ToL: Summer TMI, blogger problems and cookies

It’s Thursday and time to let the thoughts run places again.  This will be the shortest intro in the history of this blog but a little trouble I ran into [see below] means I have to finish this at a time I actually wanted to be in bed already sooo … sleep matters, yes? Sorry for this – we’ll pretendit’s part of the schedued andomness.

Ready, set,: thoughts out loud!


Baking for others [and stress-relieve]? I’m so up for that. After recommending this recipe to my sister and getting a rave review from her my mum got curious and wanted to try the cookies herself. I not so unselfishly – an opportunity to taste-test cookie dough?!- offered to bake a batch. It was one of the quickest to prepare recipes I’ve tried so far and the verdict? Divided. I tried a bite and they taste amazingly buttery and have a great texture. At first bite my mum was delighted. Later? Not as impressed anymore – I’m not sure why and will have to investigate . Just to clarify this: Brandi’s recipe is delicious, my mum simply has way too high expectations as you might remember. We’ll have lots of visitors over for the weekend so I’ll be sure to get some more opinons and report back. Because how bad could these innocent chocolate chip cookies be?

vegan cookies_The vegan 8

Oh,  what a difference a few minutes make. More details: just a few minutes ago I was going to excitedly tell you that we got a new internet router that’s allowing for fast internet [less blogging frustrations about pictures not uploading etc.]. Now? Not so much. Fast but flunky. As in: I found myself kicked out for one and a half hours before I could finally get it to work again and write my post. That right here would be the blogger problem mentoned in the intro. Stirring up anxious nerves that I needed to calm. With chocolate.

What is it about chocolate chips that makes them that alluring? Aside from being chocolate, I mean. Because they’re actually not a particularly awesome kind. Or maybe that’s just because I’ve been playing in higher leagues again  [read: mingling with the 80 % bars]. Still,I find my hand in the bag time and time again.

Chocolate chips_II

On a completely different topic, probably verging on TMI territory – though when everybody’s talking about poop what even is TMI anymore? So: summer. Yay sun! For some of us that means not just a risk of sunburn – hi, fellow pale-skinned people! – and also the potential of …. stronger bodily odors. If you know what I mean. Me? I apparently lucked out there. Which is good because I’ve finally made the switch to a [hopefully] more natural deodorant a short time ago. I felt bad about all the chemistry I apply to my skin using regular ones. Though I know there apparently are even more  natural ways to cover unwanted smells but I’m just not ready/daring enough for that.


Speaking of bodily odors – what a nice expression, no? – I told you about my current favourite one already. When thinking out loud about the point above my sister chimed in letting me know that sweat was one of the components of this heavenly scent. Kind of obvious but still  … hmm.

On the note of nice scents: summer’s here! Go and smell the flowers. Or blow the dandelons seeds’! <- does anybody still do this as an adult?

Happiness-inducing today: A walk in the beautiful evening light – without a jacket because it was still warm! Ah, summer is coming.

Stay in touch!

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What are some topics you’d consider TMI? I’m usually not the one to go into topics like the one above in daily life but I guess blogging makes us share a little more random thoughts ;).

Has summer been showing where you are yet? Our early summer weather is supposed to end again this weeked already.


15 thoughts on “ToL: Summer TMI, blogger problems and cookies

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    There’s nothing that chocolate can’t fix, although any kind of technical frustrations are kind of pushing it. I really hate it when something is wonky with my internet, or if it decides to run super slow. Hopefully things pick up soon! And yessssss! Summer is coming 😀

  2. Ellie says:

    I think when people talk about sex in a public place it’s TMI. Now I’m all for love making and think it’s important for healthy couples, but that’s your business! I also hate it when women talk about their favorite birth control/period control things. I really don’t want to think about that thank you very much. I mean, having cramps is one thing, but talking about other stuff is not ok for me

  3. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) says:

    Yes I am so grateful for flowers in spring time. It’s amazing to see how God prepares the earth for spring during the winter, and then it all just explodes into color. ❤ ❤ ❤ And I really need to try one of your recipes. They always make me want chocolate. 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Haha, I’m a pretty open person, so most TMI things aren’t really that bad to me. However, you definitely have to pick your moments. I hate when my family talks about bodily functions while I’m eating- yuck!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      While I said Texans might not consider our weather hot I’m not sure Australians would either ;). Would ~60 °F/16 °C at night/7 PM sound warm to you? For us around here they certainly do – German weather isn’t know to be the hottest ever.

  5. mylittletablespoon says:

    I think everything tastes better when in small form. Sort of like grated cheese tastes waaaayyy better than big chunks of cheese (I guess you would’t know this one very well). Chocolate chips just mean you get to enjoy the same amount of chocolate for a longer amount of eating time?
    I really don’t think much falls under TMI for me. I’m pretty damn open, especially about body functions.
    This week we had such hot weather but this weekend is calling for SNOW! NO!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Food cutesy?! You’re clearly onto something with everything tasting better in small sizes. The grated vs. chunky cheese thing is one I didn’t think of but definitely agree with.
      Snow??! That’s crazy. Though our weather changed very abruptly this week, too, and there apparently even was some hail in another village around. Wasn’t that weather craziness reserved for April only?

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