I ate and what I spent money on.It’s a slow progress but baby steps are still steps. Before I get into this more: a big thanks to Meg for hosting and thereby gifting us some of her – with a baby – rare time. I’ve seen it with my sister: having a baby truly is a full-time job.

*okay, I guess everybody’s are somehow self-centered because that’s what they’re about …


Week in review

Onto some of the things I did in the past week. I …

Worked the usual five days. It was another busy week and I’m not expecting it to slow own any time soon but busy is bettr than

Ordered a new book for myself  – after pondering for weeks. It’s another one of those cases where I can’t justify spending money on myself. Food? Sure. Food for my brain or to pamper myself? Forget about it. It’d better be a really good book. Ironically, its title describes my mind’s wanderings mentioned in my intro …

Current pictures_April 2016 009

Cleaned out my fruit and vegetable stash. It’s huge given I’m the only one eating it but can you really blame me? Produce is -so- good.

Made a stupid mistake and sent an uncomfortable e-mail to hopefully correct it.

Likely the funniest/most embarrassing “accomplishment” /happeningin here. My dad cycles to work every day and asks me to pick up and return a box of files he wants to work on at home – I wasn’t kidding when I called him a workaholic – a few times a week. Not a big deal. However, he needed it back an hour earlier than usual Wednesday morning. Meaning an even earlier get-up for me. I’m NOT a morning person at all. So that was not going to happen. Solution? Call me crazy but choosing between two uncomfortable options I went with the better one: driving to his office at shortly before midnight when he’d mostly finished working. I can’t deny it was a scary experience because hello, dark night in the countryside and walking through a semi-dark empty office. What won’t I do for a slightly longer sleep …?! Thanks for nothing to the radio station playing this song on my drive there. Wolf howls were the perfect background music for a scaredy cat like me. Not.

Meal prepped. A little better than in the past week – only one lunch to prepare spontaneously. My  current go-to dish to prepare – aside from speltberries – is one I used to make all the time way back: sauteed vegetables in a creamy “cheesy” pumpkin sauce. It’s simple, quick to prepare and has a high likeliness to be what I’ll be craving almost every day. Winner!


Remembered to take my iron supplement every morning ever since mentioning it on the blog for the first time. It’s funny because when I first told you about it here it had only been a week of not forgetting it. Now? I haven’t skipped a day since. Yes to blogging accountability!

For those of you not struggling with food it will sound ridiculous but for me it’s huge: I didn’t let stress or temptation make me skip any meals and dealt well/okay with a few nights of non-stop hunger.

Semi-spontaneously went shopping on Saturday. More treating myself, guilt is making me overthink my hugest spending so no picture of it – or better yet: shoes – yet. Maybe next week if I can convince myself to keep them. And since I wasin the same city already I also: a) had a delicious lunch at Dean & David’s:

Dean and David

… and …

Saw my nephew – and sister plus her husband – again. Oh goodness, he’s growing so fast! We had a good chat though I’m not entirely sure I understood what he wantedto tell me ;). It’s also taking more effort to get him to laugh than just a few weeks ago. Already too cool for simple oooh- and aaah-ing.

Speaking of my sister: I got to proofread another exposé for her. Can’t wait for more to come. I’m glad to know other people can relate to my excitement about this.

I also telephone.coached my sister through baking a batch of vegan cookies because she obviously had to wing a recipe using homgeround flour, subbing agave for sugar and not knowing which egg replacer to use with “nothing” at hand (Id’ spied chia seeds n her kitchen the day before so went with that). Fingers crossed they came out well!

… and that was it again from me. Over to you!

Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

Happiness-inducing today:  Getting a lot one for sleeping in far too long today.


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Good good links #139

My, my … how the weeks are flying by. <- guess the song currently stuck in my head [and I’m not mad about it].

Hi there!

Another week gone by [way too] fast and time to share a little recapof my favourite posts. I’ll be honest with you: I’m a little behind on blog reading at the moment so a shorter collection today. Still, I think you’ll find some interesting, helpful or delicious posts in here. Let me know if you found any must-read posts I should catch up on, too :)!

The weather isn’t supposed to be quite as nice as the past week but I hope you’ll still have a great Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

How to Embrace Your Challenges and Love Your Obstacles via In It 4 The Long Run

It’s so true: hard times help us grow and might be the nudge we need to rethink our lives [or mindset].

