Week in review: Just keep swimming.

It’s a wraaap. <- said in the annoying voice of a certain supermodel because we know my one current guilty pleasure. At least I’m not smoking, hm?!

Just in case you didn’t do it yet you might want to hop over to Meg’s and congratulate her on the birth of her cute little one. Welcome in this world, baby girl!

Listing up my past week’s happening it  – while busy at work – it doesn’t look like I accomplished much. As the title indicates and I’ve said here, though, I’m trying not to stress about this. Some weeks simply aren’t that exciting and we just keep swimming in the regular stream of daily life. Though I can’t wait for summer to come and with it – hopefully – the option to travel a bit more again and add some zing to my life. For now, let’s get listing …

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked five days. It’s really nice to see the training from a few weeks ago pay off daily now. What used to be endless days of seemingly irrelevant tasks compared to what my colleagues were doing has now turned into valuable work that I can see taking pressure off others’ shoulders. So even though I’m still on the lookout for other opportunities I’m no longer feeling completely misplaced and bored.

Wrote and published three blog posts. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to keep this up this week as it’s looking up to be a busy one at work and my sleep has been suffering. Read: I need to figure out a better way to balance my priorities and if taking a break from blogging helps – which I hope because I don’t like doing it – I’ll do it.

Was my dad’s driver again and had to bring up a lot of inner calmth to resist snapping back at his constant criticism of my driving [or frugal character as this came up as his second favourite topic… ] This is harder to endure than it might sound but I try and tell myself that he’s very stressed in his job and likely not actually mad at me. We all need to release tension and rage in a way and if you have to calm your temper at work all day it’s only natural you’re going to let it out at home. Not always fair or nice for your family but still understandable.

Prepared a batch of these No-bake Chocolate Orange Blondies for my sister. While I enjoy sharing homemade treats with other in general it’s even nicer to send them to her as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of free [-handed] time anymore.

No-bake Chocolate Orange Fudge Blondie

Chased our neighbours’ cats around/away. No matter what this sounds like I don’t hate animals. Geese … well, we agreed their beasts. But these cats are evil, too. There are many cute cats out there but one of the two/three lurking around here is evil-spirited and you can tell from the look in her eyes. I wouldn’t mind her so much if she didn’t lurk for the birds using the bird bath on our terrace or considered our vegetable garden her loo. I get defensive as a) birds shouldn’t die in evil cats’ claws and b) I don’t want my kabocha to grow on cat poop, thankyouverymuch.

I did the laundry several times, one of those including the best kind  …

PJ pants_striped_bed

Nothing like fresh sheets and linen, am I right?! Getting up and out of bed on Sunday morning might have been a little harder thanks to this.

Ran errands for the office after my shift was over on Friday. I must have been quite the sight pushing a cart with seven packages of toilet paper through the store.

Went on a walk with my dad again. Intense. That’s what it was and I don’t mean walking at an insane speed. We don’t dawdle along, either. but this is neither here nor there. Rather, what happened was one of the most intense conversatione I’ve had in a long while. I preach not bottling up feelings and this was really about letting them out.

Daily walks happened again, too. They’re even more enjoyable now that the weather’s getting nicer. Though April is not to be trusted …

March_April 025

Resumed with my little “workout” routine, I’m hoping to up it a smidgen and start running again some time this spring. Here’s to making a trip to Hamburg happen soon so I can get myself a much-needed new pair of running shoes. I miss running.

I feel I missed out on some bits and bobs – awakening the idea that it might be clever to keep track during the week already rather than Sunday afternoon – but c’est la vie, non? <- about as much as is left over from taking French in school. Priorities …


Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: A sunny morning walk. Starting the day right  matters.


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7 thoughts on “Week in review: Just keep swimming.

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    You grow kabocha!?
    Also – I believe you about the cats. I don’t always trust those feline creatures (but don’t tell Meg).

    I’m super happy you’ve been given the chance to have some new training and thus new tasks to Handle at work. No doubt this makes you feel a little more comfortable/included or atleast more stimulated and busy. And about that walk with your dad – without needing to know details, I’m pretty sure I understand how this felt to some degree. I’ve had my fair share. Hard – no doubt – but I hope you feel you said what you needed to say and felt s but lighter after.
    I’ll also not be seen too much on the blog this week – in lieu of choosing sleep. Use those fresh sheets to the max. 🙂

  2. Ellie says:

    Ooo I hope everything with you dad went well and you got feelings out. That is super important as you know, holding it in makes it worse. I have been praying that your father stops critiquing your driving. That is so frustrating and makes it worse!
    Clean sheets are the BEST! They beg to be slept in and I happily oblige 🙂 Have a great week!

  3. anaesrout01 says:

    Hey there.

    I’m glad to hear about all the things you’ve accomplished this week. I can totally relate about the issues with your dad; because he and I don’t see each other too often (but are sure to text each other every morning), when we do see each other, he’ll either be really pleasant or he’ll give me crap about random things in my life (in the not-so-nice fashion).

    Is it easy to plant/grow kabocha? I’ve never tried. Also, is that similar to a pumpkin? Please let me know; I’m super-curious.

    Lastly, I know how good it feels to have clean clothes/bedding. It’s amazing, and makes one feel so accomplished.

    Anyhow, hope your Wednesday is going well. Take care! ❤ ❤

  4. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m glad your finding fulfillment at work again. While it might not be your favorite job, at least you’re getting satisfaction from it. That’s always something.

    Clean sheets are everything. I really need to wash mine right now too. They’re covered in breast milk. Oops. 😉

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