Week in review: The things I didn’t do.

Okay so this isn’t really going to be about everything I didn’t achieve as in a reverse-to-do-list style but more so: achievements/things I did plus the little improvements through in the form of things I didn’t do. It sounds more complicated than it is, promise. Think aboiut it: sometimes it’s harder to keep yourself from dong things. Getting mad at your husband/boyfriend//roommate/cat in  a situation you’re tempted to. Not beating yourself up about eating that whole bar of chocolate or skipping a workout.

Let’s get chatting about our weeks in review – I’m curious to hear what you did – and didn’t! – do, too. I hope Meg won’t get mad at me for putting a different spin on the Week in Review ;).

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked another five days. Ups and downs as usual. Getting along well with my colleagues helps make the paperwork more endurable.

Published three posts and it felt good to be back in my old schedule again.

Replied to all comments for the first time in a way too long while. I need to get better at this.

Didn’t check a lot off my to-do list on Saturday. The accomplishment: not stressing  [much] about it. Some pep talk from my mum might have helped.

Got some laundry done – you might remember how much I “like” it. Fresh sheets are pretty close to heaven. In fact, I consider every change of sheets a little gift to myself – beating my laziness in exchange for the amazing feeling of sinking into airy freshly washed pillows. Okay, I’m apparently very fond of them ;).

PJ pants_striped_bed

Didn’t skip meals when it was tempting. It’s odd I’d even be tempted because that never even came to my mind in past years but lately things have been. .. weird. I need to plan ahead better so skipping is definitely no option.

Finally sent an email that had been long overdue. It felt uncomfortable writing it hence my procrastination but I’m glad it’s off now.

Offered to run errands for a colleague and then did so twice though it took me some convincingher it wasn’t a prblem for me at all. It was interesitng to see that the fear of burdening others when asking for or accepting favours is still present in people way past their twenties or even thirties.. The second time  she just requested a Franzbrötchen and I insisted on paying it. Just because. Or maybe because I felt a little bad for her not being able to eat my homemade goodies before …?

Didn’t postpone sharing the recipe for these no-bake peanut butter and jelly chocolate fudge bars once again despite the internet playing diva once again in the process [think: crashing several times, not uploading my pictures]. Thanks for the last-minute trouble-shooting/advice, Kristy!

Didn’t start compiling my good good links as late as usual. There’s still room for improvement but at least I didn’t frantically searched for the notes of posts I wanted to include all Saturday. In fact …

Saturday I spent a few hours around town walking and drinking coffee/tea with my mum and sister. Baby in tow obviously and the star of the day. My sister is long gone again and the house way too quiet without the little one.


Prepared a batch of the above-mentioned bars as per my sister’s request but she forgot them in the fridge upon her hurried descent to the train station. I guess my colleagues will have to “suffer” through another batch  ;).

Did some Blogilates every other day. It’s great to see little improvements already after such a short time. I’m still unsure about comtting to one of the monthly calendars. Fear of failure is a stupid little brain fart.

All in all, it’s not been the best but also not the worst week. I’m couting down a lttle until the holidays start but not forgetting to see the silver linings in every day.  Let’s not let these go unnoticed,  okay?

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: Finishing even a rainy and stomach ache-involving day on a good note.


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15 thoughts on “Week in review: The things I didn’t do.

  1. Lyss says:

    I am glad that you didn’t skip your meals! That is a big accomplishment in itself. And yay for getting back to the reg. posting schedule. Is blogilates fun? I see so many people doing it. Happy Monday!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I like your little twist on the Week in Review. Besides, you know I would never be mad about someone putting their own little spin on it. I’m just happy people enjoy these posts.

    Great job on eating all your meals. Skipping them is no Bueno so you’re doing fantastic. Plus those strawberries.

    I’m glad you’re getting to spend so much time with your sister and the baby. I bet you’re a huge help. Plus it’s pretty awesome watching them grow up so quickly.

    Fresh clean sheets are everything. The Hubby washed ours on Friday. Sweet bliss.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, you know my opinion on your link-up as not just fun but an encouragement to see even the smallest things we accomplish. It’s a confidence-boost every week. I’m happy you brought it back after the break.
      I wish my sister could visit more often or stay longer. She really just stopped by for two nights.

  3. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    You are so so welcome, my sweet friend! I am always here for advice – or just to talk to!

    There is no better feeling that heading to bed after a busy day and falling asleep on clean sheets. I swear they always feel so much softer and I always sleep so much better!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      It’s funny you would mention it feeling like mum made the bed – same here! A good reminder that we should treat ourselves like children more often. Not just with fresh sheets but patience and forgivance.

  4. Ellie says:

    I’ve never tried Blogilates before. How long are the workouts? One thing I didn’t do this week was snap at my coworker when he is annoying. I prayed before each shift that I would control my emotions and I was successful. That may seem small, but I’m proud I didn’t do it!

  5. mylittletablespoon says:

    This is a fabulous “twist” on the typical achievement list. I really think it is the things we “didn’t do” that have just as much, if not more significance to our well being. Getting things done is cool and feels good, but sustaining from any sort of negative or harmful habits takes wayyy more internal gun powder. Not stressing about your to do list and choosing to spend leisurely coffee and stroll time with your family instead, and not making skipping those meals an option, both pretty much make you super woman in my eyes.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      As always you word it so well: keeping those bad behaviours at bay is an accomplishment. It’s been another week of practicing this for me.
      Thank you so muchfor your comtinuous support, Cora!

  6. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    Fresh clean sheets really do feel like heaven! I LOVE that first night of sleeping in them, especially if they happen to still be warm from the dryer when I get in bed. The best and coziest feeling!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      … and here I thought I was the only one with that problem. Wanting to take the time for thoughtful replies is what has resulted in me not replying at all to some comments on older posts. I’m feeling bad about it.

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