5 Body Shaming Thoughts We Need To Stop via Katalyst Health

Some of these are hard to practice when we’ve been doing the opposite for so long but they’re all so true.



Good good [advice, inspiration and other insightful reads]

3 Reasons to Stop Calorie Counting by Rachael/Avocado a Day via Fannetastic Food

It’s not only a pain in the butt but not even possible  to do so accurately [see #1].

“But I can’t have an eating disorder BECAUSE…” via An Isle Of Flightless Birds

If you have/had an ED chances are [high] you’ve said or thought at least one of these before. And are/were still deserving or in need of recovery.



5 Questions to Ask During a Blogging Break via Hugs and Lattes

While my current irregular blogging schedule isn’t a real break from it these questions are still great to ask when you’re out of the groove.


If you aren’t yet this will make you huge fans of Georgie and Christina – and also pick up some more Instagram tips.

Four Blogging “Rules” I Break and One I Never Will via Cowgirl Runs

Not every “rule” you come across works for everyone. Find what works for you – and give some lovin’ to fellow bloggers.


Good good [food]

Banana Energy Bars (Vegan & Grain Free!) via Southern In Law

Bars don’t usually catch my eye but these are packed with so many good ingredients I wouldn’t say no.

Rhabarber-Kekse via Excuse me but … it’s my life [German]

Rhubarb sauce in cookies?! That’s an unusual and unique way to use this – yes! – vegetable.

Funfetti cake batter breakfast bake via Running with Spoons

This definitely shouldn’t be reserved for birthdays only because many days would benefit from some more fun[fetti]!

Seven Layer Dessert Dip via Fork and Beans

Sneakily sweet not savoury this looks like so much fun to prepare – and eat!

30 Plant-based Power Bowl Recipes to Fuel You Through Your Day via Fit Living Eats

Talk about endless lunch/dinner inspiraton from this round-up of delicious vegge-packed bowls.


Happiness-inducing today:  Playing with the cutest little boy around – read: my nephew [completely subjective opinion 😉 ] .



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Week in review: The Wannabe-Housewife Edition

Are you a fan of counting? If so: try counting how many times I used the word ‘dad’ in this post. I didn’t but an inkling tells me: many times.  For a reason I’ll tell you more about in a minute – can you tell I’m writing this intro last and at that shortly before bed on Sunday night* and can’t risk messing with my already written post? A big thanks to Meg.for hosting the pat-on-the-back-encouraging link-up that is the Week in Review.

*I’m very much hoping my last edit on this post didn’t end up in too many typos. Sorry in advance in that case.

Week in review

We’re looking back at a week where I …

Edited my sister’s first concept proposal for her Bachelor’s thesis. Memories or writing mine flooded me for a moment there. I wouldn’t want to swap with her by any means but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to plenty of proof-reading to come in future time …

Worked five long days. Friday being the roughest one as I wasn’t expecting to stay two hours longer than usual. It’s a good training forthe future, though. Always looking for the silver lining.

Prepped food for my dad as it’s my mum’s week off of work and she used the opportunity to spend a few days at either of my siblings’ places. Just to not confuse you: my parents -do- love each other and go on holiday together but a few years ago they started taking a few weeks a year off together and a week alone each. A decision I can totally see making sense because no matter how much we love somebody we also still need time for ourselves. Especially when – like my parents – you work together, too. Anyway, the prep included several kinds of vegetables cut and tupper-ed up, some lovely fresh bread from a local organic bakery and those herbed quark packages inthe background. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take the chance to one-up it by also fixing some fruit salads to hopefully keep him from the candy bowl at least at little [wishful thinking]. Stereotypical healthy foodie right there making others eat their fruit and veggies.


Ran errands for my dad several times which was fun because that’s what spending others’ money is, no? Realization: my dad eats a lot of expensive foods [thanks for making me feel better ;)].
Another note not to a) confuse you or b) make my dad look like he was bossing others around: he’s not. As difficult as our relationship might be I have the greatest respect for my dad’s work. 14+ hour days aren’t uncommon for him, weekends truly off don’t exist. No, running errands or cooking aren’t regulars in his life but not out of laziness. While adding tasks to my day  liked taking them up to unburden him at least a smidgen. And obviously because it gave me the chance to up the vegetable game – see above ;).

