Good good links #142

It’s that time of the week again: both the one where I get to share some of the great posts by others – maybe you, too – I found throughout the past days [and shamefully admitting that I once again read more I wanted to include but forgot to scribble down somewhere]. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of the week where my brain refuses to come up with an inventive intro. But just like every other week you’re fortunately not here for my mind’s musing but all those great posts below.

Have a great Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight via The New York Times

A longer read but well worth it for the insight on how dieting wrecks our metabolism and why we have no influence on our “happy weight”.

How Getting Into Fitness Gave Me A Negative Body Image via He and She Eat Clean

One of the less-talked-about  dark sides of the fitness and healthy living world.



Good good [advice, inspiration and other insightful reads]

Don’t Worry, No One Has Their Shit Together via Kayla in the City

Very reassuring post for anybody who feels like everybody else knows exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going in life.

7 Life Lessons I Learned From 5 Years Of Probation va Erin’s Inside Job

Yes, I share posts by Erin quite often but her reflections on the experiences she had and life’s lessons are always worth reading.

Nutritional Nonsense Detection Kit via dietitically speaking

A step-by-step instruction to help you not falling for all of those myths and attention-grabbing headlines + claims out there.

How to reduce your waste via love me, feed me

Lots of great tips on a topic anybody living a healthy life cares about. Living a little “greener” feels and does good.

What Is Health at Every Size?  via Avocado a Day

Why you can never tellhow halthy a person actually is just looking at their BMI/weight.



Why Everything You Hear About How to Blog is Wrong via Helene in Between

Ah-men. <- the sigh of relief I let out after reading this and you probably will, too. There aren’t always hard and fast rules to everything.




Good good [food]

Rose Water Sprinkles via Sugar and Satire

Homemade vegan sprinkles? No longer a far-away dream.Colour me pink impressed.

5 Cake Recipes You Can Have For Breakfast via Bloglovin’

Because I know this is some people’s mum-would-not-approve childhood dream. Go have your cake and eat it for breakfast, too!

25+ Ways to Eat More Chickpeas via Mango About Town

I’ll always advocate eating more of my favourite legumes – how about for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert?!

Smoky & Meaty Tomato Dip (vegan) via Elephantastic Vegan

A  hearty dip that I have no doubt would be a hit with vegans and meat eaters alike.



Happiness-inducing today: Spending the afternoon with my sister, her husband and obvously the little one who are visiting for the weekend.


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