Week in review: [Last of] April showers.

Somebody pinch me, please. It’s NOT May yet. Right?? I’m both shocked and confused. The months really are flying by. ..

Is it bad to look forward to the upcoming weekend on Monday already? Because I very much do after this past week brought on some April showers in the form of not so pleasant happenings. On Thursday my mum and I will pick up my sister and make our way to my grandparents’ to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. I’m not anticipating the six hour car drive involved but it will be worth it. And then my sister – and the little one, obviously 🙂 – will be staying with us until Sunday. A three-day-only work week isn’t the worst, either. Public holidays for the win! For now, let’s get the week started with a bang in the form of another Week in Review. Thanks to Meg for keeping up with the shenanigans stll.

Week in review


Onto some of what happened in my life during the past seven days. I …

Worked five days again. It felt mostly good aside from one day that was hard to endure – and not because I had to wear pants.

Drove my dad around again. No more words on our relationship here as it feels like all the “progress” we made was nixed leaving us back at square zero. A very anxiety-provoking square zero that’s occupying my mind a lot.

Survived a dentist’s appointment. More lined up in the future.


Adulted. Meaning I paid a few bills, sighing at the disproportionate flow of income vs. expenses or in other words: why does money take long to earn but is spent in a matter of minutes?

Cleaned my kitchen and bathroom – at 9 PM on Saturday night. Apparantly cleaning is my go-to distraction when I’m feeling crummy. I’ll take it if that means shortening my Sunday to-dos.

Took care of some laundry wbhic

Cooked every day. I also meal-prepped but like I said don’t feel daring enough to prepare larger amounts of certain dishes in advance. Like my go-to breakfast. Keeping it real here and showing it in its unedited or beautified nature.

Breakfast_meal prep

Decided to keep those shoes – an obvously failed to take a picture to insert here in time. Soon, soon.

Navigated my sister through another healthy baking project. It all started Friday afternoon with a text asking if I had “a healthy cookie recipe”. Bloggers will know there’s so much wrong with this question: 1. How would any healthy living blogger -not- know one? 2. Actually: one? Impossible to recommend anything because you know too many. Specify, please. Crispy and chocolatey were the requirements so after a quick consult of my blog reader I sent her this link. Followed by advice on ingredient subs and sources. Side note: It’s so nice to give back to my big sister even if just in small ways as I could always count on her when I was younger.

Met this little furry, no, thorny friend. No denial of the fact I spent a good while watching him and squealing like a little child afterwards. Can I please keep it?!


I’m sorry for this being a shorter, maybe not quite as upbeat post but there’s a lot of rumbling going on in my brain right now. I still can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been up to. No matter the struggles in daily life: the blog world is always there to cheer up and support each other and for that I’m very grateful. Thank you and have a great start into the new week and month!

May May be a good one!


Happiness-inducing today:  Productivity.


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8 thoughts on “Week in review: [Last of] April showers.

  1. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    Oh no 😦 I’m praying for you and your Dad because I know how frustrated you must be feeling. Just keep hanging in there, gorgeous – I know you’ll get there in the end! Often times with our parents it’s hard for them to change their ways/attitudes/etc as they feel like they’ve built up this persona and they get stuck in a rut of sorts.

    I feel you on the cleaning when feeling crummy… that should be a hashtag or something 😛

    I am also DYING at that hedgehog (?!) because that is so ridiculously cute!

  2. Cora says:

    Hey lady. I’m sorry to hear about the not as “progressive” movement with your Dad this week. Sometimes things need to go up and down and get a little messier before they get better. I just hope the anxieties don’t take up too much of that brilliant brain of yours. All in good time…

    Lol at the “healthy cookie” question. I’d say you knew of a few…
    YAY for keeping those shoes. You deserve it. Cast the thoughts of those silly bills aside. Life is too short. ❤ ❤

  3. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) says:

    I understand the ‘rumblings’ in the brain, and my favorite way to get it out is to just walk/run/work-out and pray. God is such a loving Heavenly Father, and it’s always comforting to my faint heart that He hears the cries of His children. ❤

    I will be praying for you dear. Please keep sharing with us as you feel comfortable. ❤

  4. Kate Bennett says:

    I’m so jealous you ran into that little cutie! I’d love to see that.
    You are a wonderful daughter for making your efforts. Some people require lots of grace!

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m glad last week is over too and I’m hoping this one is remarkably better. Cross your fingers for me.

    Sorry to hear about the setback with your dad. Keep working on it though, and it will get better over time. The grass is always greener where you water it.

    I’m glad you kept the shoes, and I’m so impressed your sister is able to cook right now. I maybe manage a meal or two a week and throw prepared food down my gullet the rest of the time.

    Happy Monday.

  6. Ellie says:

    Tough break with the backward slide with you dad 😦 I’m here for you if you need to vent. I have such a hard time when people ask me for a healthy recipe. Part of my wants to be like “spoon+peanut butter jar” but I don’t think that’s what they want 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Peanut butter + a spoon – I like the way you think and while she used to claim she disliked peanuts my sister has come to senses these days ;).
      Thanks for you offer, Ellie! I might take you up on that.

  7. katalysthealth says:

    I can’t believe it is May either. Where the heck has this year gone? And I love that your sis requested a healthy cookie recipe from you! My dad and little sister have been OBSESSED with my PB chocolate chip oatmeal cookies lately and have been requesting them often!

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