Got back in touch with two friends I hadn’t heard of in way too long. One of them a friend from university, the other a very good friend made through blogging  [she quit years ago and we actually didn’t connect much earlier – it goes to show how strong and lasting those friendships can be].

Joined the Bloggers Gonna Blog Instagram challenge once again. It’s great to get some inspiration and stay in the game because I’d gotten irregular about posting on there. Unlike the previous time, though, I won’t participate every day but only when I can fit it in and feel like it.

Took up a few household tasks in my parents’ household while my mum was away. She doesn’t need to know I forgot about watering the basil plants, though, right?


Drove my dad around again including to the station in town on Friday as he had a work-related event in Hamburg. And when he came back on Saturday  …

I prepared shoestring sweet potato fries for him. Exciting moment as it was my first time using my mum’s spiralizer. It also was the first time the latter got used. Did I mention I gifted it for Christmas?! I see a lot of spiralizing fun in the future.

spiralized sweet potatoes

Cleaned my apartment including the floors. They were over-due …

Prepped breakfast for the next day each night Sunday through Thursday. I know it’d save time to prepare a big batch and keep in the fridge but a) I’m worried it’ll get bad by the third or forth day [it has actually  happened before]. And b) my fridge isn’t super large. That last one is a real bummer standing in the way of meal prepping like the pros aka Cora or Meg.

Speaking of meal prep, though: I used to do it way back when I was still living in another apartment and ventured back into it by cooking lunch + extra grains for two days on Sunday. Assuming I’d find time to do another big batch of something else on Tuesday. Not the case but at least I tried.

That’s it for me now and I’ll be clicking over to Meg’s soon. Who else is hoping for more baby pictures??

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today:  Having a relaxed Sunday and not stressing about the fact it wasn’t super productive.


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!
Let me know any other mental tricks or productivity hacks you’ve found to work for you!



Good good links #138

What a woozy week! <- sorry, I had to go there using an alliteration. It wasn’t actually woozy but a busy week with not as much relaxed blog reading time as I’d hoped for … and admittedly too little sleep again. Will I ever improve there? Moooving on because you’re here to add some worthwhile reading material to your day: there you go!

Happy Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

It’s True: Body Positivity Isn’t An Excuse To Be Unhealthy via Dances with Fat

… but you’re allowed to be happy with your appearance no matter what you look like.

How Long Does it Take to Break Up with Diet Culture?via Performing Woman

An encouraging and reassuring post for anybody who’s been wondering if they’re a hopeless case who’ll never recover or love themselves.



Good good [advice and inspiration]

You’re not lame, so throw your hat into the ring via The Heart Mag

The title says it already. All of us occasionally feel not good/interesting enough but that fact alone shows it’s not true.

Can You Really Fake It Until You Make It? va Career Girl Daily

Confession: I used to be skeptical about it but this article does make some good points/give valid examples.

Satisfy Food Cravings, Don’t Kick Them via Avocado a Day

Let’s face it: whenever we kick our cravings, they end up kicking us in the butt [= make us go way overboard on them or other food] at some point.

Can We Be Honest For A Second? va Alison Leipzig

Learning to appreciate ourselves wth all edges and [perceived or true] flaws isn’t easy but the only way.

How I Invest In My 4 Types of Health via Erin’s Inside Job

Most of us might not even consider all of these or think of them as vital parts of their self-care routine [guilty].

Exactly What I Could Have Done With All The Money I Spent On Coffee In 2015 via The Financial Diet

Not just for all coffee drinkers and with a conclusion that might surprise you.



4 Reasons Instagram is the Most Important Platform for Bloggers via The BGB Community Blog

If you’re not on Instagram yet – what are you waiting for?? – this post will convince you to join.


Good good [links to make you laugh]

Tinderella: A Modern Day Fairy Tale via CollegeHumor


Good good [food]

Cinnamon Roll Frozen Yogurt Muffins – via Chelsea’s Choices

Are they breakfast? Dessert?What they are for sure: crazy good-looking.and what I wish was in my freezer right now.

