Week in review: Learning to treat myself and relax

Oh. April. This has to be a bad joke. Just to recap this for you: Sunday saw us going from snow and hail to brightest sunshine. Rain. Sunshine. Hail. Currently: meh.

Now onto some real talk. Real talk as in: admitting some possibly ridiculous-sounding thoughts that have been on my mind lately. These Weeks in Review are fun to write and even more to read on others’ blogs. I guess all bloggers are at least a smidgen nosey and find it interesting to get an idea of what’s going on in others’ lives. However, I’ve been wondering if my reviews sound vain. Self-centered.* Braggish? Definitely not my intention. Yes, I’m blogging for myself but in the end my favourite part of blogging is getting in touch with and learning more about you. I’m not sure why and when I started to worry or doubt this but maybe you feel like chiming in on your perception and how you deal with those thoughts if you’ve had them before, too.

Moving on and getting started on recapping my past week. As the title already hinted you at I’ve been working . though it sounds oxymoronic here – on relaxing. Relaxing mentally about what I didn’t get done, what I ate and what I spent money on.It’s a slow progress but baby steps are still steps. Before I get into this more: a big thanks to Meg for hosting and thereby gifting us some of her – with a baby – rare time. I’ve seen it with my sister: having a baby truly is a full-time job.

*okay, I guess everybody’s are somehow self-centered because that’s what they’re about …


Week in review

Onto some of the things I did in the past week. I …

Worked the usual five days. It was another busy week and I’m not expecting it to slow own any time soon but busy is bettr than

Ordered a new book for myself  – after pondering for weeks. It’s another one of those cases where I can’t justify spending money on myself. Food? Sure. Food for my brain or to pamper myself? Forget about it. It’d better be a really good book. Ironically, its title describes my mind’s wanderings mentioned in my intro …

Current pictures_April 2016 009

Cleaned out my fruit and vegetable stash. It’s huge given I’m the only one eating it but can you really blame me? Produce is -so- good.

Made a stupid mistake and sent an uncomfortable e-mail to hopefully correct it.

Likely the funniest/most embarrassing “accomplishment” /happeningin here. My dad cycles to work every day and asks me to pick up and return a box of files he wants to work on at home – I wasn’t kidding when I called him a workaholic – a few times a week. Not a big deal. However, he needed it back an hour earlier than usual Wednesday morning. Meaning an even earlier get-up for me. I’m NOT a morning person at all. So that was not going to happen. Solution? Call me crazy but choosing between two uncomfortable options I went with the better one: driving to his office at shortly before midnight when he’d mostly finished working. I can’t deny it was a scary experience because hello, dark night in the countryside and walking through a semi-dark empty office. What won’t I do for a slightly longer sleep …?! Thanks for nothing to the radio station playing this song on my drive there. Wolf howls were the perfect background music for a scaredy cat like me. Not.

Meal prepped. A little better than in the past week – only one lunch to prepare spontaneously. My  current go-to dish to prepare – aside from speltberries – is one I used to make all the time way back: sauteed vegetables in a creamy “cheesy” pumpkin sauce. It’s simple, quick to prepare and has a high likeliness to be what I’ll be craving almost every day. Winner!


Remembered to take my iron supplement every morning ever since mentioning it on the blog for the first time. It’s funny because when I first told you about it here it had only been a week of not forgetting it. Now? I haven’t skipped a day since. Yes to blogging accountability!

For those of you not struggling with food it will sound ridiculous but for me it’s huge: I didn’t let stress or temptation make me skip any meals and dealt well/okay with a few nights of non-stop hunger.

Semi-spontaneously went shopping on Saturday. More treating myself, guilt is making me overthink my hugest spending so no picture of it – or better yet: shoes – yet. Maybe next week if I can convince myself to keep them. And since I wasin the same city already I also: a) had a delicious lunch at Dean & David’s:

Dean and David

… and …

Saw my nephew – and sister plus her husband – again. Oh goodness, he’s growing so fast! We had a good chat though I’m not entirely sure I understood what he wantedto tell me ;). It’s also taking more effort to get him to laugh than just a few weeks ago. Already too cool for simple oooh- and aaah-ing.

