Week in review: Some kind of happy.

I’m sitting here in the boring.room

It’s just another rainy Sunday afternoon.

I’m wasting my time …

Wait. Okay, that’s a lie. A big fat one at that. It’s a gorgeous day and I’ve got lots to do – mostly so I can make the most of the sunny hours today. Anyway, it’s time to wrap up my past week despite once again feeling it flew by too fast. And forgetting to take notes of what I did so I’m rather sure I’ll miss out on some going-ons. Then again, it’s those same adulting tasks most of us know from their own lives so not necessarily mention-worthy in anyway. Same old, same old. What’s also the same but definitely not boring is Meg’s week in review so hop on over there to see more pictures of adorable Ave and what everybody else did. Oh and the title? My current state of being. The “some kind of” because it mirrors my head still spinning with too many thoughts, regrets and oh well … let’s get started.

Week in review

Worked four days thanks to Monday being another holiday for us. It’ll be hard to get used to full five-day work weeks again. #sospoiled

Edited an application for one of my brother’s friends who’d heard I did that. It was in English so even more fun to do. Somebody hire me as an editor, please?!

Bought lunch/late breakfast for a colleague. She’s the first one to arrive in the morning and go-go-go until lunch time.  I offered to run to the organic bakery around the corner and got her two buns [cheese and butter were at the office already or I’d gotten some of that, too]. This is also the same colleague I’ve been promising a batch of homemade granola for the same reason: she doesn’t get enough breaks and the office candy bowl isn’t exactly a proper nourishing meal*. I’m not mentioning this to score any brownie points but simply because it feels good to see that little things like that can brighten others’ days. I like my colleagues so doing them tiny favours is one of my favorite parts of work. Though I obviously still actually work, too ;).

On that note I also bought my dad one of his favourite crisp breads because I don’t want him to run out non-sugary at least somewhat healthy food at the office. You know me.

*Can you tell I have some motherly genes in me :D? Okay, it might also be the health nut in me …

Cauliflower Chickpea Curry_FG[An old favourite – my Cauliflower Chickpea Curry – has been making a reappearance for lunch this past week. ]

  • Speaking of my dad: we got along really well the past days. Those of you not visiting for the first time will know we have a difficult relationship so this accomplishment ranks up high for me. It made a huge difference in my overall mood. Not wanting to sound like a negative Nancy here I will say, though, that this could change in the blink of an eye again. I’m enjoying it while it lasts because living in the moment is the very best thing to do – marvelous even.
  • Because I still can’t shake off the feeling some might read a bragging tone into my mention of buying my colleague food [overthinking? Always.]: Shoutout to my dad for spring-cleaning my bike – as well as his and my mum’s. I’m really bad at things like that so I was glad he took care of it
  • Did some recipe experimentation. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired or too afraid of failing lately hence the lack of new recipes on here.
  • Went on many walks again. It’s been really good weather the past few days which makes walks a must. And a mood-brightener.
  • Cleaned my apartment including scrubbing the shower and cleaning the bathroom mirror – a task I despise because it’s never spotless paining my perfectionist side. Stank eye, mirror.
  • Started taking my vitamin D supplement again – thanks to Kate for the reminder!
  • Stopped and smelled the flowers every day. My mum’s garden is in full bloom and I’m enjoying it a lot.


  • Edited the first rough draft of the intro of my sister’s Bachelor thesis. It promises  to be an interesting read but I’m glad it’s not me writing a thesis once again. One time is enough, no? Coincidentially, though, my sister is going to interview somebody from the same magazine I did when I wrote mine.
  • Wrote a long blog post in one go on Wednesday night – note: I never write them in one go – but decided on not publishing it in the end. It was a weird situation but I still haven’t figured out some of the mind rumbles I mentioned in the past week. Sometimes we just need to write things out to sort through them.

…and that is enough of me for today. Tell me about your weeks and don’t forget to stop by Meg’s for more Week in Review shenanigans!

Happiness-inducing today:  Sunshine. Smiling like a goof because of said sunshine.


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!
Bloggers: What does your writing process look like? Do you sit down and type a post in one go or several shorter sessions? You know which camp I’m in and it’s the same for e-mails.


12 thoughts on “Week in review: Some kind of happy.

  1. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    I totally want to be your colleague. You are too sweet, meine freund!

    I am so glad you’re getting along better with your Dad – I bet that feels SO good after how hard you’ve been working at improving your relationship with him. Baby steps!

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    So, so happy to hear about the week you had with your Dad. Live in the moment and take those highs when they come.
    Also so excited for your editing opportunities! I can feel your giddiness from here!
    In terms of writing blog posts – I think I tend to write it all in one sitting, but in a very rough “stream of conscious” way. Then I go back usually two or three times to gradually edit and refine before posting.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s similar for me: In the best case I start out with a rough draft of a appropriate post length. Only to then go over it the next day, a week or quite some time later. Lately, though, I’ve had many thoughts and ideas none of which were enough and rounded out for a proper post.
      I hope things with your parents have been going uphill for you, too. In my experience living with our parents again – temporarily or for longer – is a constant up and down of getting along well and arguments. At best a harmonious mix.

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m thrilled to hear about you and your dad and I hope the success continues.

    Also, I’d love to have a colleague like you who makes me granola. That’s not bragging at all, it’s simply genuine kindness and thoughtfulness. The world needs more of you.

    I’ve got flowers popping up all over my yard right now: peonies, tulips, lilacs, phlox. It makes me think of you and our mutual love of floral vegetation.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ah, you’re making me blush! The granola has yet to happen because I can’t really decide on what exactly I want to do and how much but it will soon.
      Will you believe me I’ve actually been thinking of you every time I walk by – okay, stop because it smells so good – by the lilac in our garden? Even more since you mentioned your trip last week. Flowers in general need to be appreciated more – not just roses.

  4. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    I know the feeling. When you feel like you should be happy and satisfied with your life, but you’re not. Maybe that’s okay sometimes–just part of being human.
    I know what you mean, about how blogging sometimes feels like bragging. But it’s totally okay to be proud of yourself, and to share that pride. You should be proud of yourself! Your colleague probably really appreciated it.
    You just made me realize I really should go out and enjoy the sunshine–a walk it is, then. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Ellie says:

    My dad always changes my oil when I visit him. I never ask, but I think he likes feeling like it’s his duty. I don’t complain 😉 I am usually uninspired when it comes to recipes, so when I do get an idea, I jump on it.
    Three things I did this week was send a million emails, work many hours and have fun editing photos. Maybe I’ll get the hang of a blog on day…

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