Low Fat Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins for Two via The Conscientious Eater

The math on these: Small batch baked goods for the win, peanut butter + chcolate = win meaning these are an all around win.

Skinny Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars via Amy’s Healthy Baking

I don’t even like regular [German] cheesecake but I wouldn’t be opposed to those bars at all.

Spicy Red Pepper Curry Sauce with Broccoli and Rice via The Vegan 8

Grains, vegetables and a creamy sauce … mmmh. If only my stomach hadn’t decided to show me its dislike of bell peppers just this week … for another one, then.



Happiness-inducing today: It never gets old: lots of sunshine and none of the rain predicted in the forecast.

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Week in review: Just keep swimming.

It’s a wraaap. <- said in the annoying voice of a certain supermodel because we know my one current guilty pleasure. At least I’m not smoking, hm?!

Just in case you didn’t do it yet you might want to hop over to Meg’s and congratulate her on the birth of her cute little one. Welcome in this world, baby girl!

Listing up my past week’s happening it  – while busy at work – it doesn’t look like I accomplished much. As the title indicates and I’ve said here, though, I’m trying not to stress about this. Some weeks simply aren’t that exciting and we just keep swimming in the regular stream of daily life. Though I can’t wait for summer to come and with it – hopefully – the option to travel a bit more again and add some zing to my life. For now, let’s get listing …

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked five days. It’s really nice to see the training from a few weeks ago pay off daily now. What used to be endless days of seemingly irrelevant tasks compared to what my colleagues were doing has now turned into valuable work that I can see taking pressure off others’ shoulders. So even though I’m still on the lookout for other opportunities I’m no longer feeling completely misplaced and bored.

Wrote and published three blog posts. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to keep this up this week as it’s looking up to be a busy one at work and my sleep has been suffering. Read: I need to figure out a better way to balance my priorities and if taking a break from blogging helps – which I hope because I don’t like doing it – I’ll do it.

Was my dad’s driver again and had to bring up a lot of inner calmth to resist snapping back at his constant criticism of my driving [or frugal character as this came up as his second favourite topic… ] This is harder to endure than it might sound but I try and tell myself that he’s very stressed in his job and likely not actually mad at me. We all need to release tension and rage in a way and if you have to calm your temper at work all day it’s only natural you’re going to let it out at home. Not always fair or nice for your family but still understandable.

Prepared a batch of these No-bake Chocolate Orange Blondies for my sister. While I enjoy sharing homemade treats with other in general it’s even nicer to send them to her as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of free [-handed] time anymore.

No-bake Chocolate Orange Fudge Blondie

Chased our neighbours’ cats around/away. No matter what this sounds like I don’t hate animals. Geese … well, we agreed their beasts. But these cats are evil, too. There are many cute cats out there but one of the two/three lurking around here is evil-spirited and you can tell from the look in her eyes. I wouldn’t mind her so much if she didn’t lurk for the birds using the bird bath on our terrace or considered our vegetable garden her loo. I get defensive as a) birds shouldn’t die in evil cats’ claws and b) I don’t want my kabocha to grow on cat poop, thankyouverymuch.

I did the laundry several times, one of those including the best kind  …

PJ pants_striped_bed

Nothing like fresh sheets and linen, am I right?! Getting up and out of bed on Sunday morning might have been a little harder thanks to this.

Ran errands for the office after my shift was over on Friday. I must have been quite the sight pushing a cart with seven packages of toilet paper through the store.

Went on a walk with my dad again. Intense. That’s what it was and I don’t mean walking at an insane speed. We don’t dawdle along, either. but this is neither here nor there. Rather, what happened was one of the most intense conversatione I’ve had in a long while. I preach not bottling up feelings and this was really about letting them out.

Daily walks happened again, too. They’re even more enjoyable now that the weather’s getting nicer. Though April is not to be trusted …

March_April 025

Resumed with my little “workout” routine, I’m hoping to up it a smidgen and start running again some time this spring. Here’s to making a trip to Hamburg happen soon so I can get myself a much-needed new pair of running shoes. I miss running.

I feel I missed out on some bits and bobs – awakening the idea that it might be clever to keep track during the week already rather than Sunday afternoon – but c’est la vie, non? <- about as much as is left over from taking French in school. Priorities …


Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: A sunny morning walk. Starting the day right  matters.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!