Week in review: Waiting for the holidays.

Things that hinder writing a Week in Review in different ways:
1. Unfaithful internet that decides it’s time for a relationship time-out when it’s raining cats and dogs for a while.
2. Sleep being amiss. Ouch.

Okay so the most important lessons learned the past week: get sleep! Enough of it. Because I didn’t and it decreased my productivity by … many percent. I feel like I got zero, zilch, nada done because by the time I came home from work I was done myself. Still, I’ll make an attempt to find some accomplishments to join Meg’s listing party. Let’s see what I can come up with. …

Week in review

In the past week I …

  • Worked the usual five days including some that felt never-ending. Fusing two businesses means a lot of behind-the-scenes work
  • Took up the role of food supplier in the office. Read: a fancy way of saying I made sure we were stocked up on chocolate at all times. Good chocolate. Some clients bring in candy that’s sub-par – not my subjective opinion but that of the majority – and I know I’d appreciate others providing snacks, too [not entirely altruistic maybe ;)].  I figure if I can’t convince my colleagues to dip apples in homemade peanut butter – I didn’t try yet but guess it’s not the best idea – I’ll buy everybody’s favourite treat.The champagne chocolate’s on me!

Milka chocolate bars

  • Skipped my pilates routine several days. This sounds odd if it’s your first time reading my blog but I explained why this is actually an accomplishment a while back. Still not easy mentally but I’m not exactly sitting on my butt all day, either, so that knowlegde helps slightly.
  • Cleaned my apartment. It doesn’t get any more fun but music helps make it endurable.
  • Started writing several posts. I know this isn’t the best habit but I find writing a post over the course of several days works better for me. I now have – unfortunately not finished yet – a more serious post, a lightheared one and the recipe for the last thing that came out of my kitchen to be written.
  • Published two blog posts and finished the second one earlier than usual. I’ve been trying to have my good good links ready earlier these past weeks. Because finishing them the night before publishing has interfered with getting enough sleep – see above – one too many times in previous month
  • Created a new recipe. Something that hasn’t happened in a looong time. Can we say current lack of kitchen mojo? I don’t like it. Whatever. More importantly, this new one isn’t any recipe but one for cookies. Remember what I said about me and baking? Yes. Heureka!

vegan oatmeal cookie

  • Turned off my laptop and read offline for a bit before bed most days. This was supposed to help my sleep but … see intro. Fingers crossed I’ll figure out a better way during my upcoming holidays.
  • Prepared more peanut butter. I still haven’t dared trying anything aside from this. If you own a Vitamix and have successfully made nut butters otherthan peanut in it: please let me know!
  • Prepared some food for the week. This, too, is something I hope to improve during my holidays as in: prep more ahead of time. Storage space is a huge hindrance here …
  • Because you know I always feel uneasy talking about myself only in these posts how about a little shoutout for my sister? As I mentioned before she’s trying to cut down her intake of refined sugar and testing more nutritious alternatives to sweets. These vegan rice krispie treats definitely deserve a pat on the back as finding the ingredient in Germany already is a feat in itself. Rice Krispies? Crispy brown rice cereal? Nowhere to be found. She did a great job substituting here.

Rice krispie treat_vegan

  • Did the laundry. It was only half as bad as usual for some reason. Sunshine helps. Not just in drying clothes faster outside but getting me in the right mood.
  • Answered several emails I’d meant to reply to for quite a while. Does anybody else ‘write’ replies out in their head right after reading a mail and forget they didn’t actually? Me, all the time.


So yes, I really didn’t do much besides work which is the product of way too little restful sleep and needing the holidays to start urgently now. We’ve been counting down/talking about/preparing for them since ~eight weeks ago at the office and that made the wait feel all the longer. It’s still only been these past maybe two weeks that I realized – also thanks to some plans getting cancelled – that I don’t have any big plans for them. I’ll just see what happens and my current goals simply are to meet friends and rest up. Doesn’t sound half bad to me.

I’m typing this up in a hurry after the internet has been on/off for me all day so hopefully there aren’t too many typos. You know the rule: if you find one you can keep it ;). <- or is that not a saying in other parts of the world?

Tell me about your weeks and don’t forget to stop by Meg’s for more Week in Review shenanigans!


Happiness-inducing today:  Sunshine. Warmth, Today was really summery for once.


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11 thoughts on “Week in review: Waiting for the holidays.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      We’ve got a deal there! Plus, moving to Australia would also mean no seriously cold winters. Now I just need to get over my fear of big spiders and snakes … 😉
      I’m not half as busy as you, lady, and still amazed by your productivity.

  1. Ellie says:

    I love it when my sister makes meals, especially ones I can eat! It really makes me feel like she’s trying and loves me. Sleep was trouble for me too this week because IT’S REALLY HOT and that increases my vivid dreams and I sweat a lot. Boo. Good luck this week!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      We don’t have an actual heat wave over here but yes, the warmer temperatures added to my sleeping troubles, too.
      Actually, my sister is mostly vegetarian – somehow inspired by me 🙂 – and prepares lots of food I could eat. Only she’s living further away. My mum brought home a few of the crispy squares when she visited her on Saturday. It’s great that your sister is preparing food suitable for you, too!

  2. Cora says:

    I think having no “plans” for your holidays and making REST and friends priority is the ultimate plan girl. Time to catch up on that sleep! Filling up holidays with pre-authorized plans just makes them stressful and go by way too quickly anyways. When do they start and how long do you get off??

    I always always always respond to messages and even comments in my head and then sometimes even have a rude awakening when I realize I never actually got the real response sent away. Our thoughts can just be so vivid no? But still, you responded to emails (personal yay :)) and made nut butter and baked and got in blog posts. Those are some very solid achievements. Now next step: rest ❤

  3. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    So I’m curious–what holidays are coming up in Germany? I didn’t know there were any this time of year.
    Can I confess to something? I don’t particularly like Milka chocolate. I know, I know…don’t hate me! It’s just so sweet. It’s interesting because my German exchange partner back in high school told me that all American chocolate was terrible–but I actually really like Hersheys! Funny–I guess it’s what you’re used to. 😉
    Get some sleep!

  4. chasetheredgrape says:

    I am totally the same when it comes to emails and text messages – I’m convinced I have replied because I ‘wrote’ them in my head! Maybe one day I will keep on top of these things!
    Love that feeling of knowing you have a good holiday coming up – even if it is one where the biggest plan is just to rest and do nothing – they are some of the best!

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Oh yes sleep is a magical elixir when you get it and the bane of your existence when you don’t.

    It sounds like you had a pretty good week, despite the lack of sleep. Lots of work, rest (in the sense of less workouts), good eats, and lots of writing. I’m envious of that piece, and I agree the more I write ahead, the better it usually is because I have lots of time to edit myself.

    Good luck getting sleep this week and congrats to your sister for making some lifestyle changes. Never easy, always worth it though.

  6. masala girl says:

    funny, everyone makes peanut butter, yet i never have xD i’ve made almond butter a few times and almond-hazelnut-cacao butter once! (or twice? hmm..)
    i have an almond ginger nut butter on my blog, but you can follow the same instructors for just almonds 😀
    i think you’re starting a great night time routine! i used to alllways read before bed. i havent since like… my junior or senior year of high school though! so 3 ish years. i need to get back to that. i hope you’re getting better sleep this week, and cannot wait for the cookie recipe! 😀

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