Speaking of my sister: I got to proofread another exposé for her. Can’t wait for more to come. I’m glad to know other people can relate to my excitement about this.

I also telephone.coached my sister through baking a batch of vegan cookies because she obviously had to wing a recipe using homgeround flour, subbing agave for sugar and not knowing which egg replacer to use with “nothing” at hand (Id’ spied chia seeds n her kitchen the day before so went with that). Fingers crossed they came out well!

… and that was it again from me. Over to you!

Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

Happiness-inducing today:  Getting a lot one for sleeping in far too long today.


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10 thoughts on “Week in review: Learning to treat myself and relax

  1. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    Yay for proofreading, haha! I totally understand your excitement, girl! I love that you phone-coached your sister through baking a batch of cookies as that is something I often do with my friends – and something I did with Jesse when he was in Louisiana. I once gave him a phone lesson on how to bake salmon in his mom’s totally under-equipped kitchen (NONE of Jesse’s family cook so they only have what’s needed to reheat things, haha!) and felt like I deserved some kind of culinary award 😛

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, hello, you totally deserve an award for that kind of culinary talent! I’d be curious how you managed to help Jesse make it work in his mum’s kitchen.

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    To your first point/concern – a main reason I started a blog was to combat those inner voices telling me that simply talking about myself is vain or selfish. I can assure you you come off as anything but – but rather very interested and supportive of everyone and the world around you. You teach us things by sharing about yourself – so you are actually being the opposite of vain.
    For gals like us, splurging and treating ourselves and spending money and relaxing are THE biggest accomplishments and need to be recognized. I’m doing well with these things as well this week – already spent more money than I do in a week. I’m using the f*** it mentality pretty well. I encourage you to join me. Speaking of – I want that book. It must come in English?
    Congrats on being the “go to” professional baker for your sister and on all your personal progress this week. Much much ❤

    • Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

      I second everything Cora said, and most especially the part about you coming across as genuine, as opposed to vain. I want you to take pride in your accomplishments, not second guess whether you are deserving of them, since you so clearly are; we all are.

      That book is speaking to me.

      Keep the shoes.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      I’m way late in saying it but thank you, Cora! Week after week I can’t push the feeling of “do you really think people care about your self-centered ramblings?’ aside. It’s ridiculous in that I enjoy reading those same posts on others blogs … Especially yours.
      If you don’t mind I’ll really try to steal your f*** it mentality for the next opportunities of bigger splurges ahead. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t made it far in the book yet but it’s feeling like a good one so far. However, it doesn’t seem to be available in English and I haven’t seen any similar-sounding ones which is a pity for you gals over there/bad marketing on the publisher’s side.

  3. Stephanie Leduc says:

    You are still getting snow and hail?! Oh goodness, I am actually sending you the warmest thoughts and hoping the weather is better!!
    That meal prep is looking mighty yummy if I do say so myself!

  4. Ellie says:

    Wow I would totally rather get up early than drive so late! Only the crazies are out at that time 😉 This week I finished a book, shaved my legs and wore my first summer dress. I actually sound feminine there. Have a great week!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Embrace your feminine side, girl! Okay, my approval of dresses won’t surprise you after Thursday’s post but I can totally see how well they suit you.
      Finishing books is usually bittersweet for me. Nice to know the whole story but sad because you might have heightened expectations for the next book to come.

  5. masala girl says:

    i’vr been busy and haven’t been able to stop by lately, i’ve missed ya! 🙂
    first, you’re little victories made me smile! i’m so happy you’re over coming little things and are dealing with you’re hunger better. awesome!
    and your workaholic dad sounds like me. i’d totally drive at night too! but i’m glad you made it back safe 😀
    and your weather sounds like what it is here- HAH. SO bipolar! and annoying!
    also, do you have that lunch recipe on hereee? 🙂

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