Week in review: Notes to myself.

First and foremost: Happy 4th of July! I hope all of your are having a great time with family, friends and whoever else celebrating today.

[Insert me asking Google how to start your first, well, technically second post after an announced week of absence. <- okay, kidding here but maybe I should have consulted that all-knowing search machine to come up with a better intro?].

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post: hello again! No, I did not decide to stop blogging out of nowhere. The only simple – yet cringe-inducing for its overuse – way to sum up the reason is: life happened. I missed blogging yet at the same time know I need[ed] a break. My issues with commenting still haven’t been resolved so if I didn’t comment on your posts: Askimet. Sigh.

Today’s post is going to be shorter than my usual wordy Weeks in Review as my sister and sweet little nephew  P.  are here until tomorrow afternoon only so I want to spend some more time with them while I get the chance. The week away from blogging and the past two weeks in general brought about a few realizations hence adding a few notes to myself today.

Week in review

Onto some of what happened in my life during the past seven days via Meg’s wonderful Week in Review. I …

Worked the usual five days each week. Especially the past one was  … hard. Uncomfortable. Yet providing learning experience. Still not one I want to see repeated.

On the upside: we now have a new boss. Not replacing the ‘old’ one but additionally. They fused their businesses starting July 1st. You can’t call it a bad start if little chocolate gifts with handpicked flowers are involved, no?


Second upside of work: bonding with colleagues is getting better by the week. Sometimes going through above-mentioned hard times helps with that. As does saying thank you. A lot. I might overdo it for some but it’s a word not used often enough in my opinion.

Note to self: use it more often towards certain other people, too. Improvement is always possible.

Cleaned my apartment. Including scrubbing some very sticky spots on the floor by hand. Worth overcoming the initial yuck factor for the ‘oh so clean’ marveling afterwards. Note to self: clean those trouble spots more regularly. Sigh.

Actually went to bed earlier than usual. Probably – no, definitely – due to not blogging. Not exactly what I liketo admit to myself. Read: being a night owl does have its downsides. Note to self: work on stepping away from screens earlier before bedtime. Seriously.

Got to spend time with litte P. twice. Once when visiting my sister to celebrate her birthday belatedly and the other time now they’re visiting us until Monday.

Holding hands

Finally visited the restaurant I mentioned before as a family, too. The one I translated the menu for if you remember it – I don’t blame you if you don’t because it’s been months ago but they didn’t get it up until recently. As also mentioned back then I’m not a fan of burgers. Don’t hate me, okay? That didn’t keep me from enjoying a truly wonderful time with my parents, grandparents, sister + her family [husband and little P.] and my brother plus his girlfriend. Family > food any day. No nicer pictures as I forgot to edit them – good restaurant, not so stellar light for photography – so all you’ll get is one of my salad. Flash … #bloggerfail More interesting than this mixed salad with seasonal vegetables and candied walnuts  were the fries, though. Long time fry craving: finally satisfied.

Notes to self: Family dinners like this need to happen more often and: stepping out of my food comfort zone needs to be a more regular thing, too. Especially if it involves fries served family-style.

June_first of July 080

Finally took a trip to the citizen centre to get a paper I needed. Waiting an hour – okay, truth: I saw the queue and decided to pass the time running errands; win-win. Especially as I ended up having a nice albeit too short conversation with the employee handling my consult as she’s a former classmate of mine.

Watched the two winning matches of the German soccer team in the European Championship. Or semi-watched as I get bored actually sitting down and watching whole games alone plus don’t own a TV and the livestream kept crashing. Anyway, not bad. Really not bad. I’m still not interested in soccer but figure it’s my duty to show some interest ;). Or maybe I do enjoy it just that bit …

Note to self: Even annoying situations can lead to positives. And: procrastination is bad.


Happiness-inducing today:  Family time and actually getting a lot done in good time on a Sunday. Usually a hectic and less relaxed day for me.


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11 thoughts on “Week in review: Notes to myself.

  1. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    You have been busy busy busy, girl! Were the chocolates a gift to you? If so, I need someone in my life who will gift me delicious chocolates, haha!

    I am so glad you’ve been getting to spend lots of time with your family – and especially little P!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I’m so glad you got to spend so much time with your nephew. You know I love the little hand picture, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying life lately. It’s way better than blogging.

    I’m super proud of you for stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to food. You’re doing awesome. Keep it up.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Meg! In a way I have blogging to thank for that picture as it got me more interested in photography and skilled my eye for seeing the details. I’m happy I caught this random moment of adorableness.
      The out-of-comfort-zone eating has to continue. Fingers crossed my upcoming holidays will help with that.

  3. Lyss says:

    Glad you were able to step out of your comfort zone at that family dinner! 🙂 Always a great feeling. You have been super busy! Working 5 days a week is a lot. Keep up the good work!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      You’re so sweet, Lyss. Family dinners really are wonderful yet sadly not happening too often anymore as it’s hard to find days that work for all of us. I hope you had a great start to the week.

  4. Cora says:

    I think you and I both learned a valuable lesson/reminder this past week: Family time >>> blogging and other “personal commitments.” It really is true. Family time is so necessary, and so I’m glad this went to the forefront of your weekly activities. Also so happy to hear that you are enjoying bonding with your colleagues. Also extremely important for the soul.
    Keep taking as much time off/away as you need lady. I will be doing the same.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh yes. I may or may not have felt less guilty about taking a step back after reading your post in the past week. I can get sucked into the “must keep up the schedule” issue easily and forget about real life always coming first. I’m happy you got to spend so much time with family and friends lately, too.

  5. Ellie says:

    It’s really cool that you translated a menu! I’ve done podcast/interview transcriptions before and it’s kind of fun to work on typing really fast. I wonder if I could get a job as a typist. I’m rather speedy when I want to be 🙂
    Sweet potato fries served family style sounds like heaven…as long as you only have to share them with one other person haha 😉

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Interview transcripts? I’m super impressed you’re good at it. I’m not a supremely fast typer and still remember how hard I found transcripting an interview I lead for my bachelor’s thesis. You should definitely offer your services!
      Well, we shared three servings of fries among nine people so … maybe not your preferred way ;). Their servings are pretty huge, though.

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