Good good links #139

My, my … how the weeks are flying by. <- guess the song currently stuck in my head [and I’m not mad about it].

Hi there!

Another week gone by [way too] fast and time to share a little recapof my favourite posts. I’ll be honest with you: I’m a little behind on blog reading at the moment so a shorter collection today. Still, I think you’ll find some interesting, helpful or delicious posts in here. Let me know if you found any must-read posts I should catch up on, too :)!

The weather isn’t supposed to be quite as nice as the past week but I hope you’ll still have a great Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

How to Embrace Your Challenges and Love Your Obstacles via In It 4 The Long Run

It’s so true: hard times help us grow and might be the nudge we need to rethink our lives [or mindset].

5 Body Shaming Thoughts We Need To Stop via Katalyst Health

Some of these are hard to practice when we’ve been doing the opposite for so long but they’re all so true.



Good good [advice, inspiration and other insightful reads]

3 Reasons to Stop Calorie Counting by Rachael/Avocado a Day via Fannetastic Food

It’s not only a pain in the butt but not even possible  to do so accurately [see #1].

“But I can’t have an eating disorder BECAUSE…” via An Isle Of Flightless Birds

If you have/had an ED chances are [high] you’ve said or thought at least one of these before. And are/were still deserving or in need of recovery.



5 Questions to Ask During a Blogging Break via Hugs and Lattes

While my current irregular blogging schedule isn’t a real break from it these questions are still great to ask when you’re out of the groove.


If you aren’t yet this will make you huge fans of Georgie and Christina – and also pick up some more Instagram tips.

Four Blogging “Rules” I Break and One I Never Will via Cowgirl Runs

Not every “rule” you come across works for everyone. Find what works for you – and give some lovin’ to fellow bloggers.


Good good [food]

Banana Energy Bars (Vegan & Grain Free!) via Southern In Law

Bars don’t usually catch my eye but these are packed with so many good ingredients I wouldn’t say no.

Rhabarber-Kekse via Excuse me but … it’s my life [German]

Rhubarb sauce in cookies?! That’s an unusual and unique way to use this – yes! – vegetable.

Funfetti cake batter breakfast bake via Running with Spoons

This definitely shouldn’t be reserved for birthdays only because many days would benefit from some more fun[fetti]!

Seven Layer Dessert Dip via Fork and Beans

Sneakily sweet not savoury this looks like so much fun to prepare – and eat!

30 Plant-based Power Bowl Recipes to Fuel You Through Your Day via Fit Living Eats

Talk about endless lunch/dinner inspiraton from this round-up of delicious vegge-packed bowls.


Happiness-inducing today:  Playing with the cutest little boy around – read: my nephew [completely subjective opinion 😉 ] .



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7 thoughts on “Good good links #139

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It really was and such a good reminder for “those” times.
      Happy Sunday to you and thanks for the encouragement to get a Week in Review up. I’ve been wondering if they come across too vain lately which I obviously don’t want.

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