Week in review: The Wannabe-Housewife Edition

Are you a fan of counting? If so: try counting how many times I used the word ‘dad’ in this post. I didn’t but an inkling tells me: many times.  For a reason I’ll tell you more about in a minute – can you tell I’m writing this intro last and at that shortly before bed on Sunday night* and can’t risk messing with my already written post? A big thanks to Meg.for hosting the pat-on-the-back-encouraging link-up that is the Week in Review.

*I’m very much hoping my last edit on this post didn’t end up in too many typos. Sorry in advance in that case.

Week in review

We’re looking back at a week where I …

Edited my sister’s first concept proposal for her Bachelor’s thesis. Memories or writing mine flooded me for a moment there. I wouldn’t want to swap with her by any means but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to plenty of proof-reading to come in future time …

Worked five long days. Friday being the roughest one as I wasn’t expecting to stay two hours longer than usual. It’s a good training forthe future, though. Always looking for the silver lining.

Prepped food for my dad as it’s my mum’s week off of work and she used the opportunity to spend a few days at either of my siblings’ places. Just to not confuse you: my parents -do- love each other and go on holiday together but a few years ago they started taking a few weeks a year off together and a week alone each. A decision I can totally see making sense because no matter how much we love somebody we also still need time for ourselves. Especially when – like my parents – you work together, too. Anyway, the prep included several kinds of vegetables cut and tupper-ed up, some lovely fresh bread from a local organic bakery and those herbed quark packages inthe background. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take the chance to one-up it by also fixing some fruit salads to hopefully keep him from the candy bowl at least at little [wishful thinking]. Stereotypical healthy foodie right there making others eat their fruit and veggies.


Ran errands for my dad several times which was fun because that’s what spending others’ money is, no? Realization: my dad eats a lot of expensive foods [thanks for making me feel better ;)].
Another note not to a) confuse you or b) make my dad look like he was bossing others around: he’s not. As difficult as our relationship might be I have the greatest respect for my dad’s work. 14+ hour days aren’t uncommon for him, weekends truly off don’t exist. No, running errands or cooking aren’t regulars in his life but not out of laziness. While adding tasks to my day  liked taking them up to unburden him at least a smidgen. And obviously because it gave me the chance to up the vegetable game – see above ;).

Got back in touch with two friends I hadn’t heard of in way too long. One of them a friend from university, the other a very good friend made through blogging  [she quit years ago and we actually didn’t connect much earlier – it goes to show how strong and lasting those friendships can be].

Joined the Bloggers Gonna Blog Instagram challenge once again. It’s great to get some inspiration and stay in the game because I’d gotten irregular about posting on there. Unlike the previous time, though, I won’t participate every day but only when I can fit it in and feel like it.

Took up a few household tasks in my parents’ household while my mum was away. She doesn’t need to know I forgot about watering the basil plants, though, right?


Drove my dad around again including to the station in town on Friday as he had a work-related event in Hamburg. And when he came back on Saturday  …

I prepared shoestring sweet potato fries for him. Exciting moment as it was my first time using my mum’s spiralizer. It also was the first time the latter got used. Did I mention I gifted it for Christmas?! I see a lot of spiralizing fun in the future.

spiralized sweet potatoes

Cleaned my apartment including the floors. They were over-due …

Prepped breakfast for the next day each night Sunday through Thursday. I know it’d save time to prepare a big batch and keep in the fridge but a) I’m worried it’ll get bad by the third or forth day [it has actually  happened before]. And b) my fridge isn’t super large. That last one is a real bummer standing in the way of meal prepping like the pros aka Cora or Meg.

Speaking of meal prep, though: I used to do it way back when I was still living in another apartment and ventured back into it by cooking lunch + extra grains for two days on Sunday. Assuming I’d find time to do another big batch of something else on Tuesday. Not the case but at least I tried.

That’s it for me now and I’ll be clicking over to Meg’s soon. Who else is hoping for more baby pictures??

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today:  Having a relaxed Sunday and not stressing about the fact it wasn’t super productive.


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10 thoughts on “Week in review: The Wannabe-Housewife Edition

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Well I’m definitely sharing more baby pictures so you will not be disappointed.

    I’m actually kind of glad you got to spend so much time doing stuff for your dad. I bet it gives both of you a greater appreciation for one another. I can relate to those long days and working weekends, and it’s no fun so it’s always nice to have someone’s help on the home front.

    Those fries….I want some please.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oooh yes, I wasn’t disappointed in the least by the number of adorable baby pictures. Only couldn’t comment or fully read your post until now as I sneakily linked up as fast as I could from work. Officially, I’m not using the internet for anything private aside from e-mails ;).
      I thought you’d be more interested in the bread but those fries were really good, too.

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    Wow. So you basically took on the role of parent of a parent this week. That in itself is massive, and tiring I can imagine. Your father is so lucky to have a daughter so responsible and generous of her time. I sure hope you treated yourself to some of that expensive food and abundance of veggies and that it all went by without much of a hitch. Meal prepping definitely depends on fridge space – and I too struggle with the notion of it going bad. So the night before method is sometimes he best. Well done girl this was a big week!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Cora! Even though it added to my daily responsibilities helping him didn’t feel like stress. Aside from the fact I need some stress in my life … Helping him in even the smallest ways made me happy and while not always easy we shared some good moments.
      I’m really impressed by your meal prep – and obviously everything else you manage to do – every week.

  3. Ellie says:

    When I was living at home for a bit before I got my own place, I gave my dad rides places as well. Having a big farm, he would need to leave tractors in certain fields and then drive wagons to others and get picked up. The only time I minded was when he basically expected me to do it and didn’t ask nicely. It was like I wasn’t doing anything and I needed to drop it because “I need a ride.” My dad works hard too, but rudeness does nothing for ya in my eyes. I hope he is better now (because he is much nicer to me now). I hope that helping him out like this will improve your relationship 🙂

  4. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    I’ve definitely taken care of my dad when mom was away. Frankly, he’s never really learned how to cook, and he’ll eat out every meal if somebody doesn’t feed him. Now he’s on sabbatical in southern Germany and I guess he’s going to have to learn how to feed himself somehow, You can buy such delicious bread in Germany; I’m sure he’s enjoying that that!
    It’s really nice of you to be there for your daddy-o.
    It’s also super-nice to get in touch with old friends.
    Glad you had a restful Sunday!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m sure your dad really appreciated your help, too. Maybe you should randomly ask about his cooking skills the next time you chat ;)? Eating out wouldn’t have been an option for my dad as there’s hardly anything around here. Luckily, he’s very easy to please – on the food front at least.
      Happy Thursday!

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