Keeping up the conversations.

Some things I will never learn. Okay …never say never so: some things will take a little longer for me to learn and act on. Like writing my Weeks in Review earlier or at least taking notes not to miss too much.

Do you believe in destiny? I do. It wasn’t apparent to me how destiny heard my wishes outlined in my previous WiRand delivered until I sat down to write this post. Meg, you keep inspiring me in ways you probably didn’t think of when creating your link-up.
Socializing might not have happened in just the way I’ve been longing for but I felt more connected with others than in previous weeks. I might be an introvert but a hermit I am not.

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked five long days again. One of them presenting me with a huge challenge. Here’s the hopefully short story: I do a lot of the background work that nobody sees right there. As one of my colleagues was off on Friday I had to sub in for her at the reception desk. Oh my. Never underestimate what other people do. I’d known she was busy before but this was a whole new level of busy to me. Not only did I get more direct customer contact – yes, please!- but had to juggle taking up calls along with my usual responsibilities. Add in an emergency client and things got [not so] funny. Looking back now I’d do it again because I liked being around more people than usual but it was beyond stressful for a day.

Attended a dinner with all of my colleagues plus two new ones not yet working in the office on Tuesday. Truth: I wasn’t sure how it’d go and dreaded it a bit. Not because I don’t like my colleagues but worried I wouldn’t be able to actually connect and keep up conversations – still a fairly new member of a team that’s been working together for ten+ years. In the end, it was a little long for my preferences – four hours the night before a work day is out of my comfort zone. Yet I was able to bond more with some colleagues, lead interesting non work-related conversations and prove to myself that challenges can be overcome. By just letting go a little and allowing life to play out. Easier said than done.


Published only two insteadof the promised three posts. I was excited to share the recipe for these bars yet technology pulled a Meghan Trainor on me. Now the internet is up and running – albeit slowly – again and hopefully will keep up doing so.

Lead a good albeit short conversation with a new client at work. He only speaks English so as I was working on the reception desk I took advantage of the opportunity and we had a chat beyond small talk. Anybody else not a fan of the latter?

Noticed some pain in my right leg – again, dang it! I’d really hoped it had healed for good after the past years rest and physio therapy  – and took it easy on the workout side. Even easier, I should say. It’s hard to become aware of your limitations and act on them when you’d actually rather rush and jump around. But in the end I’m grateful for all the things I can still do. Like this Blogilates workout. All I’ll say is: jello arms. And here I was going to skip that part thinking it’d have no effect in anyway.

Peanut butter_homemade

Made another batch of peanut butter. Which means I finished that previous one in just a week. Wow … let my mind process that for a bit.

What I discovered once again in the conversations I had at the restaurant is how deep my passion for language and reading runs. Not necessarily a new discovery but noticing how ridiculously excited I got talking about books and words made me realize I need to hone this passion more again. Reading and writing blog posts is great and I’m not going to stop doing it. Yet I think my mind would benefit from doing more of this offline, too. Maybe a little June goal?

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: A more productive Sunay than expected and – this will hopefully become a regular again after days of rain – the sunshine.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!
Do you find yourself reading less off- and more online? It’s a bad habit I really want to change.
When did you lead your last good, intense non-small talk conversation? These always add brightness or meaning to my days [depening on the topics].

Good good links #145

Sunday funday is here! Also Sunday SUNday over here. After a week of sun while I was at work and crazy rain pretty much immediately afterwards – I literally stepped outside into the gorgeous sun, got on my bike and the next minute found myself in a heavy downpour – this is much appreciated. Just like I’m sure you’ll appreciate me keeping the weather rambles short and instead gving you what you came for: lots of great lecture for your [insert day of the week you’re reading this].

Enjoy the posts, the day and hopefully good weather!

Good good links

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Happiness-inducing today: Good conversations.


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